2018 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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  • Consigned by

    Peterson Sheep Company

    Doug & Lindi Peterson

    803 23rd St NE, Lemmon, SD 57638

    (701) 376-3115


    Web: petersonsheepco.com

    901-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Peterson 9282 RR

    902-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Peterson 9317 RR

    903-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    All lambs will be from multiple births

    904-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    905-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Peterson 9336

    906-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Peterson 9235

    907-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    908-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Sanfords Dorsets & Hamps

    Gene & Marci Sanford

    12593 Canby Ave, Faribault, MN 55021

    (507) 645-4989


    Web: sanfordsheepfarm.com

    909-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Sanford M731 RR 602365

    Dam is a top Steffens 954 daughter. Sire is a son of Koehler TIMES SQUARE son. Long sided, thick ram with good bone.

    910-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    Sanford M805 RR

    Very complete Fall lamb that would show very well slick shorn.

    911-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Sanford M817

    Dam is a Caskey PURPLE PRIDE daughter. Young for her class, however very fancy to look at.
  • Consigned by

    Borcher Sheep Co

    Weston & Cassidy Borcher

    1330 Lane 10, Powell, WY 82435

    Cell: (307) 272-5285


    912-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Borcher 704

    913-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Borcher 7238

    914-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    915-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    916-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Penn View Farm

    Roy Campbell

    10394 Rt 119 Hwy S, Blairsville, PA 15717

    (724) 248-1117 ~ Cell: (724) 972-7380


    Web: pennviewfarmsheep.com

    917-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Campbell Bros 359 RR 70322

    A top placing ewe at the Maryland State Fair and Big E.

    918-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    Campbell Bros 369 RR 72910

    A nice patterned ewe that combines width and dimension with extension

    919-SLICK Fall Ewe Lamb

    Campbell Bros 368 RR 72911

    An extremely wide topped ewe that will add muscle and dimension.
  • Consigned by

    Davis Southdowns & Club Lambs

    Jim Davis

    24001 N 1900 E Rd, Odell, IL 60460

    Cell: (815) 228-5967


    Web: davissouthdowns.com

    920-SLICK January Ram Lamb

    921-SLICK February Ram Lamb

    922-SLICK January Ewe Lamb

    923-SLICK February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Northern Exposure Livestock

    Rex Quam

    60243 195th Ave, Dodge Center, MN 55927

    Cell: (507) 251-2650


    Web: quamsuffolksandhampshires.com Facebook- Northern Exposure Livestock

    924-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    The KASEY buck did a great job

    925-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    This one needs to be shown a bunch this year!
  • Consigned by

    Alf Hampshires

    John & Brittany Alf

    41 E Royal Vale Rd, Edgerton, WI 53534

    Cell: (608) 449-0707


    926-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Alf 140-18 RR

    140-18 is a complete and pretty profiling ram lamb that catches your eye every time you walk in the barn. He has a lot of similarities to our high selling ram last year in Sedalia! He is sired by Rikow 6064 the $4,000 fall ram we purchased fromDick in his online sale in 2017. He is out of Hickman 1085 who was the Reserve Sr. Champion Ewe at the 2015 AAJS. Check our Facebook page for updates and pictures!

    927-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Alf 156-18

    Here is a very good sound buck lamb. He is sired by Rikow 6064 the $4,000 fall ram lamb we purchased from Dick in his online sale last year. He is out of one of our best ewe families. Alf 54-14 is a great grand-daughter of Gordeneer 245, the Fall ewe we purchased in Sedalia years ago. Check our Facebook page for updates and pictures!

    928-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Alf 133-17 _R 68031D

    133-17 is going to make a great show ewe for her new owner. She is sired by Caskey 4578 INCEPTION who was the 2014 Reserve National Champion Ram at NAILE. She is out of Alf 43-14 who never saw the show ring herself but goes back to Alf 277-09 MADONNA, a female who produced many of our top show and sale lambs over the years. Check our Facebook page for updates and pictures!

