2018 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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  • Consigned by

    Van Well Polypays

    Vic Van Well

    1104 18th St NE, Watertown, SD 57201

    Cell: (605) 881-6574


    651-Yearling Ram

    Van Well 8578

    A large framed ram with good deposition and good production

    652-January Ram Lamb

    Van Well 18151

    Heavy boned ram with very good muscle. My consignments will have codon test by sale date.

    653-February Ram Lamb

    Van Well 18152

    Heavy boned ram with very good production

    654-Brood Ewe

    Van Well 5101 E94030

    Very stylish ewe. Produced 3-3-2 in three lambings

    655-Yearling Ewe

    Van Well 7103

    Very stylish ewe with very good production. She produced twins as a yearling

    656-Yearling Ewe

    Van Well 7108

    This ewe produced twins as a yearling

    657-January Ewe Lamb

    Van Well 18103

    A real correct ewe lamb with really good production on the damn side

    658-January Ewe Lamb

    Van Well 18114

    659-February Ewe Lamb

    Van Well 18120

    660-February Ewe Lamb

    Van Well 18110

  • Consigned by

    Sammons Polypay

    Gordon and Anne Sammons

    17295 Illinois Hwy 82, Geneseo, IL 61254

    Cell: (309) 502-1183


    Web: Facebook- Leaf Livestock-Sammons Polypay

    661-Yearling Ram

    Probably will bring my only disclaimer of my consignment right here. We dubbed him SLEESTACK, as he is not the best looking of the bunch. But man does he have a pedigree to die for. Sire was U of WI 09-425, who sired a ton of good sheep, and Sammons 10 is SLEESTACKS maternal brother. An out-cross to most as they are old genetics. These genetics have been a staple for our farm for many years, here you go.

    662-Fall Ram Lamb

    These fall rams were conceived naturally. We ask our ewes who lamb in December/January to breed for fall lambs. We then expect May lambs from them. 3 lambings in 17 months.

    663-Fall Ram Lamb

    We call fall lambs BONUS lambs. Many positive outcome come together. It is like having your cake with frosting also.

    664-January Ram Lamb

    We added the 2017 Champion Ram for one thing, muscling. We called him Waldo, as he fit in nicely without overpowering our fall ewe lambs. Look for a January ram slotted in this hole.

    665-March Ram Lamb

    We have a ram called ABUTTE that was called up for most of our late spring lambs. He will take over for Sammons 10 at some point. Dam of ABUTTE is a milking machine.

    666-Fall Ewe Lamb

    We plan to bring 4 fall ewe lambs. This will easily be my toughest decision to make for our consignment.

    667-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Fall ewe lamb here. I walk in the pen daily and pick out a different one that I like better from yesterday. That is when doing daily chores is Living the Dream.

    668-Fall Ewe Lamb

    What multipurpose breed of sheep lambs in the fall like the Polypay. Let me help you out on this one, NONE.

    669-January Ewe Lamb

    We will be keeping ZERO ewe lambs back for replacements. This will be our best ewe lamb that we have offered for sale, anywhere. Enjoy.

    670-February Ewe Lamb

    Probably another Sammons 10 ewe lamb.

    671-March Ewe Lamb

    Most likely coming from the ABUTTE sired pen. Besides my fall ewe lambs, this will be another tough decision. Since the Polypay National Show and Sale will take a hiatus this year, expect your top genetics for this breed in Sedalia.
  • Consigned by

    Sando Farm

    Robert Sando

    4204 Hursch Rd, Arcanum, OH 45304

    Cell: (937) 459-8224


    672-March Ram Lamb

    We will pick one of the twin ram lambs out of our very productive ewe L&K 1610 and the Van Nostran ram that we leased from L&K. The lambs are very straight topped and good set of feet and legs nice muscling with a very good fleece.
  • Consigned by

    Big Prairie Polypays

    Mark Meurer

    1869 Midway Rd, Ashton, IL 61006

    (815) 453-2257 ~ Cell: (815) 973-5576


    Web: bigprairiepolypays.com

    673-Fall Ram Lamb

    Big Prairie 596

    Big Prairie 596 is a natural, fall-born ram lamb with length, volume, dimension and soundness. Excellent growth rate with an Adj. 90 Day Weaning Weight of 101.4 lbs. Maternal and growthy. NSIP data will be available. If you want to make replacement females with length, dimension and growth, you cannot go wrong with Big Prairie 596.

    674-Fall Ram Lamb

    Big Prairie 615

    Big Prairie 615 is a natural, Fall-born ram lamb that combines structural correctness, volume and a moderate frame. He is thick and rugged. Excellent growth rate with an Adj. 90 Day Weaning Weight of 118.3 lbs! NSIP data will be available. Maternal and growthy. If you want to produce moderate-framed replacement ewes with maternal power and growth, Big Prairie 615 is a great choice.

    675-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Consigning a natural, fall-born brood ewe prospect. She will have plenty of volume, dimension, growth, maternal power and structural correctness. NSIP and actual data will be available.

