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ENTRY DEADLINE, online entries and paperwork

DEADLINE May 1 – for Catalog Rollout

A simplified version of the “catalog” will be mailed in late May. It will include the usual colorful covers, sale information, pictures, ads and consignor listing with the EXCEPTION of the individual animal entries which will now ONLY be available in the on-line catalog at midwestsale.com. Entries will be accepted after deadline, and at sale checkin (until 24 hours prior to respective show). These entries will miss the printed consignor listing, but will be available in the on-line catalog.

To Enter Online, simply click on the blue “Enter Online” banner in the top right corner.  You will create an account with a username and password to make entries.  You can pay online with a credit card, or select to mail a check. See the help page for additional instructions.

Online Entry Help Page

Otherwise, you can print the below entry blank and mail entries to Heartland Livestock Services.
Entries are $30 per head.

Entry Letter
Sale Rules

Entry Blank (one form for all breeds)
Advertising Options
Large Consignment Excel Option Explanation
Large Consignment Excel File to use
(file download)

For those breeds hosting Junior Shows:
All junior show entries and payment should be mailed directly to your breed representative designated on the junior show entry blank below.  Any junior show questions can also be answered by your breed representative, not by Heartland Staff.

Junior Show Entry Blank (one form for all breeds)


*Will be mailed out in late May to consignors

Consignors received the below letter detailing needs for check-in at the sale.  Also included was the vet info card and the entry planning sheet.
Make sure to gather all your needed paperwork for the sale!

Entry Conformation Letter
Vet Info Card
Large Consignment Excel Option Explanation
Large Consignment Excel File to use

Wether Sire/Wether Dam Class Splits & Show Order

Dorset WS/WD
Dorset Advantage WS/WD
Speckle-Faced WS/WD
Natural Colored WS/WD
Hampshire WS/WD
Suffolk WS/WD
Crossbred WS/WD


*Will be made available two weeks prior to the sale

Edits to the penning chart will be made as needed at the sale and will not be reflected in this chart.

Don’t forget to pre-order your bedding… contact coming soon.