2018 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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Dorset WS/WD

  • Consigned by

    Amyx Sheep Farm

    Ralph Amyx

    Box 326, Sanger, TX 76266

    (940) 458-7460 ~ Cell: (940) 368-3186

    1556-January Ewe Lamb

    1751-Yearling Ram

    1752-January Ram Lamb

    1753-February Ram Lamb

    1754-March Ram Lamb

    1755-January Ewe Lamb

    1757-February Ewe Lamb

    1758-February Ewe Lamb

    1759-March Ewe Lamb

    1760-March Ewe Lamb

    1761-April Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Cole Club Lambs

    Rex & Koby Cole

    11281 N 1975 Rd, Elk City, OK 73466

    (589) 243-0749 ~ Cell: (580) 821-2355


    Web: coleclublambs.com

    1762-Yearling Ewe

    Rowdy Cole 76213 RR P726422

    1763-Yearling Ewe

    Rowdy Cole 76205 RR P726414

    1764-March Ewe Lamb

    1765-April Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    NOC Sheep Center

    Bart Cardwell (Herdsman)

    1220 E Grand, PO Box 310, Tonkawa, OK 74653

    (580) 628-6497 ~ Cell: (580) 716-2550


    Web: nocsheepcenter.com

    1766-February Ram Lamb


    1767-Yearling Ewe

    Dorset Yearling ewes will be bred similar to our consignment last year either sired by HINES or SPECIAL RESERVE.

    1768-Yearling Ewe

  • Consigned by

    Slack Club Lambs

    Tom Slack

    1022 W 1300 N, North Manchester, IN 46962

    (260) 982-8714 ~ Cell: (260) 750-7399


    Web: slackclublambs.com

    1769-Yearling Ram

    1770-Fall Ram Lamb

    1771-January Ram Lamb

    1772-February Ram Lamb

    1773-March Ram Lamb

    1774-Yearling Ewe

    1775-Yearling Ewe

    1776-Fall Ewe Lamb

    1777-January Ewe Lamb

    1778-February Ewe Lamb

    1779-March Ewe Lamb

    1780-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Scheel Livestock

    Jim & Audra Scheel

    22458 389th Ave, Alpena, SD 57312

    (605) 849-3202 ~ Cell: (605) 545-1521


    Web: scheellivestock.com

    1781-Yearling Ram

    1782-February Ram Lamb

    1783-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Huntrods Club Lambs

    Mark Huntrods

    73671 305th St, Collins, IA 50055

    Cell: (641) 485-6584


    Web: find us on Club Lamb Page & Champion Drive

    1784-January Ram Lamb

    Huntrods 1237-8208

    1785-March Ram Lamb

    Huntrods 8284 RR

    1786-February Ewe Lamb

    1787-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Stillwell Club Lambs

    Jason Stillwell

    3045 S 100 E, Frankfort, IN 46041

    Cell: (765) 586-8490


    1788-March Ram Lamb

    1789-January Ewe Lamb

    1790-February Ewe Lamb

    1791-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Erickson Family Farm LLC

    Brock Erickson

    717 Berg Blvd SE, Stewartville, MN 55976

    (507) 533-9524 ~ Cell: (507) 272-1643


    Web: ericksonfamilyfarm.com

    1792-Yearling Ram

    1793-April Ram Lamb

    1794-March Ewe Lamb

    1795-April Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    C&J Livestock

    Charlene Ross

    6935 SW St Rd D, Polo, MO 64671

    Cell: (913) 991-7449


    Web: Facebook- C&J Livestock

    1796-February Ewe Lamb

    1797-March Ram Lamb

    1798-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Lazy D H Show Stock

    Dillon Heath

    603 Dawson, Farnam, NE 69029

    (308) 325-0290 ~ Cell: (308) 537-6555


    Web: Facebook - Lazy D H Livestock

    1799-February Ewe Lamb

    Lazy D H 0100 P731598

    Super looking ewe lamb whose half-bother got a lot of attention at the NWSS Jr Market show this last Winter
  • Consigned by

    Enfield Club Lambs

    Cal Enfield

    70902 335th St, Collins, IA 50055

    Cell: (515) 290-8215


    Web: enfieldclublambs.com

    1800-Yearling Ram

    1801-January Ram Lamb

    1802-February Ram Lamb

    1803-March Ram Lamb

    1804-April Ram Lamb

    1805-Yearling Ewe

    1806-January Ewe Lamb

    1807-February Ewe Lamb

    1808-March Ewe Lamb

    1809-April Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Simpson Livestock

    Jason Simpson

    20839 CR 84, Ault, CO 80610

    Cell: (970) 371-0276


    Web: simpsonlivestock.com

    1810-January Ram Lamb

    1811-January Ewe Lamb

    1812-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Storms Farm

    Mike, Lee & Suzanna Storms

    859 Washburn Rd, Washburn, IL 61570

    (309) 248-7823 ~ Cell: (309) 645-3052


    Web: stormshampshires.com

    1813-March Ram Lamb

    Sired by Huntrods HENCHMAN son and out of a Huntrods ewe lamb.
  • Consigned by

    SRV Show Lambs

    James Humphrey

    607 East Hwy 81, Burley, ID 83318

    Cell: (406) 533-9807


    Web: SRVlivestock.com

    1814-January Ram Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Huntrods Dorsets

