2018 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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  • Consigned by

    Ruby Mountain Sheep Co LLC

    Cynthia Huckins

    HC 36 Box 33, Spring Creek, NV 89815

    (775) 753-8327 ~ Cell: (775) 741-0789


    Web: rubymountainsheepco.com

    1251-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Ruby Mtn 1703 BIG N RICH RR 648483

    BIG N RICH not only came straight out of our Show Flock, but he sired an impressive set of lambs before offering him for sale at the National Suffolk Sale in Sedalia this year. His sire is SchamWOW, the same sire as our Supreme Champion Ewe at Louisville 2017. The dam side is a BATTLEBORN daughter and also goes back to our QUAD girl line. Stop by our pens and take a look at the kind of sheep we are proud to raise. Pictures will be posted on our Facebook page, Ruby Mountain Sheep Co.

    1252-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Ruby Mtn 1718 RR

    Ruby Mtn 1718 is by ADRENALINE RUSH, the high selling ram from our online sale last year. His dam is out of our QUAD girl line, the cornerstone of our Ewe Flock . The dam of 1718 GALAXY, was class winner at the USSA Jr. Show as a yearling ewe. This is a big, impressive type of ewe that Stud Ewes are made of.
  • Consigned by

    George Brothers

    Steve George

    433 S Butternut St, Deshler, OH 43516

    (618) 465-3641 (Joyce) ~ Cell: (419) 306-1144 (Steve)


    1253-FITTED Yearling Ram

    George Bros 4060 or 4061 RR 649541 or 652336

    Triplet brothers, selling one keeping the other and their triplet sister. Sire was high-selling ram at the 2016 Midwest Sale. Purchased by Fishers of Iowa, he sired an excellent set of sheep for them

    1254-FITTED Yearling Ram

    George Bros 4068 RR 652338

    Young stud prospect. Up-headed and long-topped. Good on his feet and legs. Retaining his twin sister. Dam is consistent producer of keeper ewes for us. She and one of her daughters have outstanding buck prospects again this year. Sire is by Begg CHOCOLATE CHIP.

    1255-FITTED Yearling Ram

    George Bros 4063 RR 652337

    High shouldered and good hipped with a great set of feet and legs. He has that extra bone that you are looking for. His sire is by 5 Star J HANDS UP the top-selling ram at 2015 Midwest Sale.

    1256-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    George Bros 4075

    RR (pending test). Correct and straight made, he will find some friends. Sire was top-selling ram in Cynthias 2017 online Sale selling to Jacobys of Ohio

    1257-FITTED March Ram Lamb

    George Bros 4086

    RR pending test. Sired by our first yearling ram entry (or his triplet brother). Dam goes back to Roger Nichols 66.

    1258-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Geoge Bros 4074 RR 652335

    A very solid young ewe whose dam and sisters continue to put money in the bank.

    1259-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    George Bros 4076

    RR pending test. Twin sister to our first February Ram Lamb entry. We have retained most of the ewes from this family. First lambs from this correct-made dam. Her maternal sister produced our second late-born yearling ram entry and a great set of ADRENALINE RUSH ewe lambs this year. Her dam has an interesting buck lamb this year sired by ADRENALIN RUSH that we are keeping. Prolific ewe family, but we cannot keep them all!

    1260-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    George Bros 4078

    DNA pending. Dam was in top five at NAILE as a lamb. She is another maternal sister to our lead yearling ram entry as well as the others listed in the previous February lamb entry comments. Very consistent!
  • Consigned by

    Five Star J Farms

    Richard & Lucinda Jones

    4439 N 250 W, Patoka, IN 47666

    (812) 779-5210 ~ Cell: (812) 480-8545


    Web: See Facebook

    1261-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    1262-FITTED March Ram Lamb

    1263-FITTED March Ram Lamb

    1264-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    1265-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    1266-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    1267-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    1268-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    1269-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    1270-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    JMG Suffolks

    Jeremy Geske

    31307 171 Ave, New Prague, MN 56071

    Cell: (612) 756-1200


    Web: jmgsuffolks.webs.com

    1271-FITTED Yearling Ram

    JMG 1715 LEONIDAS RR 646291

    Quite possibly the best stud we have ever raised! LEONIDAS was our lead stud for 2018 lambs - used on a select group of our ewes and on the Prairie Rose ewes we bought. His lambs look tremendous! A big, three-dimensional ram that is sound on his feet and good production data to boot. NSIP EBVs: Wwt = +3.8, Pwwt = +7.3, Carcass+ = 126.3. [Updated NSIP EBVs available before the sale.] Growth data: Adj60dWt = 111.9, Adj90dWt = 151.7, ADG 1.33 (weighed 209 on 06/01/17). Dam was also the dam of our 1st place yearling ram at the 2017 Big Ohio sale [in 4 lambing seasons, she has never failed to produce some of our top lambs].

