2018 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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Polled Dorset

  • Consigned by

    Fruechte Family Dorsets

    Tyler Fruechte

    20383 480th Ave, White, SD 57276

    Cell: (605) 695-9940


    Web: fruechtefamilydorsets.com

    801-Yearling Ram

    FFD 620 P727851

    FFD 620 is a long bodied, tall fronted ram that does not give anything up on width or rib shape. We purchased Stunkel 2362 a couple years ago at the Illini Sale with the intent of adding some style and he has definately done that! Sid 1103 was one of our biggest bodied ewes that produced many of our show prospects over the years.

    802-Spring Ram Lamb (2/1-after)

    I told myself I was not going to bring 2 rams, but my spring lambs are too good to leave home. I am still not sure what one will make the trip but stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for pictures and pedigrees.

    803-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    FFD 643 RR

    We have been extremely pleased with the lambs Reynolds 1613 has thrown this year! With Sampson on the bottom and a wether sire on the top, he is a moderate framed ram with all the benefits of Sampsons genetics. This girl has production written all over her!
  • Consigned by

    Thistledown Dorsets

    Robert Schembs

    141 E Washington St Suite 225, Indianapolis, IN 46204

    Cell: (317) 407-1030


    Web: Facebook- Thistledown Dorsets

    804-Late Fall Ram Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    Thistledown 625 RR

    A very stylish ram with great Dorset breed character, explosive loin, and a wide, square hip. Full brother to the 2017 Junior Champion Ewe at Kentucky; also 2nd late fall at Ohio. RAINMAKER was Supreme at Kentucky and Champion at Ohio State Fairs.
  • Consigned by

    Pine Knob Farm

    Rachael Gately

    126 Pioneer Heights, Somers, CT 06071

    Cell: (860) 202-4490


    805-Winter Ram Lamb (12/01-1/31)

    Pine Knob 1814 QR

    We have shown our best ram lambs the past two years, and both brought home banners from the green shavings. This year, we are committed to bringing our best to the sales...so here he is at the National Sale.

    806-Early Fall Ewe Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Pine Knob 1806 RR P730898

    Futurity nominated. BIG SMOOTH on GRASSHOPPER daughters works well. She is extended through the front end, big boned, and pretty headed.

    807-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    Pine Knob 1815 QR

    Futurity nominated. Twin to our buck lamb entry and comes from a super strong set of Winter/Spring ewe lambs.
  • Consigned by

    Turtle Mead Polled Dorsets

    Paul Wissinger

    205 Riegel Rd, Sinking Spring, PA 19608

    (610) 670-1761


    Web: turtlemead.com

    808-Yearling Ram

    Turtle Mead 1708 RR P726330

    809-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Turtle Mead 1701 RR P726326

    810-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    Turtle Mead 1712 RR P731449

  • Consigned by

    Scotch Lane Farm

    Matthew Syme

    402 Main St, South Windsor, CT 06074

    Cell: (860) 202-1547


    811-Early Fall Ewe Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Scotch Lane 7469 RR

    SLF 7469 has the style and balance to be a nice show ewe and the genetics to be a productive brood ewe. Her dam was 2nd National Futurity Ewe Lamb in 2014. BIG SMOOTH was the high selling ram at this sale in 2016 and sired the Reserve National Champion Ram at NAILE in 2017. Futurity Nominated.

    812-Winter Ram Lamb (12/01-1/31)

    Scotch Lane 8496 RR

    PRIMO needs no introduction. Here Is your chance to own a PRIMO son! SLF 8496 is out of our best brood ewe. We have never sold a female out of her and this is her first ram to sell at public auction. SLF 1173 is also the dam of the Junior Champion Ewe at NAILE Junior Show in 2015.
  • Consigned by

    Wolkow Dorsets

    Devon Wolkow

    20147 435th Ave, DeSmet, SD 57231

    (320) 420-5354 ~ Cell: (605) 203-1149


    813-Yearling Ram

    Wolkow W654 QR P725546

    814-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Wolkow P700 RR P729384

    815-SLICK Yearling Ewe

    Wolkow P705 RR P729388

    816-Late Fall Ewe Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    Wolkow P763 RR

    817-Spring Ewe Lamb (2/1-after)

  • Consigned by

    Twin Oaks Dorsets

    Gary & Becky Saylor

    19570 Co Rd 75, Belle Center, OH 43310

    Cell: (937) 597-7214


    818-Winter Ram Lamb (12/01-1/31)

    KG Show Stock 1799 QR P731580

    Consignment for our granddaughter. Dam was purchased here last year. This is a really cool GENO sired lamb.