    929-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Alf 147-18 RR

    This is one of our favorite February ewe lambs. She sired by Rikow 6064 the $4,000 fall ram we purchased from Dick last year in his online sale. She is out of Herrig 1023, who was the 2015 Reserve Junior Champion Ewe at AAJS. She will make a great addition to someones show string! Check our Facebook page for updates and pictures!
  • Consigned by

    Pine Lawn Farm

    Mike Caskey

    1222 171st St, Holland, MN 56139

    (507) 347-3229 ~ Cell: (507) 215-0266


    Web: caskeypinelawnfarms.com

    930-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    931-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    932-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    933-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    934-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    935-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    We have a barn full of outstanding lambs and will bring some of our best to Sedaila.
  • Consigned by

    Cole Club Lambs

    Rex & Koby Cole

    11281 N 1975 Rd, Elk City, OK 73466

    (589) 243-0749 ~ Cell: (580) 821-2355


    Web: coleclublambs.com

    936-SLICK Yearling Ewe

    937-SLICK March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Gillmore-Davison Hampshires

    Phyllis Davison

    6751 N Sheridan St, Wichita, KS 67204

    Cell: (316) 841-8223


    938-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Gillmore-Davison 17-25 602561

    939-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Gillmore-Davison 17-08 67952 D

    940-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Gillmore-Davison 18-07

  • Consigned by

    Houghtaling Hamps

    Jan Houghtaling

    18522 407th Ave, Doland, SD 57436

    (605) 635-6222 ~ Cell: (605) 350-4222


    941-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Houghtaling 17-791 RR NNP

    If you liked our Fall rams the past few years, this one will not disappoint. Super long with lots of wool!

    942-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    943-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    Houghtaling 17-790 RR NNP

    3/4 sister sold in 2016 Ohio Sale to Kaitlynn Neff of Maryland for $1,600. Do not miss this one!

    944-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    945-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Mumm Hampshires

    Jason & Megan Mumm

    49 CR 1300 N, White Heath, IL 61884

    Cell: (217) 377-2073


    Web: mummhampshires.com

    946-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Mumm 1803 RR NN

    This guy has been a family favorite since day one. He has great breed character, massive bone and the look of a stud buck. Bobendrier Boys 15-16 sired the 1st place Jan ewe lamb in both the open and junior shows at 2017 NAILE. His mother is one of our lead ewes lines. Do not miss this stud prospect.

    947-FITTED March Ram Lamb

    Mumm 1831 RR NN

    A long-bodied, extended lamb that carries thickness and bone. Sire has added thickness and great bone to his lambs. Dam is out of a Quam ewe that goes back to the great 20910 Held ram. This is a young ram with loads of potential.

    948-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Mumm 1729 QR NN 67875D

    A ewe with extension and eye appeal. Her sire was Res Champion Ram at the 2013 NAILE Junior Show and sired by CLYDE. Dam is loaded with Lambert and Kjeldgaard genetics.

    949-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Mumm 1730 QR NN 67876D

    Twin sister to our other yearling entry. Both carry the traits that all of our sale ewes are known for and they will work in the ring or in the lambing barn.

    950-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Mumm 1811 RR NN

    We had very few Feb ewe lambs so it is hard to let this one go. She is a pretty, well balanced ewe that will make a great show ewe. Her dam has 20910 Held ram genetics as well as the famous 8023 foundation ewe of Quams. This combination has worked very well for us, and will continue to work for you!

    951-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    Mumm 1827 NN

    Potential to be a stud ewe! Her sire is by Held 14-1547 who was Champ Ram at 2015 NAILE along with the 2910 Held ram. Dam comes straight from the heart of our breeding program. Her ewe family has produced many of our winning lambs over the years. Do not miss this opportunity to get a piece of our best genetics.
  • Consigned by

    Parr Family Hampshires

    Roger - Marie Parr

    33425 E CR 1000 N, Mason City, IL 62664

    (217) 482-3680 ~ Cell: (217) 871-4555


    Web: parrhampshires.com

    952-SLICK Yearling Ram

    L Parr 1723 RR 602515

    This will be the last ram we will offer by the Hancock buck we call WAYLON.

    953-SLICK Yearling Ram

    Parr 1735 RR 602511

    Outstanding ram that will work either for fitted or club lambs. He has the extra height, length and thickness

    954-SLICK Yearling Ram

    Parr 1736 RR 602512

    Our back-up ram for 2018 lamb crop. He is a full brother to the Reserve Premier on foot Illinois State Fair 2016 that was also Champion Land of Lincoln on foot and Champion on rail!! Do not miss this one

    955-SLICK January Ram Lamb

    Parr 1802 RR

    Twin to our Hampshire Wether Sire January ram.

    956-SLICK January Ram Lamb

    Parr 1808 RR

    Dam is also the dam of Premier Champion Wether at 2016 Illinois State Fair -- same mating here. Also same mating as Parr 1736, one of our slick sheared Hampshire yearling ram.

    957-SLICK February Ram Lamb

    Parr 1821 RR

    958-SLICK March Ram Lamb

    Parr 1848 RR

    Dam was never beaten in her show career. She is one of our top females. This lamb will be one you need to check out!