    1272-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    JMG 1726ET RR 646651

    If you like stacked pedigrees, you will like this gal. Sire was Jr Champ/Reserve Overall B&O ram at the 2015 UJSSA show, Champion ram at the 2015 MJSSA show, and 2nd at Louisville. He goes back to KINGS RANSOM (Benda) and CAPTAIN JACK (Prairie Rose). Dam is our top producing HEADLINERR (Quam) daughter - she also goes back to COWBOY (Kjeldgaard). She is the dam of ARSENAL (JMG 1508RR) - our Reserve Supreme Champion and high-selling ram at Reno in 2016 - now at stud for Heuple Suffolks of CO. We had a good flush, which allows us to part with a ewe like this.
  • Consigned by

    Emigrant Springs

    Cheryl Roelfsema

    3129 E 27th Rd, Marseilles, IL 61341

    (815) 795-5030 ~ Cell: (815) 790-2417


    1273-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Emigrant Springs 442 RR 650073

    A ram that is very correct on his feet and moves well. His dam was Reserve Champion ewe at the Crossroads sale in 2012. This is the first one of her lambs that we have offered for sale.
  • Consigned by

    Wayne Skartvedt Family

    Wayne Skartvedt

    30142 F Ave, Radcliffe, IA 50230

    (515) 893-2315 ~ Cell: (515) 291-8551


    Web: skartvedtsuffolks.com

    1274-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Skartvedt 4668 RR 647108

    An ET ram by SHO ME LAD sire of the Champion Rams at this sale in both 2015 and 2016. The dam was our best MR CLASSIC daughter. She was a big framed slick sheared show ewe that was 1st place fall ewe in Louisville, Champion Slick Sheared ewe at the National Jr Suffolk Show, and member of the 1st pair of yearling ewes in Louisville. She was also a maternal sister to our 2015 Champion Ram at the MWSRS. See our February ram lamb footnote about one of the other rams she produced. We collected 20 units of semen on this ram on April 17. The semen quality was excellent, 90% motility and 93% normal. We also bred a handful of ewes to him for fall lambs.

    1275-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Skartvedt 4703 RR Applied

    A big bodied correct ram lamb. The sire of this AI ram is a huge, massive ram; thanks to Knutsons for allowing us to get this semen. The dam is one of the ewes Mary bought from Ruth Rosenboom sired by our 1st place fall ram lamb and top selling ram lamb at this sale in 2014 selling to Dennis Sorenson, IL which was out of the same dam as our yearling ram entry.

    1276-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Skartvedt 4692 RR 647128

    Sired by COACH our SHO ME LAD son that was Champion Owned Ram at the 2016 National Suffolk Jr Show. The dam is a triplet sister to SURVIVOR our Champion Ram at the 2015 Iowa State Fair.
  • Consigned by

    Hastings Farm

    Kameron Hastings

    2030 N 46th Rd, Leland, IL 60531

    (815) 495-2081 ~ Cell: (630) 273-1142


    1277-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Hastings Farm 17-7 RR NN 648528

    Both yearling rams are great pedigreed rams by WHEEL OF FORTUNE, Grand Champion Ram at the 2017 Wisconsin State Fair. Only selling due to him being related to everyone on the farm. If you are looking to add height, bone, and frame to your flock check him out.

    1278-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Hastings Farm 17-8 RR NN 648529

    1279-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Hastings Farm 18-5

    1280-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Hastings Farm 18-4

  • Consigned by

    Orwicks Suffolks

    Larry Orwick

    1020 Township Rd 119, Macomb, OH 45858

    Cell: (419) 348-1311

    1281-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Orwicks 1701 651409

  • Consigned by

    Circle T Farm

    Leslie Cather

    11242 Challenge Dr, Bon Aqua, TN 37025

    Cell: (931) 215-4375


    Web: circletfarm.org

    1282-SLICK February Ram Lamb

    Circle T 4867C QR

    Sire is 2016 NAILE Junior Show Reserve Champion Slick-shorn Ram Lamb and 2017 Suffolk National Grand Champion Slick Ram. Look for pictures on our website.

