2018 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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  • Consigned by

    Julian and Moore Sheep

    Ed and Helen Julian

    3009 St Rt 44, Rootstown, OH 44272

    (330) 325-9150 ~ Cell: (330) 931-2986


    151-Yearling Ram

    EHJ 665 RR 131470

    Our popular first place Fall ram lamb and Reserve Senior Champion Ram at our National Show last Fall. Sired by WINCHESTER and out of one of our top Talley ewes. He is extremely square-made with excellent hip structure and very straight and correct

    152-Yearling Ram

    EHJ 744 RR 131495

    First place February Ram Lamb and Reserve Junior Champion at our National Show last Fall. He is a full brother to VELOCITY the National Champion in 2016 and 2017. Dam always raises winners. He is extremely long sided, straight topped, correct and heavy-boned.

    153-January Ram Lamb

    EJH 804 RR

    Extremely long, thick and tall-fronted. Dam is another very productive Talley ewe. He has great potential.

    154-February Ram Lamb

    EHJ 814 RR

    Sired by our two-times National Champion Ram. Tally dam was 2nd Fall ewe lamb at NAILE 2013. EHJ 814 is a real straight, thick, correct ram with excellent thickness.

    155-February Ram Lamb

    EHJ 817 RR

    Another WINCHESTER lamb. Dam was 1st place January Ewe Lamb at our National Show in 2015. EHJ 817 is a large square-made lamb with tremendous balance. He is bred just like our next entry

    156-February Ram Lamb

    EHJ 829 RR

    EHJ 829 has full brothers serving as key stud rams for several top breeders throughout the U.S. Dam was Reserve Senior Champion Ewe at our National Show in 2014. EHJ 829 is a ton fancy, long-sided, up-headed, very correct with style to burn.

    157-March Ram Lamb

    EHJ 835 RR

    Both VELOCITY and SWEET CAROLINE are sired by WINCHESTER. EHJ 835 is a badger-marked lamb. He is really unique and looks just like his double grand sire WINCHESTER. Extremely straight, correct, square-hipped with style and bling.

    158-January Ewe Lamb

    EHJ 805 RR

    Another WINCHESTER daughter out of a foundation Talley ewe. She is a twin to 804 ram lamb. A very thick complete ewe lamb that has the potential to be a real competitive lamb and a top producer.

    159-January Ewe Lamb

    EHJ 808 RR

    WINCHESTER daughter out of a fancy top-producing black yearling ewe from the Pipestone flock. She is the best black ewe lamb I have seen offered at any of the sales. She is long, thick, correct and very balanced.

    160-February Ewe Lamb

    EHJ 818 QR

    Dam was 1st place January Ewe Lamb at National Show 2015. This is a very fancy fronted lamb, straight, correct with lots of eye-appeal. I expect her to keep getting better. Her RR twin brother is one of our February Ram Lamb entries.

    161-February Ewe Lamb

    EHJ 824 RR

    A full sister to VELOCITY, our two-time National Champion Ram. Dam is one of our best ewes. EHJ 824 is correct, square made, straight with a lot of color

    162-February Ewe Lamb

    EHJ 826 RR

    Full sister to 2017 first place February Ewe Lamb and Junior Champion at National Show. Out of a Landreth ewe , who was the first place Fall Ewe Lamb for us at 2014 National Show. She has great potential in the show ring and as a brood ewe.

    163-March Ewe Lamb

    All of our consignment would have been in our show flock this year if we had not decided to retire.
  • Consigned by

    Poynter Sheep Farm

    Jeff & Jan Poynter

    12709 E 750th Rd, Paris, IL 61944

    (217) 466-4880 ~ Cell: (217) 251-9984


    Web: poyntersheepfarm.com

    164-Yearling Ram

    POY 16-9 RR 130807

    Last chance to buy a ram dammed by the great Poy 21 ewe. She is the mother of RED HAUTE, National Champion Ram and POY 44, sire of these two sale rams and is one of the best in the Country. POY 234 is by RED HAUTE and dammed by the Champion Ewe in Louisvlle. POY 234 is currentlyt leased out.