    959-SLICK Yearling Ewe

    L Parr 1715 RR 67821D

    Grandson of Hancock 2030 WAYLON. Dam is by our OLLIE son.

    960-SLICK Yearling Ewe

    Parr 1750 RR 67801D

    These yearling ewes will come straight out of our keeper pen.

    961-SLICK Yearling Ewe

    Parr 1715 RR 67820D

    This is a MASTER COPY grand daughter by an OLLIE son.

    962-SLICK February Ewe Lamb

    Parr 1829 RR

    963-SLICK February Ewe Lamb

    Parr 1833 RR

    964-SLICK February Ewe Lamb

    Parr 1844 RR

    Thick ewe here!
  • Consigned by

    Nelson Hamps

    Rodney & Kathy Nelson

    13329 CR 74, Eaton, CO 80615

    Cell: (970) 481-9837


    965-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Nelson 17-37 RR NNP

    966-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Nelson 17-14 QR NNP 71155D

    967-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Nelson 17-51 QR

  • Consigned by

    Land Run Hamps

    Aaron & Ryan Hubbard

    342490 E 760 Rd, Agra, OK 74824

    Cell: (918) 225-9743


    968-SLICK Yearling Ram

    Land Run 493 RRNN 602548

    Bigger than most wether bucks, more muscle than most fitted bucks. YIPPEE-KI-YAY sired MIAMI, MY AMY our Senior Champion Ewe at Louisville this year, as well as ALL RISE, our 1st March buck at Louisville that sold to Gillmore/Davison Hamps. The NOC ewe goes back to the good old Oklahoma breeding.
  • Consigned by

    King Diamond Ranch

    Dina King

    188 Rancho Lane, Petaluma, CA 94952

    (707) 766-8670 ~ Cell: (707) 322-3469


    969-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    King Diamond Ranch 106 RR 603868

    A spitting image of his father this September born fall ram has size, scale and mass. He is rugged yet extended, stout yet has enough style and balance for the show ring. His dam is our Frame foundation ewe. She never misses no matter the sire. A true stud potential you will not want to miss!

    970-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    King Diamond Ranch 94 RR 69024D

    If numbers were not an issue this ewe would be staying home! We feel she represents our ewe base in so many ways. Her upheaded style catches your eye in the field and in the show ring. She is big topped, big ribbed and has plenty of bone and Hampshire type. We know she will be an asset to any flock and her genetics will produce! On her top side she is rich in Koehler and Frame breeding. On her bottom side her mother is one of our largest Fleener replacement ewes and she comes from a long line of productive females. Check her out, she will not disappoint!

    971-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    King Diamond Ranch 105 RR 73087D

    We decided to offer our best ewe lamb at the National Hampshire Sale this year. Sired by our popular ram KING ARTHUR, Supreme Champion Ram at the 2016 CA Junior State Fair AND the Cow Palace. Her dam has her share of Champions too - she was the Champion Ewe at the 2015 CA Juniorr State Fair and the Cow Palace and her daughter was Champion Ewe as a lamb the following year at the 2016 CA Junior State Fair. We expect this ewe lamb to have the same track record. Futurity nominated!
  • Consigned by

    Plaza Livestock

    Brad Payne

    13406 St Rt MM SE, Agency, MO 64401

    Cell: (630) 688-2583


    972-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Our entire 2018 MWSRS consignment will be sired by IT, Baa Baa Acres 219, the 1st Place January Ram Lamb at the 2016 National Show in Louisville. IT, is the full brother to Baa Baa Acres 236 INSIGHT, the 2017 National Champion Ram.

    973-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    974-FITTED March Ram Lamb

    975-FITTED March Ram Lamb

    976-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    977-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    978-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    979-SLICK February Ewe Lamb

    980-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    981-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    982-SLICK March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Herrig Family Hampshires

    Jake Herrig

    677 State Hwy 267, Slayton, MN 56172

    (506) 220-1360 ~ Cell: (507) 227-4228


    Web: herrigsheep.com

    983-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Herrig 1176 RR NN

    This is our 25th year raising Hampshires. So what better way to celebrate than to bring the best to the National Hampshire Sale. We have raised some good fall rams in the past but this one is best one. He is a half brother to the Champion Ram at last years sale. TURBOCHARGER was our Champion Ram at Ohio Showcase Sale in 2013. We bought a part of him back last year. Herrig 944 is a Caskey 668 daughter and goes back to the Old Deakin Ram on the mothers side.

    984-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Herrig 1177 RR NN

    His is the full brother to the Champion Ram at this Sale Last Year. Watch for more info on the website herrigsheep.com closer to sale time.

