2018 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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  • Consigned by

    Bruns Tunis

    John & Irene Bruns

    7808 St Rt 119, Maria Stein, OH 45860

    (419) 925-4712 ~ Cell: (567) 644-9444


    1421-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Bruns Tunis 1807 RR 39748

    He is a good, big boned, rugged ram sired by a Shambow 470 CHECKMATE son, and out of a wide-hip BIG RIGG daughter. She always puts good lambs on the ground for us. Take a good look at him!

    1422-FITTED March Ram Lamb

    Bruns Tunis 1809 39750

    Here is another ram by RBF 1708. He is a green ram as he is a twin from a first-time ewe, Dam a REDMAN daughter. With these blood lines he can keep on going and going.

    1423-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Bruns Tunis 1804 RR 39745

    She is a nice package sired by the Reserve Champion Ram at the 2011 Ohio State Fair. Dam is a daughter of BT 1001 BUTTER KNIFE, the 2010 National Reserve Champion Ram and BT 0724 a WINNIE (2006 National Champion Ewe) daughter. Check her out!
  • Consigned by

    Craft Tunis

    Don Craft

    307 West Columbia St, Flora, IN 46929

    (574) 967-3091 ~ Cell: (765) 490-6619

    Web: craftstunis.com

    1424-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Craft 18-17

    Sire is by our best Schambow 442 son. Craft 18-17 grandsire has National Champions on both sides of his pedigree.

    1425-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Craft 18-39 RR

    You will not want to miss this ram. His sire is our good Shambow ram. the dam has over 20 shots of Mayes and Matthews in the pedigree.

    1426-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Crafts 17-44 RR 38640

    Sire is by a very good Garey ram. Dam is by the National Champion Ram at the Ohio State Fair.

    1427-SLICK Yearling Ewe

    Craft 17-3 QR 38626

    Sire was National Champion in 2014. Dam goes back to BARNSTORMER, the great ram for the Schambows.

    1428-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Crafts 18-16

    Twin to our January Ram Lamb entry.

    1429-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    I will put a nice February Ewe Lamb in also
  • Consigned by

    Spilde Farms

    Spilde Tunis

    2800 Wildflower Rd, Stoughton, WI 53589

    (608) 334-9288 ~ Cell: (608) 772-3697


    1430-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Spilde 319 RR 38822

    Twin to our Yearling ewe . This was our lead show ram last year. He was 1st place ram lamb at the NAILE Jr Show. TREASURE is a son of THOUSAND ISLAND and our good BWB ewe.

    1431-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Spilde 355

    This is our best fall ram. He is a 3/4 brother to ARLAN who was Supreme Champion ram at NAILE. He is super sound and big topped.

    1432-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Spilde 3198 38821

    Twin to the yearling ram. This is a well balanced ewe with great genetics. Moms 642 has always produced super sound sheep.

    1433-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Spilde 306 38817

    She was 2nd place January ewe lamb at the All American Jr Show. She is very good footed and should make an excellent brood ewe. Mathews 75 is a great milker.

    1434-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    Spilde 345

    RED RIVER was Champion Ram at the 2017 Ohio State fair. This is a good patterned lamb with a great future in front of her.

    1435-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    Spilde 352

    Twin to our top fall ewe lamb in our online sale that sold for $1925. She is top of top quality and both her sire and her dam were Supreme Champion over all breeds at the Wisconsin State Fair.

    1436-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    Spilde 353

    Another very solid ewe lamb. We always try to bring top of the line fall ewe lambs.
  • Consigned by

    RQL Farms

    David Rock

    34800 Woods Crossing Rd, California, MO 65018

    (908) 938-1920 ~ Cell: (908) 938-1921


    1437-FITTED Yearling Ram

    RQL Farms 1717 RR 39579

    A long bodied ram with substance and style. He was the second place slick shorn ram lamb at 2017 NAILE. Sired by the 2013 National NAILE Reserve Champion ram, he is out of our BFG ewe who is about as perfectly shaped as you can get and one of our best producers. His half sister is also in this sale.