    165-Yearling Ram

    POY 17-44 RR 130816

    A very correct ram. First place Spring Ram Lamb at 2017 Indiana State Fair. We bred our two show ewes to him and his lambs are great.
  • Consigned by

    Pipestone Katahdins

    GF & Deb Kennedy

    966 61st St, Pipestone, MN 56164

    (507)215-0483 ~ Cell: (507) 215-0487


    166-Yearling Ram

    DOC P2287 QR 137880

    167-Yearling Ram

    DOC P2360 RR 132318

    168-Yearling Ram

    DOC P2395 RR 136159

    169-Yearling Ram

    DOC P2285 RR 136160

    170-Yearling Ram

    DOC P2283 RR 136161

    This was our lead Spring show ram.

    171-Yearling Ram

    DOC P2456

    172-Yearling Ram

    173-Fall Ram Lamb

    DOC P2656

    174-Fall Ram Lamb

    DOC P2621

    We have an excellent group of spring lambs sired by EHJ 658

    175-Fall Ram Lamb

    DOC P2616

    DOC P1959 was in the sale last year. We often breed with a top ram before selling.

    176-February Ram Lamb

    177-Yearling Ewe

    178-Yearling Ewe

    179-Yearling Ewe

    180-Fall Ewe Lamb

    181-Fall Ewe Lamb

    182-February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Proffitt Livestock Farm

    James Proffitt

    38208 Brady Creek Rd, Richmond, MO 64085

    Cell: (816) 225-6032


    183-February Ram Lamb

    184-February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Fief Family Farm

    Babette Fief

    22408 US 350, La Junta, CO 81050

    (719) 468-0928 ~ Cell: (719) 468-0928


    Web: fieffamilyfarm.com

    185-Yearling Ram

    BAB 630 RR 131957

    This ram was Junior Champion Ram at the Nugget All American. His sire was high selling Katahdin ram at the 2016 Midwest Stud Ram Sale. His dam is a big framed ewe who has given us outstanding lambs, twins every time and consistent leaders in weight gain.

    186-February Ram Lamb

    BAB 689 RR

  • Consigned by

    Harker farms

    Adam & Trena Harker

    12402 Valley View Rd, Mountain Grove, MO 65711

    Cell: (417) 254-1731


    187-Yearling Ram

    HFZ 8650-0105 142181

    188-March Ram Lamb

    HFZ 0102 RR 142190

  • Consigned by

    Luzon Farm

    Ed & Cindy DeOrnellis/Megan & Keith Markway

    301 Luzon Ln, Bonnots Mill, MO 65016

    (573) 897-2479 ~ Cell: (573) 291-0591


    Web: Facebook- Luzon Farm

    189-Fall Ram Lamb

    LUZ 1011 RR 132890

    Take a look at this ram if you\'re looking to add fall-born genetics, bone and frame to your flock. He stood 5th at 2017 NAILE. Dam is proven fall breeder, with twins in 2016 and triplets in 2017.

    190-February Ram Lamb

    LUZ 1186 RR

    This ram is one of our top picks from the 2018 lamb crop. Lots of potential and proven genetics. Dam is half-sister to our Reserve Champion fall ewe lamb shown at the 2017 NAILE Jr. Show. Adj. 60-day wt: 66 lb.

    191-Fall Ewe Lamb

    LUZ 1123 RR

    We really like this ewe for her structure and thickness. Dam raised twins in January 2017. Adj. 60-day weight: 50 lb. See pictures on our Facebook page .