    1283-SLICK February Ram Lamb

    Circle T 4868C QR

    1284-SLICK January Ewe Lamb

    Circle T 1016 RR

    1285-SLICK February Ewe Lamb

    Circle T1012 RR

    1286-SLICK February Ewe Lamb

    Circle T 1009 RR

    Sire 2017 Suffolk Jr. National Reserve wether sire
  • Consigned by

    KC Suffolks

    Kenny Capron

    20537 320th St, Parkersburg, IA 50665

    (319) 231-4497 ~ Cell: (319) 231-4497


    1287-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    KC 1804 RR

    Stout buck, Big top, good bone. Sired by Champion Ram at Louisville in 2016. Mother is a daughter of Masser 298 who was 2nd ewe lamb in Feb. class in 2013. Excellent Pedigree!

    1288-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    KC 1810 RR

    Nice patterned lamb long bodied with straight top sired by 341 who is extremely big 44 x 44 inch and dammed by 1166 who is a sister to Gregs Champion Ewe at Minnesota 5 yr. ago.

    1289-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    KC SD 2 RR

    Very nice ewe excellent, on her feet, long bodied, she will definitely breed on. 341 is brother to the lead buck for Rex and ewe goes back to CLIFF HANGER. Do not miss out on her!

    1290-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    KC 1811 RR

    Beautiful pattern lamb by 341 buck and 320 who is a daughter of Crafts Champion Ewe at Sedalia a few years back by COBRA II. Nice bred ewe lamb, that will definitely breed on!

    1291-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    KC 1812 RR

    Young ewe lamb born a single. 20 plus pounds out of our SPECTACULAR son we call CARTER. He was Champion Ram at Junior Show at Madison, bred and owned this past year. Ewe is very complete and sired by Cox DANDY buck and a Skardtvedt ewe. She is just going to get better with time.
  • Consigned by

    Knutson Suffolks and Rambouillet

    Jaclynn Knutson

    45935 292nd St, Centerville, SD 57014

    (605) 530-1723 ~ Cell: (605) 670-2147


    Web: jaclynnknutson.wixsite.com/knutson-suffolk-ramb

    1292-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Information provided on our website June 1st. https://jaclynnknutson.wixsite.com/knutson-suffolk-ramb

    1293-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    1294-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    1295-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    1296-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    1297-FITTED March Ram Lamb

    1298-FITTED March Ram Lamb

    1299-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    1300-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    1301-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    1302-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Arndt Acres

    Ron Arndt

    11775 Co Rd 50, Norwood, MN 55368

    (952) 466-5876 ~ Cell: (952) 201-5761


    1303-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Arndt Acres 17-137 RR 652503

    This ram has blood out of eight different breeders including Quam, Luxford, Heffemeier and Baumgartner.

    1304-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    Arndt Acres 17-055 QR 652511

    This ewe goes back to our older 5 Star J ram on the top and bottom. He was out of TEN TIMES. The dam also goes back to RED SHIRT.

    1305-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Slack Farms

    Andrew Slack

    W3696 Willow Bend Rd, Lake Geneva, WI 53147

    (262 )745-8762 - Andrew ~ Cell: (262) 903-5971-Kevin


    Web: facebook.com/slackfarms1

    1306-FITTED Yearling Ram

    K.Slack 1451 RR 648509

    This is first FIREBALL son. FIREBALL was 2nd place February ram lamb 2016 NAILE. K.Slack 957 is one of our last HOTPASS daughters. She was 4th Yearling Ewe 2012 NAILE. 1451 was 1st February Ram Lamb Ohio and Wisconsin State Fair and 5th 2017 NAILE. He is a ram with a ton of body, has great bone. He is very wide tracking and is as straight as an arrow. Need a ram with thickness? Check this guy out!

    1307-FITTED Yearling Ram

    K.Slack 1461 RR 648511

    WHEEL OF FORTUNE is our newest stud from McClure Suffolks. He was Champion Ram at the 2017 Wisconsin State Fair. 1461 is a long up-headed ram with a lot of extension. He has a great hip with a nice level rump. He will make a great stud!

