2018 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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  • Consigned by

    Calhoun Texels

    Cooper Shaw

    41 Log Cabin Rd, Roundup, MT 59072

    (406) 323-1547 ~ Cell: (406) 320-1401


    351-January Ram Lamb

    Calhoun 4142A18 17606

    352-January Ram Lamb

    Calhoun 4142B18 17607

  • Consigned by

    Tabernacle Farms

    Kelley Rice

    264 St Luke Rd, Covington, TN 38019

    Cell: (901) 355-5562


    353-Yearling Ram

    Tabernacle 0031

    A nice solid ram packed with genetics. His Grand Sire, Pine Knob 1408 was the 2015 Grand Champion Ram and Best of Breed for Texels. Dam has both Australian and British breeding going back to Portland Prairie 0223-the 2013 Reserve Champion Ram. A combination that will add new dimension to your flock.

    354-Yearling Ewe

    Tabernacle 0029

    Grand Sire-Pine Knob 1408 was 2015 Grand Champion Ram. Grand Dam produced the 2015 Reserve Champion Ewe at the Midwest Sale. She will make a great addition to any flock.
  • Consigned by

    Artesian Valley Texels

    James Oller

    235 Wendell Davis Ln, Harrogate, TN 37752

    Cell: (606) 670-9539


    Web: jefarms.com

    355-March Ram Lamb

    356-Yearling Ewe

    Artesian Valley TN0053 RR 17275

    When we went through the yearling group to make a pick for the 2018 National show, this ewe just stood out. She is the one that will be hard for us to see go, but we will always try to offer our best. Extremely wide in her loin, almost freakishly muscled in that top. Level, long, and correct in her structure. She is a power house! Her dam is very maternal in type and carries a ton of natural muscling. Really different breeding in this ewe that what we have been seeing in the past few years consignments. This yearling is the type to build your flock around!

    357-Yearling Ewe

    Artesian Valley TN0034 17271

    Offering this gem from a set of triplets. She is naturally heavy muscled and lean in her condition. Her dam is an excellent mother, as should she be. Sires side has some older Eastern Texels breeding over Adam bred ewes.

    358-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Artesian Valley 17498 17498

    A fall ewe lamb we have admired since birth. Tracks wide and straight when on the move. From a really good young ewe that comes out of one of the heaviest muscled ewes in the flock, as does the sire. We tend to keep the ewe lambs like this one! Do not miss her on sale day.

    359-March Ewe Lamb

    Artesian Valley TN0084

    A young lamb that has the goods! She offers heavy bone, good muscling, balance, and is correct as she tracks wide on the move. Out of a birthing ease maternal built texel ewe with heavy Adams breeding on her bottom side. Sired by the 2017 Reserve National Champion ram Wilcox 400.
  • Consigned by

    Iles Farm

    Steven Iles

    14838 Burns School Rd, Lexington, MO 64067

    Cell: (816) 718-8655


    360-Yearling Ram

    Iles Farm 526 17502

    This ram is ready to go home and work for you. He has Fisher genetics on the dam and sire side. He is a half-brother on the dam side to our January ram lamb #964, and also a twin.

    361-Yearling Ram

    Iles Farm 954 17504

    This yearling ram also has Fisher genetics on the dam and sire side. He is a single and looking to mingle with your flock. He is ready to go home and get right to work for you.

    362-January Ram Lamb

    Iles Farm 964

    This ram is sired by the 2017 Big Ohio Champion Ram. He has Fisher genetics on the dam side. He is a half brother to our yearling ram #526, and also a twin. He will make a great addition to your flock.
  • Consigned by

    Harmony Hills Texels

    Nathan Horst

    7033 Ed Sears Rd, Dickerson, MD 20842

    (301) 874-6181


    Web: harmonyhills.farm

    363-February Ram Lamb

    Harmony Hills 1826

    A well built, fast growing lamb. He has stood out as something special from birth.