    192-January Ewe Lamb

    193-February Ewe Lamb

    Our ewe lambs were young at entry time, so waited to pick some good ones. See our pictures on the Luzon Farm facebook page.
  • Consigned by

    Pettig Livestock

    George Pettig or Jeri Rippeto

    241 Maple St, New Bloomfield, MO 65063

    Cell: (636) 578-0847


    194-February Ram Lamb

    GRP 486 QR

    This tall and correct ram would be a great asset to a grass based production system. With a great sire and son of CENTRALIA as well as a low maintenance dam, this ram should follow well in their parents footsteps

    195-February Ram Lamb

    GRP 487 RR

    196-February Ewe Lamb

    GRP 483 RR

    This RR ewe lamb was a single out of a tall easy keeping ewe who had twins last June. The dam was bred back to her sire in hopes of accentuating the height and length. This lamb sure appears that she will mature to be tall and long.
  • Consigned by

    Hancock Katahdins

    Ray Hancock

    2816 N Ridge Rd, Noble, IL 62868

    Cell: (618) 843-8779


    197-March Ewe Lamb

    Lambs will be sired by our Mountain View ram SILVERBACK.
  • Consigned by

    Hancock Katahdins

    Rhett Hancock

    2816 N Ridge Rd, Noble, IL 62868

    Cell: (618) 843-4559


    198-March Ram Lamb

    199-March Ewe Lamb

    Lambs will be sired from our Mountain View ram or our January ram lamb that was 2nd at NAILE . Most lambs have lots of color.
  • Consigned by

    Sturdy Post Ranch

    Justin Fruechte

    2344 30th Ave, Ward, SD 57026

    Cell: (605) 690-3309


    Web: sturdypostranch.com

    200-Fall Ram Lamb

    STU E182 RR

    A really level designed upheaded ram backed by a strong dam. STU C56 had twins January 2017, this single in September, and triplets 4-13-18.

    201-January Ram Lamb

    STU F103 RR

    Flock Stud. Perfectly balanced with power and pedigree. We have high expectations for him and his twin brother. The Luzon dam continues to prove herself as one of our top ewes.

    202-Fall Ewe Lamb

    STU E184 RR

    Here is a big ribbed, wide based ewe, with some meat and muscle.

    203-Fall Ewe Lamb

    STU E185 RR

    Twin to the lamb above. This one is the fancier of the pair with a bit more frame and potential growth.

    204-January Ewe Lamb

    STU E105 RR

    We are really happy about the lambs from Bed Rock EHJ 722. He instantly added great tops, balance, and performance.

    205-January Ewe Lamb

    STU F110 RR

    This is the first lamb I always notice when walking into the barn. A ton of look with a great disposition. 14-27 is a massive ewe.

    206-February Ewe Lamb

    STU F146

    Our son Mason is threatening to buy this set of twins back. Their dam STU C29 is the kind that lambs and still looks like she needs to lamb. Great dams have great lambs!

    207-February Ewe Lamb

    STU F147

    Twin to the lot above. BAG 2786 MEGATRON has exceeded our expectations. Put her on your short list.
  • Consigned by

    Dyer Family Katahdins

    John, Judy & Scott Dyer

    834 E Co Rd 1250 N, Chrisney, IN 47611

    (812) 362-8012 ~ Cell: (812) 457-0320


    208-Fall Ram Lamb

    JDK 816 142362

    Sired by a huge CENTRALIA son that has done a great job for us in his first lamb crop.

    209-February Ram Lamb

    210-Yearling Ewe

    Will be by sired by another SHU ram we own or DOC ram.

    211-Yearling Ewe

    By our other SHU ram, a CENTRALIA grandson or DOC ram

    212-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Both Fall ewe lambs by our huge CENTRALIA son.

    213-Fall Ewe Lamb

    214-February Ewe Lamb

    Sired by our DOC ram
  • Consigned by

    Prairie Lane Farms

    Henry & Becky Shultz & Family

    6219 Audrain Rd 125, Centralia, MO 65240

    Cell: (573) 682-7127


    Web: prairielanefarm.com

    215-Yearling Ram

    SHU 3952 QR 131892

    3952 was in the 2017 Virginia Tech Ram Test. He qualified for the sale and we held him over for a yearling. Test info available

    216-Fall Ram Lamb

    SHU 4017 QR 141190

    217-Fall Ram Lamb

    SHU 3846 RR 141212

    218-January Ram Lamb

    SHU 4064 RR

    Sire is a 20 Grandson

    219-January Ram Lamb

    SHU 4067 RR

    220-February Ram Lamb

    SHU 3778

    Dam is a VISION daughter

    221-February Ram Lamb

    SHU 3792

    REMINGTON was the Reserve Champion Ram at Louisville in 2016. Dam is a VISION daughter. VISION was 2014 Reserve Champion Ram at Louisville.