    1308-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    K.Slack 1803 RR

    BUCK NAKED is the 2016 National Champion Ram NAILE. He has exceeded all of our expectations and more! He has stamped tons of bone with a great hip into his lambs and this ram lambs show that. 1803 is arguably the best ram lamb we have. He has tons of bone, good breed character and he tracks wide! Do not miss this opportunity

    1309-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    K.Slack 1846 RR

    This is a super fancy ewe lamb by BUCK NAKED. She is fun to look at without giving up any bone or depth of body. She will be Futurity Nominated. Make sure you give her a look over. She will make a great show prospect then an even better brood ewe! For more information on all our entries, feel free to give Kevin a call @ 262-903-5971 or Andrew @ 262-745-8762
  • Consigned by

    Geneva Hills Farm

    David Brown

    3711 131st Ave SE, Tower City, ND 5807

    Cell: (701) 840-7598


    1310-FITTED Yearling Ram

    GH 98 651249

    Strong Suffolk breed character with excellent bone and set of feet and legs.

    1311-FITTED Yearling Ram

    GH 91 645882

    Heavy muscled ram that has plenty of bone. Our 2018 lamb crop is sired by this ram.

    1312-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    GH 1766 RR 645880

    Big and bold complete female that has superior length, depth of body and bone. Stylish ewe.

    1313-SLICK Yearling Ewe

    GH1756 RR 645878

    Productive Suffolk female with strong pedigree. Dreher 1922 has a 212% lamb crop.
  • Consigned by

    Stalzer Suffolks

    Tony Stalzer

    307 North St, Zearing, IA 50278

    Cell: (515) 460-3115


    1314-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Stalzer 214 RR 648516

    Massive ram that is correct with a lot of bone. SURVIVOR was the 2015 Grand Champion Ram at the Iowa State Fair for the Wayne Skartvedt Family.
  • Consigned by

    Zehnder Family Suffolks

    Steve Zehnder

    1883 200th St, Truman, MN 56088

    (507)776-2423 ~ Cell: (507 )236-5454


    1315-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Zehnder 701 RR NN 648847

    Grandsire is Luxford 1404 who sired the 2014 $5500 Midwest Sale Grand Chanpion Ewe. We used 701 for clean-up with very satisfying results.

    1316-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Zehnder 721 RR NN 649356

    ROAD TRIP was 1st March ram at the 2016 Stud Ram Sale. Zehnder 721 was 1st March lamb and Reserve Grand Champion ram at the Minnesota State Show. Zehnder 416 is half sister to Renn Vue MR Z.

    1317-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Zehnder 703 RR NN 648849

    She has both MR Z and Luxford 1404 genetics
  • Consigned by

    Swingin T Ranch

    Mike Torrone

    36308 S 4420 Rd, Big Cabin, OK 74332

    Cell: (918) 704-0737


    1318-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    1319-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    1320-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    1321-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    1322-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Annuschat Farms, LLC

    Nick & Ron Annuschat

    28271 N 2850 Rd, Okarche, OK 73762

    (405) 263-7385 ~ Cell: (405) 368-0455

    1323-FITTED Yearling Ram

    1324-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    1325-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    1326-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    1327-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    1328-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    1329-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    1330-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    1331-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    1332-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    1333-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    1334-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    1335-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    1336-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    This years consignment will be sired by 2 of our newest Lansing rams: KJ Lansing 5364 LONG BOB who sired the 2017 Junior Champion ewe lamb. One of the most extreme rams in the breed today. His lambs are long necked, up off the ground and extremely long sided. The newest Lansing ram and our first lambs is KJ Lansing 6494 GENTLE BEN sired by Benda 15241 BIG BEN who is probably the most well balanced complete of the three Lansing rams we own. His lambs are beautiful headed, big-boned and stand and walk on correct feet and legs.
  • Consigned by

    Terrye Troxtell

    455 Biggerstaff Rd, Sherman, TX 75090

    Cell: (903) 821-3985


    1337-SLICK Yearling Ewe

  • Consigned by

    Millers Livestock

    Brenda Miller

    4657 Marthaler Rd NE, Woodburn, OR 97071

    (503) 792-4502 ~ Cell: (503) 910-0348


    1338-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Millers 17-53 RR 649342

    Large stout ram. Sired by our best 2015 keeper ram that goes back to our Champion ram at the 2001Midwest Stud Ram Sale and our Res. Champion ram at Louisville. Dam is by a Cahill buck that traces back to two Ruby Mt. Sheep Co. sires. Maternal sister was in our show flock in 2016 and 2017. Reserve Champion ram at the 2017 WA State Fair.

