2018 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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  • Consigned by

    Spray Sheep Co

    Paul Spray

    10075 40th St NW, Milan, MN 56262

    (320) 269-9644 ~ Cell: (320) 841-0876


    711-Yearling Ram

    Spray R-36 QR 998178 R

    712-February Ram Lamb

    Information Sale Day

    713-Yearling Ewe

    Spray R-67 1043648 E

    714-February Ewe Lamb

    Information Sale Day
  • Consigned by

    Knutson Suffolks and Rambouillet

    Jaclynn Knutson

    45935 292nd St, Centerville, SD 57014

    (605) 530-1723 ~ Cell: (605) 670-2147


    Web: jaclynnknutson.wixsite.com/knutson-suffolk-ramb

    715-Yearling Ram

    Information provided on our website June 1st. https://jaclynnknutson.wixsite.com/knutson-suffolk-ramb

    716-Fall Ram Lamb

    717-January Ram Lamb

    718-Fall Ewe Lamb

    719-Fall Ewe Lamb

    720-January Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Kentucky Meadows, LLC

    Edward Crowley

    475 Arrowhead Springs Ln, Versailles, KY 40383

    Cell: (859) 536-0767


    Web: kentucky-meadows.com

    721-Yearling Ram

    Crowley 0001 THOMAS JEFFERSON RR 998395R

    722-Yearling Ram

    Crowley 0002 JAMES MADISON RR 998396R

    723-Fall Ram Lamb

    Crowley 0011 JOHN QUINCY ADAMS RR

  • Consigned by

    Avondale Farm

    William Joslin Family

    20020 State Rt 47, Maplewood, OH 45340

    (937) 726-5387 ~ Cell: (937) 492-6601


    724-February Ram Lamb

    Joslin 18-437

    My pick of the Winter ram Lambs. If that opinion changes, I will bring a sub. DNA by sale time.

    725-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Joslin 18-433

    All ewe lambs will be at least QR and will be Futurity nominated.

    726-March Ewe Lamb

    Joslin 18-445

    Our only March lamb. Boyer breeding all the way. Sire was top selling ram at 2015 Utah Ram Sale
  • Consigned by

    Double Creek Farms

    Kristin Jenkins

    28685 Gobbler Lane, Keytesville, MO 65261

    (660) 676-3300 ~ Cell: (660) 676-7206


    727-February Ewe Lamb

    Double Creek 1853 _R

    This little gal has been a favorite since she hit the ground weighing in at 14lb and at weaning weight April 8th she weighed in at 74 lbs. She is the granddaughter of the great Bauck 3-90 on the sire side and Marshall on the dam side.

    728-March Ewe Lamb

    Double Creek 1849 _R

    Here is another granddaughter of the great Bauck 3-90. This gal is gonna have some size on her. She got off to a bit of a slow start but has gained a lot of ground. Her mama is one of our favorite ewes and is getting some age on her so we probably should not let this little gal go, but wanted to bring our best. Our loss is your gain!
  • Consigned by

    Dew Drop Farm

    The Baucks

    38118 510th Ave, New York Mills, MN 56567

    (218) 640-7800 Duane ~ Cell: (218) 639-8484 Darin

    729-Fall Ram Lamb

    I used a couple new rams for Fall lambs last year and to be quite honest, I cannot pinpoint which one to bring. But he will be of stud caliber for those of you who cannot make the National in Texas.

    730-Yearling Ewe

    Dew Drop 7-52

    Sire is a two-time Louisville Champion. Dam is sired by the old Frey ram that goes back to good old SWSC 16 daughter. I think a pretty neat one here.

    731-Fall Ewe Lamb

    732-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Most of you know I try and bring some great females to the Midwest Sale. I am committed to bring some of my best, as I truly love the whole Midwest Sale, the friendship, memories, and the fellowship.
  • Consigned by

    Benz Rambouillet

    Matt & Amy Benz

    24820 Oregon Trail Rd, St Marys, KS 66536

    Cell: (701) 870-4135


    Web: benzrambouillet.com

    733-Fall Ram Lamb

    734-January Ram Lamb

    735-Fall Ewe Lamb

    736-January Ewe Lamb

    737-January Ewe Lamb

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  • Consigned by

    Borcher Sheep Co

    Weston & Cassidy Borcher

    1330 Lane 10, Powell, WY 82435

    Cell: (307) 272-5285


    738-Yearling Ram

    Borcher 7082

    739-Yearling Ewe

    Borcher 7068

    740-February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Bar J Bar Ranch

    Dave & Carla Julius

    329 Line Rd, Box Elder, SD 57719

    Cell: (605) 545-5862


    Web: BJBfinesheepandcattle.com

    741-Fall Ram Lamb

    BJB 17W2-1778N

    742-February Ram Lamb

    BJB 18W2-85N

    743-February Ewe Lamb

    BJB 18TBR91W

  • Consigned by

    L & K Sheep Co

    Kayla Flinn & Luke Inbody

    6563 TR 28, Jenera, OH 45841

    (419) 889-5324 ~ Cell: (419) 306-2451


    Web: Facebook- L & K Sheep Co

    744-February Ram Lamb

    745-Yearling Ewe

    L&K 1726 1043498

    A complete made ewe with good breed characteristics.
  • Consigned by

    Regehr Sheep

    Roger Regehr

    44333 273rd St, Marion, SD 57043

    (605) 648-3737 ~ Cell: (605) 360-9418

    746-Yearling Ram

    747-January Ram Lamb

    748-Yearling Ewe

    749-January Ewe Lamb

    750-February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Crawford Rambouillets

    Scott Crawford

    293 121st St, Pipestone, MN 56164

    Cell: (507) 215-0488


    751-January Ewe Lamb

    Most entries sired by WW Sheep 1443, 2015 Reserve Champion Ram

    752-February Ewe Lamb

    753-February Ewe Lamb

    754-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Kirkpatrick Rambouillets

    Doug Kirkpatrick

    1276 Co Rd 1475, Ashland, OH 44805

    Cell: (419) 651-4074


    Web: kirkpatrickrambouillets.com

    755-Fall Ram Lamb

    Kirkpatrick DKF 341