    819-Early Fall Ram Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Twin Oaks 1771 RR P730970

    The final Twin Oaks consignment. GRACIE was 1st spring ewe lamb at NAILE and member of the 1st place pair of ewe lambs. She has dammed numerous top show and sale sheep.
  • Consigned by

    Flinchum Polled Dorsets

    John & Emily Flinchum

    1141 Vivian St, Longmont, CO 80501

    Cell: (303) 702-1755


    Web: flinchumdorsets.com

    820-Early Fall Ram Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    J Flinchum 1002 RR P731400

    Maternal half-brother to our 1st place Spring ewe lamb and Best-headed ewe at the 2015 National Dorset Show and Sale.

    821-Winter Ram Lamb (12/01-1/31)

    J Flinchun 1023

    Sire is a big McDaniel Ranch 15-50 son that was Champion Ram at 2017 Wyoming State Fair. Dam is a by Ram & Ewe Farm 0674. Will be RR or QR

    822-Late Fall Ewe Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    J Flinchum 1007 RR P731401

    Sire sold at last 2017 Midwest Sale and is sired by McDaniel Ranch 15-50 -- the sire of the ewe we sold Michael Pope that went on to win the Winter ewe lamb class at National Polled Dorset Show

    823-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    J Flinchum 1020

    This is a flashy ewe lamb. Maternal half-sister to our Champion Ram at the 2016 Midwest Stud Ram Sale. Sire is a ram McCarthy Dorsets used and is sired by Pettersson-Estes 2254. Dam has been a real good brood ewe. In addition to the Champion Ram at the 2016 Midwest Sale, she produced the Champion Ewes at the 2015 and 2016 Wyoming State Fair. She will be RR or QR

    824-Spring Ewe Lamb (2/1-after)

    J Flinchum 1026

    Sire was Champion Ram at the 2017 Wyoming State Fair and is sired by McDaniel Ranch 15-50
  • Consigned by

    John Gordon Flinchum

    John Gordon Flinchum

    1141 Vivian St, Longmont, CO 80501

    Cell: (303) 702-1755


    Web: www.flinchundorsets.com

    825-Winter Ram Lamb (12/01-1/31)

    J F 18-1

    Will be RR or QR . Maternal brother to the 2nd place Winter ram lamb at the 2015 National Dorset Show & Sale. Sire is a Pettersson Estes 2254 son.
  • Consigned by

    Kendrick Dorsets and Hamps

    Dan Kendrick

    712 W 3rd St, Vermont, IL 61484

    Cell: (309) 221-5568


    826-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    Kendrick H03 QR

    This could possibly be your last chance to purchase a DYNASTY daughter. An amazing opportunity for an amazing ewe lamb. Do not miss out!
  • Consigned by

    Nichols Sheep Farm

    Cruz Nichols

    26016 Moore Lane, Jerseyville, IL 62052

    Cell: (859) 612-7175


    827-Winter Ram Lamb (12/01-1/31)

    NSF 1778 P731386

    Another one with PRIMO and SWEETNESS in the pedigree, but what can we say. It works! Nice made Winter ram lamb with plenty of length, a good hip, and attractive look from the side. Check him out sale day!

    828-Spring Ewe Lamb (2/1-after)

    NSF 1817 P731680

    We feel we have a very nice set of Spring ewe lambs to offer and cannot keep them all. She has PRIMO and SWEETNESS in her pedigree and offers a nice complete package.
  • Consigned by

    Spilde Dorsets

    Luke, Brandt, Clarie & Beckett Spilde

    2800 Wildflower Rd, Stoughton, WI 53589

    (608) 335-9288 ~ Cell: (608) 772-3697


    829-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Spilde 9274 P731326

    We generally try to hold something back for Sedalia and with this year being the National we are excited to bring one of our top yearling ewes.
  • Consigned by

    Stunkel Dorsets

    Glenn Stunkel

    6105 E Dickerson Rd, Tuscarora, MD 21790

    (301) 874-2146 ~ Cell: (301) 639-7257


    830-Yearling Ram

    Stunkel 2646 QR P731070

    Big-boned ram, level top, beautiful profile, should make a great stud. Riverwood 5876 was Champion ram at the 2013 Ohio Dorset Sale and he has had a great impact on our flock

    831-Early Fall Ram Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Stunkel 2727

    Up-headed ram lamb, good length, should make a powerful buck! Dam was one of the top ewes out of the McDaniel brood ewes we bought.