    985-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Herrig 1211 RR NN

    This has been a stand out since the day he was born. WHITE SMOKE Sired the National Champion Ewe for Jenna Sullivan at NAILE. 1033 is sired by Herrig 992 who also sired our Jr Champion and High selling ewe at this sale a couple years ago. Watch for Pictures closer to Sale Day.

    986-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Herrig 1156 RR NN 70446D

    Bringing a great yearling ewe to the National Sale, we picked out our best and here she is. She is a March Yearling but that does not hurt her. She has the eye appeal, bone, body, and breed type we like in our Hampshires. Sired by Caskey 5535 who is a full brother to INCEPTION Herrig 855 is a caskey 796 daughter. This ewe will make a great show ewe and better brood ewe.

    987-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Herrig 1170 RR NN 70440D

    This ewe will be young for this sale but I think by November she could be a real player. This is a ewe that probably should not leave the farm. Herrig 807 is also the mother of Iron Horse one of our stud rams for the last couple years.

    988-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Herrig 1189 RR NN

    This is a really complete ewe that will make a great show ewe for her new owner. She is sired by Turbocharger. Herrig 927 is a daughter of Caskey 668 and Quam 923.

    989-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    Herrig 1216 RR NN

    At entry time is lamb is not very old. She is a eye appealing lamb that will make a great addition. Watch the website closer to sale time for pictures and more info.
  • Consigned by

    Fleener Livestock

    Tim & Sarah Fleener

    273 South Mountain Rd, Robesonia, PA 19551

    (610) 589-2588 ~ Cell: (717) 413-5181


    990-SLICK Yearling Ram

    Fleener 1741 RR NN 602394

    991-SLICK February Ram Lamb

    Fleener 1859

    992-SLICK Yearling Ewe

    Fleener 1738 RR NN 67497D

    993-SLICK Yearling Ewe

    Fleener 1792 RR NN 71769D

  • Consigned by

    Kendrick Dorsets and Hamps

    Dan Kendrick

    712 W 3rd St, Vermont, IL 61484

    Cell: (309) 221-5568


    994-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Kendrick Hamps 1815 RR

    RR-AA, Sire was the first February ram and Reserve Junior Champion at the 2016 Wisconsin State Fair and sired the 1st place March Ram Lamb at the 2017 NAILE
  • Consigned by

    Bobendrier Hampshires

    Chuck Bobendrier

    1607 90th Ave, Pipestone, MN 56164

    (507) 825-4072 ~ Cell: (507) 215-7533


    Web: bobendrierhampshires.com

    995-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Bobendrier 18-05 NNP RR

    Sound, well balanced ram with an abundance of wool and bone. We will post photos and videos of our entries on our website prior to sale.

    996-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Bobendrier 17-57 NNP RR 67507D

    A very pretty female with beautiful breed type and a wonderful disposition.

    997-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    Bobendrier 17-160 NNP RR

    This one doubles up on the great old Feller 919 ram. Dam was top member of our show flocks 2013 and 2014.

    998-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    Bobendrier 17-173 NNP RR

    Out of a top female line - goes back to 958 - Senior Champion and Reserve Grand at 2010 North American in Louisville. A typical REBEL daughter - beautiful breed type and great balance.

    999-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Bobendrier 18-22 NNP QR+

    Major league female! Dam was 1st Fall Ewe in Louisville 2013. Maternal brother was 2nd Feb Ram lamb in Louisville 2017. Twin sister stays home!!
  • Consigned by

    Promise Kept Farm

    Tim & Kathy Coss Family

    207 E Water St, Cannon Falls, MN 55009

    Cell: (507) 202-0039


    4001-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Our first set of lambs out of the big Steffens ram who sired Champion ram at Iowa. Lots of wool, good bone and his dam is a very correct Quam ewe.
  • Consigned by

    Highland Hampshires

    Gary Klug

    939 Hazel Rd, Harlan, IA 51537

    Cell: (712) 202-4461


    4023-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Klug HH 17-105P RR 603989

    Full sibling to our Fall ewe that showed successfully, all summer, around the Midwest and NAILE in the fall. The dam has produced very well for us and DERBYs offspring made quite a splash last summer.

    4024-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Klug HH 18-158P RR

    A stylish buck with wool and bone to boot.

    4025-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Klug HH 17-201T RR 67533

    We like her....you will too!

    4026-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Klug HH 17-213T QR 67528

    Hard topped, attractive ewe. We showed her slick last summer.

    4027-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Klug HH 18-116T QR

    Pretty, upheaded ewe that glides as she moves. Attentive in nature and certainly, snappy in appearance.