    1339-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Millers 17-64 RR 649344

    Largest ram in the 2017 group. Sired by our keeper stud from 2015 -- he traces back to our 2001 Champion and Reserve Champion rams at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale and our Louisville Reserve Champion ram. The dam goes back to the MGD ram that was used so successfully for Peifer Suffolks and the DOC ram who sired two Midwest Sale Champion ewes. Mom has another pair of stud prospects this year. This guy was Champion ram at both the Oregon and Washington State Fairs.
  • Consigned by

    Corson Suffolks

    John Corson

    13320 E 900th St, Macomb, IL 61455

    Cell: (309) 255-4606


    Web: corsonsuffolks.com

    1340-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    RR/NN Sired by Lansing GAME CHANGER or Corson SHAG.

    1341-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    RR/NN Sired by Lansing GAME CHANGER or Corson SHAG.
  • Consigned by

    Baldwin Suffolks

    Curtis Baldwin

    659 Odell Rd, Dannebrog, NE 68831

    (308) 226-2679 ~ Cell: (308) 379-6513


    Web: baldwinsuffolks.com

    1342-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Baldwin 17-05 RR NN 648284

    Large framed, straight lined, upheaded ram.

    1343-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Baldwin 18-01 _R

    We are bringing two outstanding ram lambs by our BUCKAROO BANZAI son that won his class won at the 2017 Junior Suffolk Show in Wisconsin.

    1344-FITTED March Ram Lamb

    Baldwin 18-07 _R

    This one is young, but he is catching up fast.

    1345-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Baldwin 17-08 _R 648287

    Another excellent Quam/Oak Hill combination. Her twin sister will be staying in our flock. She will contribute in the show ring and the lambing barn.

    1346-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Baldwin 17-10 _R 648289

    This a more moderate yearling by our Reserve Champion Ram at the Nebraska State Fair in 2016.
  • Consigned by

    Oak Hill Farm

    Pat Hodges Family

    216 Greenwood, Julian, NE 68379

    (402) 242-2891 ~ Cell: (402) 309-0008

    1347-FITTED Yearling Ram

    1348-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    1349-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Will bring ewe comparable to our past consignments or twin to last years 3rd high selling ewe. Will be sired by the Kjeldgaard ram.
  • Consigned by

    Whispering Hills Suffolks

    Matthew Wolf

    16909 Sierra Jane Ln, Caldwell, ID 83607

    Cell: (208) 695-8496


    Web: Facebook Whispering Hills Suffolks

    1350-FITTED Yearling Ram

    WHS 7-21 WHITE HOT RR NN 647857

    1351-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    WHS 8-01 RR NN

    1352-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    WHS 7-16 RR NN 647855

    1353-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Look for all entries to be posted on our Facebook page Whispering Hills Suffolks
  • Consigned by

    MacCauley Suffolks

    Bill, Betsy, Chris and Kyle MacCauley

    4333 Steelville Rd, Atglen, PA 19310

    Cell: (610) 593-2907


    Web: maccauleysheep.com

    1354-SLICK Fall Ram Lamb

    1355-SLICK Yearling Ewe

  • Consigned by

    Randy Dombek Family

    Randy Dombek

    2422 290th St, Ivanhoe, MN 56142

    (507) 694-1427 ~ Cell: (507) 530-5938


    1356-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Dombek 3081 RR 647056

    Sire was Reserve Champion Ram at 2016 Midwest Sale. Dam never misses and produced a top pair of ram lambs this year.

    1357-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Dombek 3215 RR 652073

    Uncertain if we are going to bring this ram. He was late born and gives up some size to the earlier born rams, but we like his style and pedigree. Sire is a Dreher 6244 son and has produced some of our top sheep for the last four lamb crops. Dam is by Hoskins 1132 who has produced a top set of ewes for us.

    1358-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Dombek 3235 RR

    Sire is a big heavy-boned ram that was top-selling ram at 2017 Midwest Sale. This ram is designed similar to his sire. Dam is the twin sister to DREYFUS.

