2018 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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Horned Dorset

  • Consigned by

    Galleher Farms

    Mike Galleher

    6000 Cty Rd 100, Mt. Gilead, OH 43338

    (419) 946-4582 ~ Cell: (419) 560-2203


    881-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Galleher G-139 727683

    Second place Spring Ewe Lamb at the 2017 Ohio State Fair.

    882-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    Galleher G-157

    Gadsby W1406 sired our Reserve Champion Ewe at the 2017 Midwest Stud Ram Sale. Galleher G-106 was the second place slick-shorn ewe lamb at the 2014 Ohio State Fair.

    883-Early Fall Ewe Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Galleher K-214 731816

    Dam has produced our 2015 NAILE Grand Champion Ewe, our best yearling ewe from our 2017 show flock, and the ram lamb sold to Keegan Padgett which was the 2017 Reserve Champion Ram at NAILE.

    884-SLICK Fall Ewe Lamb (9/1-11/30)

    Galleher K-217 QR 731824

    This ewe is from our best ewe line.
  • Consigned by

    Cassell Horned Dorsets

    Paul Cassell

    2317 Peppers Ferry Rd, Wytheville, VA 24382

    Cell: (202) 255-1764


    Web: horneddorsets.com

    885-Yearling Ram

    PRC 5257 729503

    Beautiful-made ram with a great head and plenty of size. His sire was a NAILE Champion.

    886-Early Fall Ram Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    PRC W7461 QR

    Class winning yearling ram at the 2017 NAILE. This ram lamb has a beautiful head coupled with great bone. He has the mass needed to be a real stud!

    887-Spring Yearling Ewe

    We willl bring a great one out of our keeper pen.

    888-Early Fall Ewe Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    PRC W7490

    I am really excited to offer this lamb. She will be a great show ewe and brood ewe. If you want to move forward in the Horned Dorset breed, you will need her bone, size, structure, and extension.

    889-Late Fall Ewe Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    PRC W8017

    If you want to show, look at this one. Her dam produced my lead show yearling last year. This lamb has top-flight show appeal.

    890-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    Check out our website for more information on all our entries at www.horneddorsets.com. We will also post information on our Cassell Horned Dorsets Facebook page.
  • Consigned by

    Sink Southdowns and Horned Dorsets

    Sheila Sink

    11172 E State Rd 38, Kirklin, IN 46050

    Cell: (765) 960-5045


    Web: sinksouthdowns.com

    891-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

  • Consigned by

    Kendrick Dorsets and Hamps

    Dan Kendrick

    712 W 3rd St, Vermont, IL 61484

    Cell: (309) 221-5568


    892-Early Fall Ram Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Kendrick G237 QR 731228

    893-Early Fall Ewe Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Kendrick G243 QR 731227

    894-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    Kendrick H10 731560

  • Consigned by

    Patoka Valley Sheep

    Mark Iunghuhn Family

    1138 E 200 N, Princeton, IN 47670

    (812) 386-7120 ~ Cell: (812) 664-8144


    895-Late Fall Ram Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    Patoka Valley 1759 RR 731262

    Fall twin, wide hornset, flock starter

    896-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Patoka Valley 1737 RR 727447


    897-Late Fall Ewe Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    Patoka Valley 1760 QR 731264

    Fall twin, Root background

    898-Late Fall Ewe Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    Patoka Valley 1763 RR 731265

    Squires, Thompson background