    222-March Ram Lamb

    SHU 3809

    Dam is a PISTOL daughter. PISTOL was 1st February Ram at Louisville in 2015.

    223-Yearling Ewe

    SHU 3930 131862

    224-Yearling Ewe

    SHU 3929 132827

    225-Fall Ewe Lamb

    SHU 3843 RR 141209

    226-Fall Ewe Lamb

    SHU 3846 RR 141214

    227-Fall Ewe Lamb

    SHU 3898 RR

    228-January Ewe Lamb

    SHU 3850 QR

    229-January Ewe Lamb

    SHU 4100 RR

    Dam is a TOO TALL daughter

    230-January Ewe Lamb

    SHU 4062 QR

    231-February Ewe Lamb

    SHU 4096

    232-March Ewe Lamb

    SHU 3814

    Dam is a PISTOL daughter
  • Consigned by

    Aspen Mountain Katahdins

    Aileen Scott

    2462 Telegraph Gulch Rd, Butte, MT 59701

    Cell: (406) 782-9357


    Web: Facebook Aspen Mountain Katahdins

    233-Yearling Ram

    ADS MT 600210 ASPEN FIREBIRD RR 140513

    Lamb weights and current weights will be available Sale Day for both entries

    234-Yearling Ram

    ADS MT 600206 ASPEN MOON SHADOW RR 140512

  • Consigned by

    Flying A

    Connie Anderson

    4299 N Farm Rd 101, Springfield, MO 65803

    Cell: (417) 844-1194


    235-Yearling Ram

    SHA 1708

    236-Fall Ram Lamb

    MCA 1706 RR

    237-Fall Ewe Lamb

    MCA 1708

  • Consigned by

    Rack of Lamb Corral

    Todd Bauer

    3020 Hwy 56, Windom, KS 67491

    Cell: (620) 245-1884


    Web: rackoflambcorral.com

    238-Fall Ram Lamb

    TRB 1000

    TRB 1000 is a complete ram, straight topped, smooth and excellent tail set. His sire RED HAUTE was crowned the National Champion Ram at N.A.I.L.E in 2014. His Full brother was the record selling Fall Katahdin in the 2017 MWSRS.

    239-Fall Ram Lamb

    TRB 1004 RR

    TRB 1004 is very correct. He is big, thick and full of muscle. His sire RED HAUTE was crowned the Grand Champion Ram at N.A.I.L.E in 2014. His dam has produced some of the top Katahdins in the country. She was next to the Grand Champion Ewe in 2012 at the MWSRS.

    240-Fall Ram Lamb

    TRB 1008 RR

    TRB 1008 is about as correct as they come. His sire was crowned the Grand Champion Ram at N.A.I.L.E in 2014. His dam is one of my best brood ewes on the ranch.

    241-January Ram Lamb

    TRB 1113 RR

    TRB 1113 is the best January ram lamb I have. He is the real deal. His sire was crowned the Grand Champion Ram at N.A.I.L.E in 2014. His dam was the Grand Champion Ewe at Sedalia in 2017. His Grandsire FIRST EVER was crowned Grand Champion Ram also at N.A.I.L.E. He is bred in the purple.

    242-February Ram Lamb

    TRB 1120 RR

    TRB 1120 is my best February ram lamb I have. His Sire was crowned the Grand Champion Ram at N.A.I.L.E in 2014. His dam was Reserve Champion Ewe at Sedalia in 2017. He is about as correct as they come. He is very correct. Bred in the purple.