    Bob & Sam Huntrods

    3034 Arney Ave, Collins, IA 50055

    Cell: (515) 460-6456


    Web: huntrodsdorsets.weebly.com

    1815-Yearling Ram

    1816-Fall Ram Lamb

    1817-January Ram Lamb

    1818-February Ram Lamb

    1819-March Ram Lamb

    1820-Yearling Ewe

    1821-January Ewe Lamb

    1822-February Ewe Lamb

    1823-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Terrye Troxtell

    455 Biggerstaff Rd, Sherman, TX 75090

    Cell: (903) 821-3985


    1824-Yearling Ram

    1825-April Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Davis Southdowns & Club Lambs

    Jim Davis

    24001 N 1900 E Rd, Odell, IL 60460

    Cell: (815) 228-5967


    Web: davissouthdowns.com

    1826-January Ram Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Kirschten Sheep Farm

    Shane Kirschten

    5060 Jefferson Ave, Alton, IA 51003

    (712) 756-8953 ~ Cell: (712) 395-0377


    Web: kirschtensheepfarm.simdif.com

    1827-March Ewe Lamb

    1828-April Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Sidwell Show Sheep

    Casey Sidwell

    31306 Cty Rd 57, Gill, CO 80624

    Cell: (970) 302-9451


    Web: sidwellshowsheep.com

    1829-January Ram Lamb

    Go to SidwellShowSheep.com or like us on Facebook for pictures and info on our consignments

    1830-March Ram Lamb

    1831-Yearling Ewe

    1832-January Ewe Lamb

    1833-February Ewe Lamb

    1834-February Ewe Lamb

    1835-March Ewe Lamb

    1836-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    RSO Livestock

    Roger & Sherry Olsen

    3769 Little Wall Lake Rd, Story City, IA 50248

    Cell: (515) 450-2097


    Web: rsolivestock.com

    1837-January Ram Lamb

    RSO Livestock 8012

    Triplet raised as a triplet out of one of our biggest more talked about DOUBLE OAKED daughters on the place. Her dam was sired by Amyx BIG TEX - sired by JED (Sidwell) by BUD.

    1838-February Ram Lamb

    RSO Livestock 8075

    Dam, 6028, is the twin to our popular ram here in 2016 that went to The Ohio State University to be used in their breeding program. Her mother is a double-bred GT812 -- a ram we purchased from Jerry Gross (heavy in Martin bloodlines) and was also used by Roger Huntrods siring his SHORTLEGS ram --those offspring being very popular among Rogers customers.

    1839-January Ewe Lamb

    1840-February Ewe Lamb

    1841-February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Surber Show Sheep

    Shelly Surber

    4383 W St Rd 38, Frankfort, IN 46041

    (765) 296-2277 ~ Cell: (765) 430-8463


    Web: surbersheep.com

    1842-Yearling Ram

    Surber Show Sheep 7001 P727669

    1843-Yearling Ram

    Surber Show Sheep 7011 P727667

    1844-December Ram Lamb

    Surber Show Sheep 8063 RR

    1845-Yearling Ewe

    Surber Show Sheep 7087 P726317

    1846-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Surber 8002

    1847-December Ewe Lamb

    1848-January Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Harms Show Lambs

    Larry & Barb Harms

    27638 E 2450 N Rd, Lexington, IL 61753

    Cell: (309) 825-3485 Larry-Barb


    Web: harmsshowlambs.com

    1849-February Ram Lamb

    HSL CCW129

    1850-January Ewe Lamb

    HSL CC-16

    We are keeping her twin sister.
  • Consigned by

    Myers Polled Dorsets

    Steve, Pat and Tyler Myers

    4450 St Rt 274 E, Rushsylvania, OH 43347

    (937) 468-2035 ~ Cell: (937) 935-6715


    1851-Yearling Ram

    Myers 8993 RR NN P728966

    Reserve Champion Dorset Wether Sire 2017 Louisville International Show.

    1852-January Ram Lamb

    Meyers 9235 RR NN

    A full brother to the Champion Dorset Wether Sire 2016 Louisville International Show.