    832-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Stunkel 2709 QR P731065

    One of the best ewes we will offer this year, she is bred the same as our class winning ewe in Ohio 2015 that sold to Dennis Losner, hate to let her go!

    833-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Stunkel 2704 RR P731063

    Stunkel 2251 sired some of our top consignment at Ohio last year, he is sired by Riverwood 5876

    834-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Stunkel 2682 QR P731075

    Big-bodied ewe, lots of muscle and bone, got Brood Ewe written all over her!
  • Consigned by

    Penn View Farm

    Roy Campbell

    10394 Rt 119 Hwy S, Blairsville, PA 15717

    (724) 248-1117 ~ Cell: (724) 972-7380


    Web: pennviewfarmsheep.com

    835-Yearling Ram

    Campbell Bros 353 RR P728628

    Straight out of our show flock, this ram will add height and stretch to any breeding program

    836-Late Fall Ram Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    Campbell Bros 374 RR P731189

    837-SLICK Yearling Ewe

    Campbell Bros 351 QR P728627

    A really level topped ewe that has plenty of dimension and spring of rib. See Our Web site closer to sale time for pictures of all entries.
  • Consigned by

    Lazy D H Show Stock

    Dillon Heath

    603 Dawson, Farnam, NE 69029

    (308) 325-0290 ~ Cell: (308) 537-6555


    Web: Facebook - Lazy D H Livestock

    838-Spring Ram Lamb (2/1-after)

    Lazy D H 0014 P731600

    Should keep the excellent top lines of his parents and continue their show careers. His Grand Champion mother seems to have been a good complement to his Sink sire.

    839-SLICK Winter/Spring Ewe Lamb (9/1-after)

    Lazy D H 0011 P731599

    Exciting ewe lamb whose half-brother got a lot of attention at the NWSS Jr Market show this last Winter. Her maternal sister was Grand champion Breeding Ewe against all black faces.

    840-Spring Ewe Lamb (2/1-after)

    Lazy D H 0015 P731601

    Would have loved to keep this daughter of our Grand Champion ewe, but she is too closely related to the rest of our flock.
  • Consigned by

    Cedar Lane Dorsets

    Bill & Holly Keough & Bear Lake Enterprises, Inc

    E5656 N Water Dr, Manawa, WI 54949

    (920) 596-1931 ~ Cell: (920) 428-5712


    Web: bksheep.com

    841-Early Fall Ram Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Cedar Lane 1730 RR P730788

    JORDY sired the Grand Champion ram for me last year at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale and he made the final selection for the Supreme Drive. He sold to Celine Sicarcd and stood 2nd in both Open & Jr Show NAILE. Cedar Lane 1730 is equally as good. He is big enough, long body, level top and exceptional breed character! I able to sell him since I am retaining my last Jordy son made very similar for my own use.

    842-Spring Ram Lamb (2/1-after)

    Cedar Lane 1812 RR

    At this time this appears to be the best ram lamb born this year. Sired by NELSON and dammed by Cedar Lane 1427, again JORDYs maternal sister. Too bad the Packers released Jordy Nelson!

    843-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Cedar Lane 1710 QR P727136

    Here is a good size ewe and made very correct. Cedar Lane 1427 is a maternal brother to JORDY. 1427 is sired by O Boy, Spilde 8864 - 2014 National Sale Grand Champion Ram purchased by me for $4500. VERN sired the 2014 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Grand Champion Lamb - Ruger, purchased by Spilde & Hoskins for $2500 and was Reserve Junior Champion Ram 2014 NAILE.

    844-Early Fall Ewe Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Cedar Lane 1721 RR P730782

    She IS pretty! Also, big with great conformation. Nelson is a full brother to Ruger that I retained for my own use. Cedar Lane 1503s granddam (Spilde 7200), was the granddam of the Reserve Junior Champion ewe at the 2011 Midwest Stud Ram Sale. Did I say this lamb was pretty!