    243-Fall Ewe Lamb

    TRB 1001 RR

    TRB 1001 is a twin to TRB 1000, our popular ram in the Fall class. She is a long bodied ewe with some of the best bloodlines in the breed. Her full brother TRB 650 was the record selling Fall Katahdin at Sedalia in 2017. Do not miss this one! She is one of my best.

    244-Fall Ewe Lamb

    TRB 1009 RR

    TRB 1009 is a twin to TRB 1008 our popular ram in the fall class. She is again, very correct. We are bringing some of our best this year to Sedalia. Stop by our pens and see for yourselves the quality we have entered.

    245-Fall Ewe Lamb

    TRB 1014 RR

    TRB 1014 is a beautiful ewe. She is one of my best Fall ewes on the ranch. She is very correct in all ways. She has been one of my favorites from day one. Do not miss this one!

    246-Fall Ewe Lamb

    TRB 1042 RR

    TRB 1042 is young for the class but she is as correct as they come. Her sire Diesel was the Grand Champion Ram at Sedalia in 2012. Her dam was the Reserve Grand champion Ewe at Sedalia in 2014. She is bred in the purple. Her sire and dam are two of the most proven Katahdins in the country.

    247-January Ewe Lamb

    TRB 1116

    TRB 1116 is another beautiful ewe lamb. She is correct in all ways. She is one of my best January ewe lambs on the ranch. Her dam has done great things for us. Her sire TRB 352 is an explosive ram that makes Katahdin\r\ns the way they should be.

    248-February Ewe Lamb

    TRB 1122

    TRB 1122 is nice ewe lamb. She is young but has all the bells and whistles to make a great Katahdin. Her sire was the Grand Champion Ram at N.A.I.L.E in 2014. Do not miss this one, you will like her.
  • Consigned by

    Limerick Farms

    Mistie Lee

    16845 CRNS 218, Tipton, OK 73570

    (580) 563-6506 ~ Cell: (330) 819-7014


    Web: limerickfarms.com

    249-March Ram Lamb

    LMF 296

    250-March Ram Lamb

    LMF 267

    251-March Ewe Lamb

    LMF 11-R

  • Consigned by

    D & J Smith Katahdins

    David & Jane Smith

    3985 N 300 W, Earl Park, IN 47942

    (219) 474-3216 ~ Cell: (765) 366-7050


    Web: djsmithkatahdins.com

    252-Yearling Ram

    SCD 4913 RR

    Out of an outstanding, big ewe and by our CHOCOLATE THUNDER ram that was 1st place yearling at 2016 NAILE. Sired the majority of our lambs out of our yearling ewes.

    253-Fall Ram Lamb

    SCD 5194 RR

    A big growthy dark chocolate and white ram lamb. Excellent growth and production genetics.

    254-January Ram Lamb

    SCD 5419

    Sired by the popular big bodied, big topped, roan Buckeye Acres ram we purchased at this sale last year.

    255-Fall Ewe Lamb

    SCD 5120

    A really fancy fall ewe lamb. She should shine in the show ring and the barn. Her dam is SWP/BAG cross. Some of best genetics

    256-January Ewe Lamb

    We had a large group of January ewe lambs, we will be bringing some of these good genetics for your inspection.
  • Consigned by

    Dosch TMD Katahdins

    Tom & Maria Dosch

    PO Box 517, Frederick, SD 57441

    (605) 329-2478 ~ Cell: (605) 329-7928


    Web: doschkatahdins.com

    257-Yearling Ram

    TMD 1733

    258-February Ram Lamb

    The lambs will be sired by TITAN the 2017 Midwest Grand Champion Ram or Dakota 007.