    1438-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    RQL Farms 1818 RR

    This ram lamb is the one that stands out in the pen. He combines some of our best genetics including RED LABEL, our MIRANDA ewe line, Triple S, Kleman and Stumpe. We think he has great potential.

    1439-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    RQL Farms 1714 RR 39687

    A big volume ewe that is thick made and stands on good feet and legs, she will make an excellent addition to your brood ewe flock. Also sired by our 2013 National NAILE Reserve Champion ram, her pedigree is stellar containing DANNY BOY, RED LABEL, Stumpe, Bruns, Moms Tunis and our best ewe line from Mayes.

    1440-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    RQL Farms 1812 RR

    Half sister to our yearling ram, this girl is pretty special. That great BFG ewe combined with our new stud buck, both in our show flocks, she is the real deal.

    1441-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Our February lambs are still a little too young to pick just the right one. We will bring a good one sired by either our new stud buck RQL Farms 1649 or our BWL ram.
  • Consigned by

    Hot Top Tunis

    Marie Gessel

    19695 Top Rd, Greenleaf, ID 83626

    Cell: (435) 272-7573


    1442-SLICK Yearling Ram

    1443-SLICK March Ram Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Tabernacle Farms

    Kelley Rice

    264 St Luke Rd, Covington, TN 38019

    Cell: (901) 355-5562


    1444-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    We will be offering a Spring ram lamb with lots of potential and a future in your flock with both POWER PLAY and BIG TEN genetics.
  • Consigned by

    Cass Hollow Tunis

    Richard Schambow Sr. & David Schambow

    3501 Dohs Rd, Evansville, WI 53536

    Cell: (719) 684-5150


    Web: casshollowtunis.com

    1445-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    1446-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    We have yet to pick out our National Sale Entries, but they will likely be sired by TREASURE HUNT the Spilde ram we used last fall and VANTAGE, the sire of our 2017 National Champion Ram and Ewe, as well as the sire of the Champion Ram and Ewe at NAILE last fall. At this time we plan to bring a few ram lambs and futurity nominated ewe lambs. These will be of the same quality as our recent top selling $2950 ewe lamb in our Midwest Genetic Movement Sale. We think this years lambs are some of our best yet and we are excited to offer some top stud ram prospects and ewes in the National Sale. We will update our entries closer to the sale date, plus our entire offering will be available on our Facebook page and website.

    1447-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    1448-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    3J Farm

    Jayce Coers

    PO Box 78, 202 N Logan, New Holland, IL 62671

    Cell: (217) 737-5674


    1449-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    J Coers 56

    I am very pleased with my 1st ever National entry. I really like the depth of body, the bone, color, and levelness of top on this ewe lamb. She was a monster when she was born and she has not stopped growing since she hit the ground. She has brood ewe and show ewe written all over her. Sire is a LAST CALL son which goes back to BIG RRIG and Darling on the bottom side. He was Reserve Grand Champion Ram at 2016 Missouri State Fair

    1450-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    J Coers 58

    This lamb has been our favorite from day one. Absolutely love her rich red color. She has got style and pizzazz when she struts across the lot. Do not miss this one. She puts it all together in a complete package as we knew she would when we bought her mama at the 2017 MWSR sale. Dam is out of one of our own rams that was purchased by Schmidt Farms. A lot of Schambow and Uptown on bottom side.
  • Consigned by

    Triangle Farms Tunis

    Linda Cook

    1725 W CR 450 N, Muncie, IN 47303

    (765) 288-7829 ~ Cell: (765) 729-0262


    1451-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Triangle Farms 17162 QR 38684

    This buck is out of LT2 a grandson of Stumpes WILLIE. His mom is a daughter of SQUANTO who did well for the Anderson Family. He i\'s going to be big, has a level top, great color and a smooth head. (no scurs)

    1452-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Triangle Farms 17167 RR 38689

    This female is out of a Craft buck that was a class winner as a slick ram lamb at the Indiana State Fair and NAILE. Nice extended front end with great Tunis characteristics.

