2018 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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  • Consigned by

    Ruckert Show Sheep

    Jeff Ruckert

    3010 Shane Creek Ln, Manhattan, KS 66502

    Cell: (785) 565-8293


    1001-February Ram Lamb

    Ruckert 1808

    1002-January Ewe Lamb

    Ruckert 1805

  • Consigned by

    City Limits Sheep Farm

    Brad Slutz

    PO Box 177, Maple Park, IL 60151

    Cell: (815) 766-0584


    Web: citylimitssheepfarm.com

    1003-Yearling Ram

    Plan to bring a nice set of sheep sired mostly by Slack ENTROURAGE. This group will be similarly made like the Champion Ewe and the high selling Shrop ewe from last year. Check out our website: www.citylimitssheepfarm.com and our City Limits Sheep Farm Facebook page for pictures of our entries.

    1004-January Ram Lamb

    1005-February Ram Lamb

    1006-Yearling Ewe

    1007-January Ewe Lamb

    1008-January Ewe Lamb

    1009-February Ewe Lamb

    1010-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Rockin K Livestock

    Kevin & Natalie Klotz

    3982 State Rd 38, Richmond, IN 47374

    Cell: (765) 960-6737


    1011-February Ram Lamb

    Rockin K 1806

    Rockin K 1806 is a late February Ram Lamb that is sired by the 2017 Reserve Champion Ram in the Indiana State Fair Open Show. The twin sister of Rockin K 1605 was the Champion Shropshire Ewe at the Midwest Junior Preview Show in 2017 and Reserve Champion Shropshire ewe at the 2017 Indiana State Fair Junior Show.

    1012-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Rockin K 1707 M459949

    TERMINAL was the 2015 National Sale Champion Ram sired the 2012 National Jr. Show Champion Ram VIP SAMPSON. The dam is a TRANSFORMER Daughter

    1013-February Ewe Lamb

    Rockin K 1803

    Rockin K 1803 is a triplet ewe lamb sired by the 2017 Reserve Champion Ram at the Indiana State Fair Open Show. Rife 14-163 is a Rife MADNESS daughter that has produced well for us. In 2016 she raised the Champion Sale Ewe at the Mid-West Elite Shropshire Sale. Then in 2017 she had a very competitive February Ram lamb that we had in our show string. We are retaining the other two triplets ewe lambs in our flock.
  • Consigned by

    Terrye Troxtell

    455 Biggerstaff Rd, Sherman, TX 75090

    Cell: (903) 821-3985


    1014-Yearling Ram

    1015-Yearling Ewe

    1016-Yearling Ewe

  • Consigned by

    Rife Shropshires

    Randy & Julie Rife

    2423 Clifton Rd, Yellow Springs, OH 45387

    Cell: (937) 603-0535


    Web: rifeshropshires.com

    1017-March Ram Lamb

    Julie & I are focused on recovering from our devastating tornado of April 3rd. We plan to send 2 or 3 for the sale. At this time with our sheep being fed and boarded by six or seven good friends, it is impossible to know what we might send. Sarah and Kevin Kuykendall will be in charge of our sheep at Sedalia.

    1018-January Ewe Lamb

    1019-February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Nelson Family SLs & Southdowns

    Kashen & Brecken Nelson

    PO Box 36, Tribune, KS 67879

    Cell: (620) 376-8944


    Web: Facebook Nelson Family Show Lambs & Southdowns

    1020-January Ram Lamb

    All of our entries will be sired by our new Thomason Genetics Ram

    1021-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Parr Family Hampshires

    Roger - Marie Parr

    33425 E CR 1000 N, Mason City, IL 62664

    (217) 482-3680 ~ Cell: (217) 871-4555


    Web: parrhampshires.com

    1022-February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Sand Meadow Farm

    Addisen Nicholson

    906 Main St, South Windsor, CT 06074

    Cell: (860) 490-7238


    Web: facebook.com/sandmeadow

    1023-February Ram Lamb

    Sand Meadow 1816 RR NN M460003

    Ram Lamb with all the right parts! Out of our class winning fall ewe at NAILE Junior Show and sired by Reserve Champion at 2017 National Sale, Class winner at Ohio State Fair, and Champion Shrop Ram at NEYSS and Big E.
  • Consigned by

    Nichols Sheep Farm

    Cruz Nichols

    26016 Moore Lane, Jerseyville, IL 62052

    Cell: (859) 612-7175


    1024-January Ram Lamb

    We bought a bred ewe hoping for ewe lambs and got a ram lamb. We like him a lot, just do not need a ram. He Is good built, big boned, and attractive from the side.
  • Consigned by

    Heegs Crazy H Club Lambs

    Jason Heeg

    PO Box 217, Shepherd, MT 59079

    (406) 947-2093 ~ Cell: (406) 855-1478


    Web: crazyhclublambs.com

    1025-January Ram Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Cole Club Lambs

    Rex & Koby Cole

    11281 N 1975 Rd, Elk City, OK 73466

    (589) 243-0749 ~ Cell: (580) 821-2355


    Web: coleclublambs.com

    1026-Yearling Ram

    Cole 76220 RR M458054

    1027-Yearling Ewe

    Cole 76218 RR M458051

    1028-February Ewe Lamb

    1029-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Slack Club Lambs

    Tom Slack

    1022 W 1300 N, North Manchester, IN 46962

    (260) 982-8714 ~ Cell: (260) 750-7399


    Web: slackclublambs.com

    1030-January Ram Lamb

    1031-February Ram Lamb

    1032-March Ram Lamb

    1033-January Ewe Lamb

    1034-February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Fleener Livestock

    Tim & Sarah Fleener

    273 South Mountain Rd, Robesonia, PA 19551

    (610) 589-2588 ~ Cell: (717) 413-5181


    1035-January Ram Lamb

    Fleener 1848 RR NN

    1036-Yearling Ewe

    Fleener 1762 RR NN M458039

    1037-Yearling Ewe

    Fleener 1766 RR NN M458041

    1038-January Ewe Lamb

    Fleener 1820 RR NN

    1039-January Ewe Lamb

    Fleener 1836 RR NN

    1040-February Ewe Lamb

    Fleener 1865 RR NN

  • Consigned by

    Ebert Sheep Farm

    Jeff, Christine & Monica Ebert

    10015 Flush Rd, St. George, KS 66535

    Cell: (785) 458-9174


    Web: ebertsheepfarm.com

    1041-February Ram Lamb

    We have a really strong set of ram lambs. This entry will be sired by either Ebert 7436, a son of the BWB 1202 ewe, or Slack 7248, our new ram purchased here last year in partnership with Jeff Ruckert.

    1042-Yearling Ewe

    We have an excellent set of yearling ewes. This ewe will be sired by Ebert 2093 VERSACE who stood 2nd in the late class at the 2012 NAILE open show and he has done a great job in our flock, including pen mates to this ewe that were Champion or Reserve Champion in five states in 2017!

    1043-February Ewe Lamb

    We have a really strong group of ewe lambs. This entry will be sired by either Ebert 7436, a son of the BWB 1202 ewe or Slack 7248, our new ram purchased here last year in partnership with Jeff Ruckert. A ewe lamb sold at 2017 Midwest Sale was bought by Mike Fox and she was the Supreme Champion Ewe at the 2017 Tennessee State Fair.