    259-February Ram Lamb

    260-March Ram Lamb

    261-February Ewe Lamb

    262-February Ewe Lamb

    263-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Francis Family Farms

    Aly Francis

    17292 Monroe Rd 735, Paris, MO 65275

    (660) 327-4049 ~ Cell: (573) 721-1683


    264-Yearling Ewe

    265-Pen of Yearling Ewes

    266-January Ewe Lamb

    267-February Ewe Lamb

    268-March Ewe Lamb

    269-Pen of Ewe Lambs

  • Consigned by

    Crooked River Katahdins

    Stuart Olinger

    22145 Lester Ln, Lawson, MO 64062

    Cell: (913) 915-4236


    270-February Ram Lamb

    CRO 0426 RR

    271-February Ram Lamb

    CRO 0425

  • Consigned by

    Lazy B Livestock, LLC

    Howard & Lavonne Brown

    8362 NS 3550 Rd, Prague, OK 74864

    (405) 567-2559 ~ Cell: (405) 567-5588


    Web: lazybkatahdins.com

    272-Yearling Ram

    HLB 17-1431 132204

    Check out our pens for late maturing and white sheep that are bred to generate bigger, better Katahdins (HLB Genetics)

    273-Yearling Ram

    HLB 17-1435 132206

    274-Yearling Ram

    HLB 17-1453 132329

    275-Yearling Ewe

    HLB 17-1480 131723

    276-Yearling Ewe

    HLB 17-1432 131677

  • Consigned by

    McKinzie Farms

    Barbara McKinzie

    62008 W Business 50, California, MO 65018

    Cell: (573) 301-7818


    277-Yearling Ewe

    MKZ0034 RR 140316

    Very pretty ewe and will be ready for breeding. Her sire is by SHU 2132, the sire of CENTRALIA. Her dam has OLD MAN in her pedigree several times.

    278-Yearling Ewe

    MKZ0035 QR 140315

    Nice brood ewe type. VW 32H is a Clay Widner breeding, who is by the sire of CENTRALIA, SHU 2132. Her dam has HLB, COR, LDK, and KDJ in her pedigree.
  • Consigned by

    Salmon Run Farms

    Leslie Raber

    458 Crowley Rd, Sabattus, ME 04280

    Cell: (207) 838-5813


    Web: salmonrunfarms.com

    279-Yearling Ram

    SRS 229 RR 131578

    A big bold red ram by ALE out of a magnificent Shultz ewe that won her class at Big E-2016. ALE was high selling Katahdin at the 2015 Midwest Sale and Reserve Champion at the 2016 Big E show. SRS 229 was Reserve Champion Ram at the 2017 Big-E Eastern States Exhibition. He will add great length and hip to your flock.

    280-February Ram Lamb

    SRS 251

    His sire was Grand Champion ram as a February lamb here at the Midwest in 2016. He is a great ram lamb with lots of bone and muscle out of a very correct chocolate brown ewe with one of the best toplines and haircoats in the flock. If you want to add THICK to your flock here is your chance.

    281-March Ram Lamb

    We are letting them grow a bit before we choose where they will go. It will be a good one.

    282-February Ewe Lamb

    SRS 148

    Here is a beautiful red and white ewe sired by ALE (2015 Midwest high selling Katahdin) out of a POY 44 daughter. She has awesome length. This ewe always catches my eye in the pen.

    283-February Ewe Lamb

    SRS 152-1 QR 141981

    Here is a chance to add the the great genetics of CENTRALIA to your flock. Nothing else need be said.

    284-March Ewe Lamb

    SRS 166-1 RR 141990

    A great red and white March ewe lamb sired by ALE out of a fancy Shultz ewe. I had to do some quick trading to get this one away from my granddaughter. She is ready to show this year.

    4002-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    NBM Farm

    Samantha Bolen

    RR 1 Box 11, Hillview, IL 62050

    Cell: (217) 248-2976


    Web: Facebook- NBM.Farm

    285-Yearling Ram

    The genetics are set, I just have to decide which of these twins to offer as my Stud Ram Sale debut. Both were top 5 in class and the 3rd place pair at the 2017 Big E; correct and complete rams that will be worth stopping by the pens to check out! Will be QR+. Watch our Facebook page NBM Farm Katahdins for info closer to sale time!