    1853-Yearling Ewe

    Meyers 9031 RR NN P728990

    1854-Fall Ewe Lamb

    1855-December Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    C & R Club Lambs

    Carl Mize

    PO Box 2205, Noble, OK 73068

    Cell: (405) 990-3255


    1856-March Ram Lamb

    1857-March Ewe Lamb

    1858-March Ewe Lamb

    1859-April Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Brammer Dorsets

    Joe Brammer

    361 Greenlee Rd, Seaman, OH 45679

    Cell: (937) 515-9526


    1860-February Ram Lamb

    1861-February Ram Lamb

    1862-February Ewe Lamb

    1863-February Ewe Lamb

    These lambs will be sired by one of our Huntrods rams and will be full of muscle and style.
  • Consigned by

    Knittel Livestock

    Rodney & Stephanie Knittel

    1409 Hettick Rd, Greenfield, IL 62044

    Cell: (217) 370-7383


    Web: knittellivestock.com

    1864-February Ram Lamb

    1865-February Ewe Lamb

    5091 won the OPEN NAILE Wether Dam Show for us in 2016.
  • Consigned by

    Wrights Rocky Acres

    Don and Alicia Wright

    25250 State Hwy 413, Galena, MO 65656

    (417) 236-2010 ~ Cell: (417) 437-7381


    Web: wrightsrockyacres.com

    1866-February Ram Lamb

    1867-January Ewe Lamb

    1868-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Boehm Dorsets & Club Lambs

    Daryl Boehm

    32418 750th Ave, Racine, MN 55967

    (507) 533-8310 ~ Cell: (507) 696-8734


    1869-January Ram Lamb

    1870-January Ram Lamb

    1871-February Ewe Lamb

    1872-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Johnston Club Lambs

    Katrina Johnston

    4440 SW 5th Ave, New Plymouth, ID 83655

    (208) 695-6811 ~ Cell: (208) 412-7960


    Web: johnstonclublambs.com

    1873-February Ewe Lamb

    Johnston 8719

    RUDY continues to throw great lambs like the ewe lamb that won OYE. 8719 is out of a ewe we bought from Heisdorffer at Sedalia last year. Do not miss this one!
  • Consigned by

    Daniels Club Lambs

    4924 E Division Rd, Portland, IN 47371

    (260) 726-8639 ~ Cell: (260) 251-1517


    Web: danielsclublambs.com

    1874-Yearling Ram

    1875-March Ram Lamb

    1876-April Ram Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Fisher Club Lambs

    Dwayne Fisher

    17555 Hwy 95, Wilder, ID 83676

    (208) 337-6054 ~ Cell: (208) 573-2825


    Web: fisherlambs.com

    1877-March Ram Lamb

    Check our website fisherlambs.com for entry information.

    1878-March Ewe Lamb

    1879-April Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Ott Club Lambs

    Deb & Brad Ott

    50653 S Co Rd 257, Fairview, OK 73737

    Cell: (580) 794-9324


    Web: ottclublambs.com

    1880-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Crego Livestock

    Larry, Diana, Joaquin and Justin Crego

    7710 Livestock Ln, Ft Collins, CO 80524

    (970) 482-6958 ~ Cell: (970) 217-9059


    1881-January Ram Lamb

    1882-February Ram Lamb

    1883-January Ewe Lamb

    1884-February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Heisdorffer Dorsets

    Chad Heisdorffer

    17750 185th Ave, Sigourney, IA 52591

    (641) 622-9965 ~ Cell: (641) 660-2469


    Web: heisdorfferdorsets.com

    1885-Yearling Ram

    1886-February Ram Lamb

    Full sib to $3500 buck lamb sold on Heisdorffer Dorsets Sale in 2017.

    1887-March Ram Lamb

    1888-February Ewe Lamb

    1889-April Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Turner Show Stock

    Andy & Jeribeth Turner

    1220 Hynds Ranch Rd, VanAlstyne, TX 75495

    (903) 816-1208 ~ Cell: (254) 290-0420


    Web: turnershowstock.com

    1890-Yearling Ram

    1891-February Ram Lamb

    1892-March Ram Lamb

    1893-April Ram Lamb

    1894-Yearling Ewe

    1895-February Ewe Lamb

    1896-March Ewe Lamb

    1897-April Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Turner Show Stock

    Brylie Turner

    1616 FM 2313, Kempner, TX 76539

    (512) 734-2654 ~ Cell: (254) 290-0420

    1898-March Ram Lamb

    1899-April Ram Lamb

    1900-February Ewe Lamb

    1901-February Ewe Lamb

    1902-March Ewe Lamb

    1903-April Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Perry CLs/Clayridge Sheep Co

    Dan Perry & Dave Taylor

    10253 S 400 W 90, Montpelier, IN 47359

    Cell: (765) 348-7806


    4007-March Ram Lamb

    4008-April Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Griffith Dorsets

    Patti Griffith

    2090 Missouri Vly Rd, Pavillion, WY 82523

    (307) 856-8260 ~ Cell: (307) 851-8260


    4014-April Ram Lamb

    Griffith Dorset 3275 RR

    4015-Yearling Ewe

    Griffith Dorset 3035 P728403

  • Consigned by

    Perry Club Lambs

    Dan Perry

    10253 S 400 W 90, Montpelier, IN 47359

    Cell: (765) 348-7806


    4019-April Ram Lamb