    676-February Ewe Lamb

    We had an excellent set of February lambs. Consigning a structurally correct, growthy female with a strong maternal pedigree. NSIP and actual data will be available.
  • Consigned by

    Ferguson Livestock

    Joe Ferguson

    RR 6 Box 75, Marquand, MO 63655

    (573) 866-2376 ~ Cell: (573) 944-1125


    677-March Ram Lamb

    18-01 QR R 22133

    Nice ram lamb that will grow into a heavy boned ram for your flock. Dam was 2nd place yearling ewe last year at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale.

    678-March Ewe Lamb

    18-02 RR E 96997

    Born late, but will be a really nice ewe lamb. She is thick and flashy!
  • Consigned by

    Shapiro Family Farms

    Gregory & Daniel Shapiro

    6420 Burrows Rd, CO Springs, CO 80908

    (719) 495-7340 ~ Cell: (719) 209-8766


    Web: blackforestmeadery.com

    679-Yearling Ram

    EPC 163 R21857

  • Consigned by

    Thoreson Sheep Farm

    James Thoreson

    14304 Co 12 Blvd, Zumbrota, MN 55992

    (507) 732-5950 ~ Cell: (507) 202-5220


    Web: thoresonsheepfarm.com

    680-Yearling Ram

    Thoreson 7209

    Codon results sale day.

    681-Yearling Ram

    Thoreson 7210

    Codon results sale day.
  • Consigned by

    Shady Lane Farms

    Mark Giese

    2655 190th St, Canby, MN 56220

    (507) 223-5486 ~ Cell: (605) 460-1932


    682-Yearling Ram

    Shady Lane NJ 1712

    683-Yearling Ram

    Shady Lane 7205

    684-Fall Ram Lamb

    Shady Lane NJ 1734

    1734s dam lambed twice as a yearling. He is a broody ram weighing in at 144# at 166 days of age, with plenty of growth left in him.

    685-January Ram Lamb

    Shady Lane NJ 8001

    8001 is a thick well made ram lamb. He had a 65 day weaning weight of 71# and is still growing!

    686-January Ram Lamb

    Shady Lane 18106

    687-Yearling Ewe

    Shady Lane 7116

    688-January Ewe Lamb

    Shady Lane NJ 8003

    8003 was part of the first litter for dam 5197 who weaned 168# of lamb at 60 days old.

    689-January Ewe Lamb

    Shady Lane 18011

    690-February Ewe Lamb

    Shady Lane NJ 8023

  • Consigned by

    Diamond TR Farm

    Tony and Rbekkah Schwenk

    10045 40th St NW, Milan, MN 56262

    Cell: (320) 841-0389

    691-January Ram Lamb

    Schwenk 8002

  • Consigned by

    Shady Lawn Farms

    Kevin & Diane Hermann

    1850 Scott Park Rd, Eldridge, IA 52748

    563/285-8926 ~ Cell: 563/320-4778


    692-Yearling Ram

    Shady Lawn 1716 R21948

    The total package. He has excellent conformation and great production

    693-January Ram Lamb

    Shady Lawn 1810

    Out of one of our best producing ewes. He hit the ground running and has not stopped

    694-Brood Ewe

    Shady Lawn 1605 E96248

    Same dam as our January Ram lamb entry. Goes back to the VanWell flock and DOLLY. Not the biggest, but correct.

    695-Yearling Ewe

    Shady Lawn 1720 E96582

    Straight out of our 2017 show flock. Great conformation and production. Her dam was a quint

    696-January Ewe Lamb

    Shady Lawn 1819

    Our 2018 lamb quality runs deep. This is one of our best

    697-February Ewe Lamb

    Shady Lawn 1840

    A young ewe lamb. A Triplet and has grown very well
  • Consigned by

    L & K Sheep Co

    Kayla Flinn & Luke Inbody

    6563 TR 28, Jenera, OH 45841

    (419) 889-5324 ~ Cell: (419) 306-2451


    Web: Facebook- L & K Sheep Co

    698-Yearling Ram

    L&K 1719 21889

    A complete ram with length of body and style.

    699-Fall Ram Lamb

    L&K 1802

    Very few Fall ram lambs this year, but we willbe bringing a good one.

    700-Yearling Ewe

    L&K 1728 96103

    Combines width, capacity, and structure, All the traits you would want in a foundation ewe!

    701-Yearling Ewe

    L&K 1721 21890

    Not the biggest ewe in the barn, but her mother has been a solid producer for us and we are confident that she will produce for you too!

    702-Fall Ewe Lamb

    L&K 1803

    A complete ewe lamb that has dimension, and a great fleece. Full brother sells as well L&K 1702.

    703-Fall Ewe Lamb

    704-Fall Ewe Lamb

    We had a nice set of late Fall ewe lambs sired by UK 12-5482, and will bring 2 very complete ewe lambs.

    705-January Ewe Lamb

    706-February Ewe Lamb

    Check out our Facebook page L&K Sheep Co. closer to time for pictures and more information!