    364-February Ewe Lamb

    Harmony Hills 1831

    A well balanced, muscular lamb. She would be an excellent addition to any flock. Will have photos of both our entries on our website close to the sale
  • Consigned by

    Wilcox Club Lambs

    Ronald Wilcox

    1416 W Fitchburg Rd, Leslie, MI 49251

    Cell: (734) 260-0109


    365-Yearling Ram

    Wilcox 403 Purple 16790

    Nice well muscled ram.

    366-Yearling Ram

    Wilcox 413 Purple RR 16799

    Well muscled-ram. Follows pattern of his sire, the Reserve Champion at MWSRS in 2017. Worth a close look.

    367-February Ram Lamb

    Wilcox 432 Purple RR 17588

    Excellent young ram. He has been an eye catcher since birth. He continues to add depth. Width through his loin and hind legs.

    368-February Ram Lamb

    Wilcox 428 Purple RR 17586

    Nice clean made ram lamb. Straight top line, well muscled loin and hip.

    369-February Ewe Lamb

    Wilcox 429 Purple RR 17587

    Nice complete ewe. Good muscle pattern. Twin ram lamb also sells.

    370-February Ewe Lamb

    Wilcox 509 Blue RR 17590

    One of first lambs offered from our Bokelman ram. She has nice muscle. Good growth.

    371-March Ewe Lamb

    Wilcox 510 Blue RR 17591

    This young lady should be a keeper. She has style. Always an eye catcher. Strong maternal line . Dams twin was Res Champion in Sedalia 2013 sale.
  • Consigned by

    Lind Lambs

    Tristan Lind

    693 Co Rd 159, Pine Bluffs, WY 82082

    (307) 649-2489 ~ Cell: (307) 701-3683


    372-Yearling Ram

    GCR 2540-81 RR 17405

    Nicely put together yearling ram that is sure to be an asset to your flock. He is sturdy in his build and smooth in his make. Maternal traits run strong in this line.

    373-February Ram Lamb

    Lind 408 QR 17580

    Looking for a ram that will bring both maternal and paternal traits to the table? This guy has a nice combination of movement and power, flock-building qualities.

    374-February Ram Lamb

    Lind 400 QR 17573

    Nicknamed RADAR, we could hear him coming! Being exceptionally square on his feet and thick in his make, this is a ram lamb that exhibited a high pre-weaning gain and he has not stopped there. Excited to see what this ram will develop into, sure to add the thickness and muscle into your flock.

    375-February Ewe Lamb

    Lind 404 QR 17577

    Extremely smooth-made ewe lamb out of our best milking ewe. She sorts herself to the top with her structural correctness and clean lines. Offering many years of high productivity.

    376-February Ewe Lamb

    Lind 407 QR 17579

    Wide hipped, narrower through her shoulders and easy moving ewe lamb that is sure to please the eye every time you see her. We liked this combination last year and it was another hit this year.
  • Consigned by

    Silverdale Farms

    Tom & Karin Watson

    32450 Baxter Rd, Hermiston, OR 97838

    (541) 567-5905 ~ Cell: (541) 561-7312


    Web: silverdalefarms.com

    377-Yearling Ram

    Silverdale Green 17005 RR 17515

    378-Yearling Ram

    Silverdale Red 17076 QR 17520

    379-Yearling Ewe

    Silverdale Red 17073 QR 17523

    380-Yearling Ewe

    Silverdale Red 17080 QR 17514

  • Consigned by

    Fisher Texels

    Niki Fisher

    2720 NE 25th Ave, Payette, ID 83661

    (208) 642-7131 ~ Cell: (208) 315-5659


    Web: fishertexels.com

    381-Yearling Ram

    Fisher Q82 RR

    Sire was the 2015 Grand Champion ram and also the Best of Breed for that year. Dam goes back to US Marc, LONE STAR, Weaver and Hess. A well rounded ram!

    382-Yearling Ram

    Fisher Q136 QR

    Q136s sire was the Champion ram in 2011 and his dam has Australian breeding along with some of the old names in Texel breeding. This is a powerful ram ready to go to work for you.

    383-Yearling Ram

    Fisher R38 RR

    This is an outstanding ram lamb and certainly had the right stuff to add to your flock. He is an eye-catcher for sure.