    286-Yearling Ewe

    Will be a QR+, moderate framed ewe that does not sacrifice structure from milky, meaty ewe lines. Watch our Facebook page NBM Farm Katahdins for more details closer to sale time!
  • Consigned by

    BB Farms

    Douglas Brewer

    2147 Woodbine Rd, Woodbine, MD 21797

    (410) 489-9671 ~ Cell: (240) 674-7131


    287-Yearling Ram

    Sired by a BAG or Henry Shultz Ram. These two rams have produced high quality rams for me. This entry will be structurally correct and a be great addition to any flock.

    288-March Ram Lamb

    All lambs will be sired my new BAG, Shultz, or a son of the 2015 Midwest Champion Dosch ram that weighed 305# at 18 months of age. All three rams have produced excellent off spring. Come and see them at the sale.

    289-March Ram Lamb

    290-Yearling Ewe

    Sired by the BAG or Henry Shultz ram. My ewes are easy keepers and get no help during lambing. I work a full time job. This limits my time to work with the ewes. They raise lambs in single digit days with no issues.

    291-March Ewe Lamb

    292-March Ewe Lamb

    293-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Thousand Oaks Ranch

    Kevin Beatty

    28367 Fir Rd, Carl Junction, MO 64834

    Cell: (417) 437-4523


    Web: ThousandOaksRanch.net

    294-January Ram Lamb

    TOR 18510

    60 Day ADG for this lamb is 1.08 lbs/day. 60 Day Adjusted weight is 83 lbs. He is a twin born ram lamb out of one of our best ewes.

    295-January Ram Lamb

    TOR 18576

    60 Day ADG is 1.01 lbs/day. 60 Day Adjusted weight is 80 lbs. This ram was a twin born embryo transfer.

    296-January Ewe Lamb

    TOR 18017

    60 Day adjusted weight for this ewe lamb is 64 lbs. Dam lambing history is Tw,Sg,Tw. Sire was the Reserve Grand Champion Ram at the NAILE Kennedy Family Junior Show.

    297-January Ewe Lamb

    TOR 18078

    60 Day Adjusted weight is 71 lbs. This lamb is a twin born Embryo Transfer. The dam lambing history is Tw,Tw,Tr,Tw,Tw,Tr.
  • Consigned by

    Kiefer Sheep Farm

    Chad & Elizabeth Kiefer

    HCR 62 Box 101, Sedgewickville, MO 63781

    (573) 712-8940 ~ Cell: (573) 944-3498


    298-March Ram Lamb

    CEK 0112 141963

    A very pretty headed ram lamb. He is going to be thick-bodied with a nice set of legs under him.

    299-February Ewe Lamb

    CEK 0108 QR 141961

    Flashy, speckled ewe lamb. Will make a nice production ewe.

    300-March Ewe Lamb

    CEK 0113 QR 141965

    Thick bodied ewe lamb and to top it off she has tons of color!
  • Consigned by

    Clay Winder

    Clay Winder

    303 E Nursery, Butler, MO 64730

    Cell: (660) 200-5695


    301-March Ram Lamb

    302-March Ram Lamb

    303-March Ewe Lamb

    304-Pen of Ewe Lambs

    Pen of ewe lambs will be March born.
  • Consigned by


    Mike & Leslie Nelsh

    2834 Kennard-Kingscreek Rd, Cable, OH 43009

    (937) 471-5682 ~ Cell: (937) 244-2673


    Web: rivierafarm.com

    305-Yearling Ram

    RIV 770 (30) RR 133268

    Twin brother to HIGH PROFILE Champion Junior and Reserve Grand at 1027 NAILE. Half-interest sold to Mike and Hilda Jones of West Point, Georgia.

    306-Fall Ram Lamb

    RIV 790 (708) RR 141884

    307-Fall Ram Lamb

    RIV 791 (708) RR 141885

    RIV 790 and 791 are our best pair of DOC ram lambs. Dam RIV 708 (7) is one of our best producing OH HENRY daughters. If we were not breeding to DOC, one of these would stay home!