    845-Early Fall Ewe Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Cedar Lane 1728 RR P730786

    Huge topped female with a lot of size. Line bred with Samson and Rumble on the maternal side of Nelson and on the paternal side of Cedar Lane 1416. Taking a chance selling her, but breeding 1416 back to Nelson again. These two fall ewes are probably the best I have ever offered for sale. Full pedigrees will be posted on my website bksheep.com
  • Consigned by

    C&J Livestock

    Charlene Ross

    6935 SW St Rd D, Polo, MO 64671

    Cell: (913) 991-7449


    Web: Facebook- C&J Livestock

    846-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

  • Consigned by

    Duane Aldrich

    Duane Aldrich

    20516 436th Ave, DeSmet, SD 57231

    Cell: (605) 690-0139

    847-Yearling Ram

    Aldrich 735 RR P727130

    We are very excited about this ram, he is the Real Deal! He is sired by our Pine Ridge ram and dammed by Wolkow 410. She was a lead February ewe lamb in 2014 for Devon. This ram stands on big bone, walks out on a great set of wheels, with loads of extension, and amazing profiles.

    848-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Aldrich 710 RR P727121

    An upheaded and long-bodied ewe, her grand dam was Lauden Acres 764, Champion Ewe at Illinois Dorset Sale.

    849-SLICK Yearling Ewe

    Aldrich 707 P730714

    Very correct ewe. Pine Ridge 13116 was the Reserve Champion Ram a Ohio Dorset Sale in 2014.

    850-Spring Ewe Lamb (2/1-after)

  • Consigned by

    Arndt Acres

    Ron Arndt

    11775 Co Rd 50, Norwood, MN 55368

    (952) 466-5876 ~ Cell: (952) 201-5761


    851-Early Fall Ram Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Arndt Acres 14-112 RR P731288

    McDaniel 16-12 is our primary stud ram this year. He was Reserve Grand Champion Ram at the Illini Sale in 2017. He goes back to LONG ISLAND ICE TEA & OPTIMUS PRIME. The dam was a show ewe in 2015 & 2016.

    852-Winter Ram Lamb (12/01-1/31)

    853-SLICK Ram Lamb (9/1-after)

    Arndt Acres 17-111 RR P731287

    Sire is a ram we had success with breeding last Spring and Fall. He goes back to PREMIUM PICKLE and the Riverwood ewe we had such good luck with. Dam is out of our 1011 ewe who produced great sheep for us over the years.

    854-Spring Yearling Ewe

    855-Late Fall Ewe Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    Arndt Acres 17-043 RR P731280

    Her sire throws lambs that are big, muscular, heavy made sheep. Dam goes back to LEVERAGE and REAL DEAL.

    856-Spring Ewe Lamb (2/1-after)

    Arndt Acres 18-001 RR

    Sire goes back to BLUE PRINT and the 1011 ewe I mentioned before. Dam is a PRECISION daughter. The group of Klampe ewes we purchased have done great for us.
  • Consigned by

    Sanfords Dorsets & Hamps

    Gene & Marci Sanford

    12593 Canby Ave, Faribault, MN 55021

    (507) 645-4989


    Web: sanfordsheepfarm.com

    857-Yearling Ram

    Sanford & Sons M086 RR P727173

    Massive ram with huge bone and body. Sire is our top DYNASTY son. Dam is our super Female in the flock. Both sire and dam photo on our website.

    858-Late Fall Ram Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    Sanford & Sons M097 RR

    Poynter ram is a son of Res Champ Slick ewe at NAILE for Jeff. Same dam as our yearling ram entry. This is a super ram lamb for your inspection.

    859-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Sanford & Sons E442 RR P729357

    Very complete , straight lined ewe with great breed type. Dam is a natural fall born.

    860-Early Fall Ewe Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Sanford & Sons E501 RR

    Dam is natural fall born who had our 1st place Jan ram lamb at 2017 MN State Fair. She re-lambed in Sept with this fancy lamb.

    861-Late Fall Ewe Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    Sanford & Sons E507

    High quality fall lamb, futurity nominated! Sired by our new Poynter ram. See info on him in the Fall ram listing.