    384-Fall Ram Lamb

    Fisher Q199 RR

    This guy is sure to leave his imprint on the lambs he sires. Sired by our Pine Knob ram and a Portland Prairie 0065 ewe. This lamb had been outstanding since he was born.

    385-January Ram Lamb

    Fisher R1 RR

    By another Portland Prairie ram, and a ewe from Kerry Richardson. This ram also goes back to Taylor BULLDOG and older breeding in Texel world. A different style that our other ram entries.

    386-January Ram Lamb

    Fisher R4 RR

    A half brother to Fisher R1. This is quite a nice lamb. His dam is a great ewe whose pedigree also goes back to the old days of Texel breeding. He will make a find flock sire on anyones farm.

    387-February Ram Lamb

    Fisher R17 RR

    Our 1408 ram and a 0065 ewe combine British and New Zealand genetics in this February ram. Very nicely put together R17 will make a great addition to your flock.

    388-March Ram Lamb

    Fisher R124 RR

    British breeding with just a touch of Australian genetics have combined to produce a very nice March lamb. His grand dam was the 2nd place Brood Ewe at the National Show in 2017.

    389-March Ram Lamb

    Fisher R133 RR

    Sired by our 0209 ram and a triplet. 1st time mama of our 1408 ram. This little guy is a go-getter and will be perfect for a job on your farm.

    390-Brood Ewe

    Fisher P44 QR 16630

    With 2 lambing seasons under her belt, this is an outstanding brood ewe. Super mama and an all around nice ewe.

    391-Brood Ewe

    Fisher P114 RR 16637

    Another great brood ewe. She will make a nice addition to your flock. A half sister was the 3rd place March ewe.

    392-Yearling Ewe

    Fisher Q20 QR 17425

    A lot of good genetics are in this girls back ground. Nicely put together and will add something extra to your ewe flock.

    393-Yearling Ewe

    Fisher Q153 RR 17419

    Pine Knob and Richardson sires in Q153s background added to some of the older Texel genetics on her dam side have combined to produce this yearling ewe. Whether you are looking to add to an existing ewe flock or just starting out, this ewe can do the job.

    394-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Fisher Q202 QR 17435

    A classy fall ewe lamb from 2 rams in our past AI program on her dams side. Her sire was the 2012 Reserve Champion Ram.

    395-January Ewe Lamb

    Fisher R3 RR

    This ewe lamb will grow into a fine brood ewe in your flock. She is a very well built ewe.

    396-January Ewe Lamb

    Fisher R10 RR

    Portland Prairie, Richardson and Taylor Texels have combined together in this ewes lineage to produce a ewe that will go the distance.

    397-February Ewe Lamb

    Fisher R20 RR

    We kept her dam and her sisters dam in our flock. They have been great mothers and have great dispositions. R20 should follow in their footsteps and make an extremely nice ewe.

    398-February Ewe Lamb

    Fisher R71 RR

    This ewe lamb is only 3 generations away from our original Texel ewes. She has a little different breeding on her maternal side than our other entries.

    399-March Ewe Lamb

    Fisher R124 RR

    Portland Prairie on top and bottom of this girls pedigree. She is a nice ewe lamb and will like living at your farm.

    400-March Ewe Lamb

    Fisher R129 RR

    We can trace this lamb back to our oldest ewe to be in our flock who lived to be 14. She also has British and Australian breeding in her background. Along with Hess, Davis & LONESTAR breeding.
  • Consigned by

    Pine Knob Farm

    Rachael Gately

    126 Pioneer Heights, Somers, CT 06071

    Cell: (860) 202-4490


    401-Yearling Ram

    Pine Knob1736 RR 17247

    PKF 1736 has been a front-runner since the day he was born. We believed in him so much that he sired 90% of our 2018 Spring lamb crop and is currently running with the ewes for Fall lambs. If we did not have such a great set of lambs out of him already, he would not be for sale. We wanted to bring a Stud to the National Sale...here he is.