    308-January Ram Lamb

    RIV 816 (14) RR

    RIV 815 and 816 are another pair of ram lambs sired by a super grandson of OH HENRY -- RIV 738 sired an extra nice set of lambs for us. He is now at stud in Holden Lovelace flock in Tennessee

    309-January Ram Lamb

    RIV 815 (14) RR

    310-Yearling Ewe

    RIV 748 (32) WILLOW RR 130495

    Our first yearling to consign to the Midwest Sale. We think she is extra good -- stood second to BELLE our other Fall Ewe at NAILE that went on to be Reserve Grand Champion. This will be the last female we sell out of SCD 3331. All of her females are keepers!

    311-Fall Ewe Lamb

    RIV 778 (6) RR 141872

    Good show prospect and should make a super brood ewe. 778 (6) is 3/4 sister to BELLE Reserve Grand Champion Ewe at NAILE.

    312-Fall Ewe Lamb

    RIV 798 (1) 141892

    A late Fall ewe lamb, but will be super! Dam, MVF 1429 has lambed 4 times in last 3 years and all 8 of her lambs have been extra good! Do not miss her!

    313-January Ewe Lamb

    RIV 800 (712)

    314-January Ewe Lamb

    RIV 801 (712)

    RIV 800 and 801 are a nice pair of ewes. Dam is a daughter of MVF 1429, the dam of RIV 798 (1) our November ewe lamb. Another strong pair of ewe lambs.

    315-February Ewe Lamb

    RIV 806 (740) RR

    316-February Ewe Lamb

    RIV 808 (741) RR

    We hope to have a strong set of females this year. All of these ewes are out of some of our best females.
  • Consigned by

    Spraberry Acres

    Clifford Spraberry

    20969 FM 2755, Royse City, TX 75189

    Cell: (469) 576-7620


    Web: Facebook-Spraberry Acres

    317-February Ram Lamb

    Carries muscling down to lower leg with a lengthy frame.

    318-March Ram Lamb

    ADG was .90 at 60 days of age. Good growthy lamb with good solid genetics.

    319-Fall Ewe Lamb

    If you are looking for fall born genetics we will have 2 very correct ewes that will work in any flock. 60 weights will be available at the sale.

    320-Fall Ewe Lamb

    If you are looking for fall born genetics we will have 2 very correct ewes that will work in any flock. 60 weights will be available at the sale.

    321-January Ewe Lamb

    Just a nice ewe lamb.

    322-February Ewe Lamb

    Very complete lamb with a lot of body capacity and large frame.

    323-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Craig Farms Katahdins

    Matthew Craig

    35910 72nd Ave, Decatur, MI 49045

    (269) 599-3719 ~ Cell: (269) 599-3719


    Web: facebook.com/craigfarmsCSA

    324-Fall Ram Lamb

    MCS 18010

    325-January Ram Lamb

    MCS 18029

    Flashy spotted red and white ram lamb out of one of our best producing maternal lines.

    326-January Ram Lamb

    MCS 18013

    327-February Ram Lamb

    MCS 18059

    Flashy miniature version of his sire

    328-February Ram Lamb

    MCS 18055

    329-January Ewe Lamb

    MCS 18017

    330-January Ewe Lamb

    MCS 18030

    331-February Ewe Lamb

    MCS 18045

  • Consigned by

    KRK Katahdins

    Karen Kenagy

    PO Box 640, Hubbard, OR 97032

    Cell: (503) 351-6978


    Web: krkkatahdins.com

    332-Yearling Ram

    KRK 7109 RR

    333-Fall Ram Lamb

    334-January Ram Lamb

    335-January Ewe Lamb

    336-January Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Buckeye Acres

    Ron & Carla Young

    12282 Harrison-Willshire Rd, Van Wert, OH 45891

    (419) 495-2993 ~ Cell: (419) 203-6389


    Web: buckeyeacres.com

    337-Fall Ram Lamb

    338-Fall Ram Lamb

    339-January Ram Lamb

    340-January Ram Lamb

    341-February Ram Lamb

    342-February Ram Lamb

    343-January Ewe Lamb

    344-January Ewe Lamb

    345-February Ewe Lamb

    346-February Ewe Lamb