    862-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    Sanford & Sons E512 RR

    Our Res Champion Ram at 2017 MN State Fair was sired by Sanford & Sons E178. He also sired our high placing Fall ewe lamb at 2018 IL Dorset Sale.
  • Consigned by

    Peterson Sheep Company

    Doug & Lindi Peterson

    803 23rd St NE, Lemmon, SD 57638

    (701) 376-3115


    Web: petersonsheepco.com

    863-Spring Ram Lamb (2/1-after)

    Both entries will be from multiple births

    864-Spring Ewe Lamb (2/1-after)

  • Consigned by

    Ram & Ewe Farm

    Jeremy Etzler

    425 Counts Rd, South Solon, OH 43153

    Cell: (614) 989-4025


    865-Yearling Ram

    Ram & Ewe 0910 QR P730321

    866-SLICK Ram Lamb (9/1-after)

    Ram & Ewe 0948

    Will be tested by sale date. Interesting what has happened when we added the D & D 1667. Stay tuned !

    867-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Ram & Ewe 0908 -STW

    Dam is a GRAND THEFT daughter (1st winter ram lamb here a few years back from Ample Amity). Sire is the first son of HIDEAWAY, 2011 Supreme Ewe NAILE.

    868-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Ram & Ewe 0911

    Ram & Ewe 0868 is dammed by Ram & Ewe 0790 the grandam of Ram & Ewe 0908 the previous lot. Maternal Lots in these two Spring Yearling Ewes!

    869-SLICK Yearling Ewe

    Ram & Ewe 0922

    A very young yearling that will be super fresh and may just look her best about State Fair time! Mother of Ram & Ewe 0683 is twin sister to WOUDJA! If you forgot who WOUDJA was see Paul Wissinger Turtle Mead Farms.

    870-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    Ram & Ewe 0946 _R

    Refer to bottom side of this pedigree in the footnote of above yearling ewe lot. The five-generation pedigree of Ram & Ewe Farm 0683 on the top side has sires such as Encore, REDEMPTION, WINSTON, NICK WELL, HIGH DEFINITION, and BOARDWALK printed on her registration paper. Not going to see that very often in 2018!

    871-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    Ram & Ewe 0949

    Ram & Ewe 0835 is another daughter of Ram & Ewe 0683! Ram & Ewe 0835 is sired by RC Turtle Mead 1212 a BRIGGEN son, and out of a WOULDJA daughter. This ewe lamb make you appreciate the breed!

    872-SLICK Winter/Spring Ewe Lamb (9/1-after)

    Ram & Ewe 0945 _R

    Ram & Ewe 0775 another GRAND THEFT daughter, containing DOS XX, RUMBLE, RSVP, BACKLASH, SONAR, DOUBLE CLUTCH and BADITIDE in a five-generation look. This was probably a trip down pedigree memory lane for some and others of you think I just spoke a foreign language. She will be very nice!
  • Consigned by

    Poynter Sheep Farm

    Jeff & Jan Poynter

    12709 E 750th Rd, Paris, IL 61944

    (217) 466-4880 ~ Cell: (217) 251-9984


    Web: poyntersheepfarm.com

    873-Yearling Ram

    Poynter T-1 RR P725126

    Champion Ram 2017 Kentucky State Fair. Turtle Mead is sired by CAPTAIN STUBBY and dammed by a great Pettersson ewe. Dan was Reserve champion Slick-sheared Ewe in Louisville sired by Saylor WHITE WHISKEY. if you need a correct proven ram, this is the one!
  • Consigned by

    Hoskins Stock Farm

    Gary Hoskins

    1651 255th, Jefferson, IA 50129

    (515) 386-8055 ~ Cell: (515) 370-3239


    874-Yearling Ram

    Hoskins 17-8 RR NN

    Having sold our Polled Dorset flock to Devries Livestock of Illinois, we saved the best for last. Our final Polled Dorset entry is the product of RUGER the 2015 MWSRS Champion Ram and Reserve Junior Champion Ram at NAILE bred to the Saylor 1221 ewe who was the 2013 MWSRS Champion Ewe and the Junior Champion Ewe at NAILE. If we were breeding ewes this fall, the would be our stud ram. Instead, here is your opportunity to own one that is not only bred right, but built right. He is big from the ground up. Big footed, big bone, big hipped, big ribbed, and big outlined, with great Dorset breed characteristics! We have enjoyed our time in the Dorset breed and we are very proud to be offering this guy to close things out!