    402-Fall Ram Lamb

    Pine Knob 1801 RR 17626

    This is the last NUGGET son to ever sell at public auction. Dam of NUGGET, PKF 1007 was my favorite stud ewe who made multiple popular rams at the National Sale in past years. This ram is long sided, stands on great bone, and has a nice Texel head.

    403-February Ram Lamb

    We will have a February and March ram lamb sired by PKF 1736, our yearling ram entry. Check in on our Facebook page in late May for information and pictures of these lambs.

    404-March Ram Lamb

    405-Yearling Ewe

    Pine Knob 1733 QR 17457

    PKF 1007 on the top and bottom of this pedigree. She was one of the widest and deep muscled ewes we have made. This ewe is just like her grandma. She is exposed for Fall lambs. Look for pregnancy status and stud info when we post pictures to our Facebook page in late May.

    406-Yearling Ewe

    Pine Knob 1734 RR 17250

    Watching this ewe walk out of the barn with someone else is going to hurt bad. She is a STUD ewe. We are committed to bringing the very best to the National Sale...so here she is.

    407-Yearling Ewe

    Pine Knob 1740 RR 17460

    PKF 1740 is a long sided, tight-hided hunk of muscle. We are retaining her triplet sister in our brood ewe flock. She is exposed for Fall lambs. Look for pregnancy status and stud info when we post pictures to our Facebook page in late May.

    408-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Pine Knob 1804 _R 17629

    Erdman 1113 was the dam of our pick of the Erdman flock when we purchased the group in 2016. This ewe has the genetics to be a stud ewe.

    409-February Ewe Lamb

    We will have a ewe lamb sired by Pine Knob Farm 1736. Look for more information and pictures on our Facebook page in late May.
  • Consigned by

    Hilty Texels

    Wyatt Hilty

    4477 East Bluelick Rd, Lima, OH 45801

    Cell: (419)204-2490


    410-Yearling Ewe

    Hilty R418 16914

    411-March Ewe Lamb

    Hilty R478

  • Consigned by

    Clay-Nob Farms

    Austin Brown

    17527 Maple Dr, Saegertown, PA 16433

    (814) 763-3140 ~ Cell: (814) 431-8133


    Web: facebook.com/Claynobfarms

    412-February Ram Lamb

    Please check our Clay-Nob Farms Facebook page for updated information on this ram consignment as the sale comes closer.
  • Consigned by

    Campbell Brothers 2

    Brady and Blake Campbell

    17790 St Rt 339, Waterford, OH 45786

    Cell: (740) 434-3253


    Web: Facebook- Campbell Farms

    413-Yearling Ram

    Think, stout, and square made. This yearling ram is coming right out of our show string. He is a half sib to the high selling ram at last years sale. This will be one of the last rams that we offer by Harsh 1054. You do not want to miss out on this one.

    414-February Ram Lamb

    Sired by own new flock stud, Adams 3618. This lamb has had muscle and power since the day he was born. His mother consistently lambs unassisted and weans heavy lambs. This is a great lamb in the barn, should be keeping him but cannot keep them all. He is also a twin!

    415-Yearling Ewe

    Campbell Bros. 2 715-242 QR 17016

    Right out of our keeper pen. She is both feminine and powerful in her make. She comes from a long line of successful females within the flock. She will make a great addition to your flock!

    416-March Ewe Lamb

    Also sired by own new flock stud, Adams 3618. A young ewe lamb that has plenty of potential for the future. She is a half sib to the 2017 Champion Ewe at Big Ohio. She may be young, but sure is mighty!
  • Consigned by

    Taylors Texels

    Bret Taylor

    1633 250th Ave, Osceola, IA 50213

    (641) 342-3364 ~ Cell: (641) 203-2110


    417-Yearling Ram

    418-Yearling Ram

    419-February Ram Lamb

    420-March Ram Lamb

    421-February Ewe Lamb

    422-March Ewe Lamb

    423-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Old Quarter Farm

    Julia Bredder

    3572 Lewisetta Rd, Lottsburg, VA 22511

    (804) 529-9873 ~ Cell: (804) 724-0938


    424-February Ram Lamb

    Old Quarter 1824 RR

    425-March Ram Lamb

    Old Quarter 1826 QR