    1453-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Triangle Farms 17171 RR 38693

    This girl really came along since last year. She maybe presented as fitted or slick and has the same qualities as her daddy who was shown slick and won the slick ram lamb classes at Indiana State Fair and NAILE. She has deep red color and will be a great addition to your flock.
  • Consigned by

    Gareys Tunis

    Clint Garey

    2039 1100th St, Chestnut, IL 62518

    Cell: (309) 275-9189


    1454-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Garey 743 BIG WIG 38340

    This is a big long bodied ewe. We already taped her at 33 inches tall. Her mother is Garey 502 and she was a class winner at NAILE as a Yearling ewe. She comes from the Garey 246 ewe famliy in our flock and that line runs deep. The last ewe we sold out of this family was a class winner at NAILE. This ewe will be alot of fun this summer and will make a great ewe family for anyones flock.
  • Consigned by

    Candice and Johanna Utzig

    3555 North Emerald Grove Rd, Milton, WI 53563

    Cell: (608) 921-6981

    1455-FITTED Yearling Ram

    1456-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    1457-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    MJM Family Farm

    Matthew & Jennifer Maag

    13757 Rd 12, Ottawa, OH 45875

    (419) 538-6535 ~ Cell: (419) 303-6059


    1458-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Stumpe Farms

    Mackenzie and Nick Stumpe

    5982 Audrain Rd #427, Mexico, MO 65265

    (573) 581-1200 ~ Cell: (573) 473-1814


    Web: facebook.com/stumpefarms

    1459-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Stumpe 712 - OR RR

    Top February Ram at this time. Great color and heavy bone on this DANNY BOY grandson.

    1460-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Stumpe 628 - OR RR 39611

    Stumpe 490 - OR was a LTII son out of the dam of our ram lamb entry. Stumpe 479 - OR was a show ewe as a yearling.

    1461-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Stumpe 709 - OR

    Sire was Reserve Champion Ram at the Missouri State Fair as a lamb and a yearling. His dam, Stumpe 414, a WILLIE daughter, is the dam of our 2nd place February Ewe Lamb at the 2017 NAILE Junior Show.

    1462-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Stumpe 713 - OR _R

    Same dam as our yearling ewe entry. Stumpe 479 - OR was one of our show ewes as a yearling.

    1463-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    Stumpe 730 - OR _R

    Same mating as 2017 first place March Ewe Lamb at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale. Watch our Stumpe Farms facebook page for further information on our entries prior to sale day.
  • Consigned by

    Tri-Star Stock Farm

    Jeremy & Peyton Fair

    10976 Hwy 59 W, Gilt Edge, TN 38015

    (901) 296-5182 ~ Cell: (901) 568-3168


    Web: tristarstockfarm.com

    1464-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Tri-Star Stock Farm 1709 38607

    We held this ram and his twin sister over last year because of their late birthdate, but we are impressed with how they have grown out! 1709 offers a lot of bone, extension, and frame with a great genetic package. His sire is twin to Schambows HELIX and his dam was a product of a bred ewe purchased from Triple T. He is ready to go work on ewes and should excel as a stud buck.

    1465-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    We will consign one of our top spring buck lambs sired by Schambow 495. Keep an eye out for more information and pictures on our website and Facebook prior to the sale.

    1466-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Tri-Star Stock Farm 1710 38608

    Dam had a ewe lamb this year, so we are bringing 1710 out of our keeper pen and she is loaded with potential! She has great structure, style, and breed character with an excellent pedigree to match. Whether you are looking for a show-ewe prospect or an addition to your breeding program, she is one that will not disappoint!

    1467-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Tri-Star Stock Farm 1806

    This February ewe lamb is one to watch for! She\'s stylish and complete and has a lot of growing left to do. Her dam is sired by the 2015 National Champion Ram and raised a great set of twins this year. 1806 has show lamb written all over her and will be futurity nominated. We look forward to seeing how she continues to develop between now and sale day.