    1359-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Dombek 3148 RR 647627

    One of our best, shown last year, she is long, very correct and stylish. We are keeping her twin sister. Dam is an excellent brood ewe sired by Hoskins 1132.

    1360-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    Dombek 3230

    Very stylish late September lamb by DREYFUS. Dam is 6 year-old ewe sired LINK who was bred by Schoelermans.
  • Consigned by

    Haley Sheep Co

    John Haley

    PO Box 2, Shell, WY 82441

    (307) 765-9626 ~ Cell: (307) 272-0152

    1361-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Haley 259 RR NN 645940

    This ram has great bone and structure, along with adequate size and scale. We used him as a ram lamb and had an outstanding lamb crop.
  • Consigned by

    Kjeldgaard Farms

    Alan Kjeldgaard

    4400 Co Rd I J, Tekamah, NE 68061

    Cell: (402) 870-0397


    1362-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Kjeldgaard 18-668 RR NN 653320

    Full brother to our 2017 National Champion ewe at the Junior Show

    1363-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Kjeldgaard 18-671 RR NN 653322

    638 was our keeper ram by the GWC 1027 ram. Dam is sired by CLIFF HANGER.

    1364-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Kjeldgaard 18-679 RR NN 653324

    Dam is a CLIFF HANGER daughter.
  • Consigned by

    Cahill Farms

    Peter or Patsy Cahill

    17006 W Cahill Rd, Brimfield, IL 61517

    (309)446-3237 ~ Cell: (309) 678-0495


    Web: cahillsuffolks.com

    1365-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Cahill 5017 RR NN

    This outstanding son of LINEBACKER II, is going to have a lot of friends!

    1366-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Cahill 5117 QR NN

    Twin mate to the above ram, Dam is a 6 year-old TUF daughter.

    1367-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Cahill 518 RR NN

    Our two twin January rams are two peas in a pod! Will be young in class but good.

    1368-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Cahill 618 RR NN

    Cahill 312 is sired by BRUTUS, a Corson ram.

    1369-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Cahill 718 RR NN

    Really stylish and long. Excellent leg and bone structure.

    1370-FITTED March Ram Lamb

    Cahill 1918 RR NN

    We have won the March Ram class the last two years. This guy has a real good chance to make it three!

    1371-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Cahill 1717 646918

    A big broody ewe sired by THURD, a son of SPARTACUS from our 2016 ram crop that had the Junior Champion and the 2nd place January ram at Louisville.

    1372-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Cahill 418 RR NN

    We do not sell many ewe lambs, somebody will pick up a good one here.
  • Consigned by

    Cousins Suffolks

    Brody, Kourtney, Brandon & Braydon Peterson

    803 23rd St NE, Lemmon, SD 57638

    Cell: (701) 376-3115


    1373-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    All entries from multiple births

    1374-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    1375-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    1376-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Northern Exposure Livestock

    Rex Quam

    60243 195th Ave, Dodge Center, MN 55927

    Cell: (507) 251-2650


    Web: quamsuffolksandhampshires.com Facebook- Northern Exposure Livestock

    1377-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Big-boned, great structured ram with extension

    1378-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Great front end, topline, and feet and legs. PUNCH buck!

    1379-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Big-boned, great structured ram with extension. Good Buck!

    1380-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Solid Fall buck!

    1381-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Jacked up, long-sided, changer buck. Since we are not able to show much this year, he will come from the show flock!

    1382-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    More complete buck

    1383-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    BIG FOOT son. Lots to like on him!

    1384-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    From the keeper pen

    1385-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Also from the keeper pen

    1386-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    Have a great set this year

    1387-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    All Suffolk ewe lambs will be futurity nominated!

    1388-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Exciting Futurity nominated ewe lamb! Not going to show much this year, so she is straight from the show string.

    1389-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Young but good!

    1390-SLICK March Ewe Lamb

    If she comes, she would have been my March show ewe lamb!
  • Consigned by

    Fisher Suffolks

    Marv & Marilyn Fisher

    14105 Hickman Rd, Urbandale, IA 50323

    (515) 278-1622 ~ Cell: (515) 240-4577


    Web: fishersuffolks.com

    1391-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Fisher 1704 RR NN 648052

    In our show flock last year and he has lived up to our expectations. He measures 42 x 42 with pounds to match--long bodied, heavy bone and muscle. His lambs carry the same features. We are known for a line-bred ewe flock so consistently is an expected value.

    1392-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Fisher 1721 649799

    We used this popular ram (1721) and could not be more pleased with his lambs. He has developed into a large-framed complete yearling. Check out his lambs. They will be featured in the sale. We found it difficult to choose which yearlings to part with. They are tightly bred on the dam side and should throw consistently. Look at your ewes and see what traits you need to emphasize.

    1393-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    1394-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    These two ram lambs have bone and pattern similar to the ram lambs we sold here last year. They are long, tall and large-framed lambs with beautiful heads and more importantly correct on their feet and legs. Be sure to look them over. They will be sired by 1721 or a ram we are using this Fall.

    1395-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    1396-SLICK February Ewe Lamb

    Talk about eye appeal, style and feminine traits . . . these ewe lambs have it all. Looking for bone and frame; do not miss these. We have not sold a ewe lamb here in the past, but with over a 60% ewe lamb crop we will be offering some good ones. As many of you know, we look for brood ewe potential when selecting our rams. These lambs will carry that genetic value as well.
  • Consigned by

    Renn Vue Farms

    Terry Renn

    5674 Stein Rd, Pigeon, MI 48755

    (987) 375-2212 ~ Cell: (989) 551-2214


    Web: rennvuefarms.com

    1397-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    1398-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Renn-Vue WS5701 RR 651268

    Great pattern, will make a fancy show ewe!!

    1399-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Renn-Vue ZZ5647 RR 647295

    1400-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Renn-Vue PE5734

    Very correct type. Sired by the Reserve Grand Champion Ram at 2017 Stud Ram Sale.

    1401-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Renn-Vue PE5737

  • Consigned by

    Diamond Lane Farm

    Connie Scott

    PO Box 355, Hebron, ND 58638

    Cell: (701) 527-5260

    1402-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Diamond Lane 2932

    Both ewes are Andrus and Dreher breeding. Lots of bone and width and good milk production

    1403-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Diamond Lane 2986

  • Consigned by

    Keever Suffolks

    Jeffrey Keever

    591 Co Hwy 8, Media, IL 61460

    (309) 746-6252 ~ Cell: (309) 337-7359


    Web: Facebook Keever Suffolks

    1404-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Ram will be by the Luxford ram.

    1405-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Keever 1721 QR 650450

    Sire was first place yearling ram here last year and Reserve Senior Champion Ram. A very good ewe.

    1406-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Keever 1706 QR 650447

    Another really good ewe from the Luxford ram.
  • Consigned by

    Frostaire Farms

    Rob & Lisa Frost & Family

    6412 West Rd NE, Bloomingburg, OH 43106

    (740) 437-7878 ~ Cell: (740) 505-4858


    1407-SLICK Yearling Ram

    Frostaire Farms 1411 RR NN 648880

    1408-SLICK Yearling Ram

    Frostaire Farms 1427 RR NN 652215

    1409-SLICK Yearling Ram

    Frostaire Farms 1440 RR NN 652217

  • Consigned by

    Eyl Suffolks

    Denny Eyl

    9949 Tammy Ln, Parker, CO 80134

    (303) 841-4169 ~ Cell: (303) 847-3121


    1410-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    1411-FITTED February Ram Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Dreher Family Suffolks

    Ronald Dreher

    39 Diamond Ln, Great Falls, MT 59405

    Cell: (406) 781-5107

    1412-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    1413-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Dreher 2937

    1414-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Dreher 3112

    1415-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Dreher 3116

    1416-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Mil-Sid Farm

    Josh Miller

    331 Knox Rd, Scheharie, NY 12157

    (518) 295-7733 ~ Cell: (518) 231-8113


    Web: mil-sidfarm.weebly.com

    4054-FITTED March Ram Lamb

    Mil-Sid 1809

    Dam is one of my best TRIP-BUTE daughters. He is up headed, big in overall design, smooth and balanced as they come and he is standing on big ol timber too. Come take a look!

    4055-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Mil-Sid 1806 RR NN

    Paasch 15-769 sired the Supreme Ram at Reno in 2017. The 1601 ewe is my only double bred TRIP-BUTE daughter, unique genetic opportunity here folks! 1806 is deep bodied, wide topped, standing on good bone work.