2017 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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White Dorper

  • Consigned by

    Coyote Creek Farms

    Thomas & Roxanna Teafatiller

    20750 Keith Pearson Rd, Siloam Springs, AR 72761

    (479) 790-3159 ~ Cell: (479) 427-9410


    Web: coyotecreekfarms.com

    81-Yearling Ram

    Coyote Creek 6039 RF107041

    A really nice Full Blood ram sired by the 2015 National Champion Ram. This twin ram is all hair and has great pigment. Dam is one of our most productive ewes.

    82-Yearling Ram

    Coyote Creek 6010 RP104148

    A nice square made ram who was sired by the 2015 National Champion ram. Great maternal side on this one.

    83-Yearling Ewe

    Coyote Creek 6028 EF104122

    This Full Blood ewe is a granddaughter of African D555 the SUPER SIRE. She has really come on the last few months and will make someone a really nice ewe. Exposed to Twin County Dorpers 0573--2015 National Champion Ram.

    4220-Yearling Ram

    Coyote Creek Farms 6037 RF107074

    This ram is out of the 2015 National Champion ram and an African D555/Mr. Perfect ewe. He has a nice top line and near perfect hip set. Very nice one here. Video on our Facebook page.

    4221-Yearling Ewe

    Coyote Creek Farms 6027 EP104131

    Purebred ewe out of the 2015 National Champion ram. If you are looking for a big hipped ewe, here she is. Exposed to HC 6 2666--African D555 Embryo son.
  • Consigned by

    Mirror C Livestock

    Clay Cowdrey

    4841 Bennett Rd, Millsap, TX 76066

    (940) 682-4355 ~ Cell: (817) 771-9256


    Web: mirrorclivestock.com

    97-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Conner Cowdrey 112 EP110364

    125-Fall Ram Lamb

    Conner Cowdrey 113 RP110377

    127-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Mirror C Livestock 105 EP110363

  • Consigned by

    Buckeye Acres

    Ron & Carla Young

    12282 Harrison-Willshire Rd, Van Wert, OH 45891

    (419) 495-2993 ~ Cell: (419) 203-6389


    Web: buckeyeacres.com

    121-Yearling Ram

    BA 2703 QR RP105244

    Long and wide. Very muscular. Great shedder!

    122-Yearling Ram

    BA 2879 QR RP113208

    Will be sired by BA 2567, our Reserve Champion Ram at the 2016 Big Ohio Sale. Line breed Lewis 110041. Stacked with muscle. Sheds completely!

    123-Fall Ram Lamb

    BAG 3027 RR RP113209

    Mother-son mating. Both are sired by Lewis ram that was high selling White Dorper ram at 2012 Midwest Sale. Built like a little Sherman Tank!

    124-Fall Ewe Lamb

    BA 3038 RR EP113206

    Smooth, well muscled . Dam is a great milker.

    6020-Fall Ewe Lamb

    BA 3039 QR EP113207

    Twin to lot 124. Dam is a very consistent producer.
  • Consigned by

    Missouri Dorpers

    Kevin & Kelly Paul

    1608 E Hwy 136, Albany, MO 64402

    (660) 726-5115 ~ Cell: (816) 392-0048


    Web: missouridorpers.com

    128-January Ram Lamb

    Missouri Dorpers 7030 RF113400

    A fullblood ram out of our AI program, featuring the service of Kaya 130612. He sired the Junior Champion Ram at The Australian National Show.

    129-Yearling Ewe

    Missouri Dorpers 6069 EF112149

    A maternal sister to our ram entry. This girl is all Dorper with depth and capacity to spare. Exposed from 4-11-17 to HC 6 2806, our Australian import sire combining Mr. Perfect and African D555.

    130-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Missouri Dorpers 6095 EP112150

    Our top fall ewe stacking our top sires BIG AL and FROSTY.

    131-Pen of Ewe Lambs

    Missouri Dorpers 6099 EF112151

    A pen of Fullblood ewes, this one is sired by our Australian import ram JIMMY and from a Riverwood ewe we purchased here.

    131-Pen of Ewe Lambs

    Missouri Dorpers 6100 EF112152

    Fullblood ewe out of an Australian Embryo dam who is a daughter of Dumisa Mr. Perfect.

    131-Pen of Ewe Lambs

    Missouri Dorpers 6101 EF112153

    Fullblood ewe sired by BIG AL and a FROSTY daughter going back to a Stud Ram Sale purchase.
  • Consigned by

    Circle R Farming

    Freddie Richardson

    171 Rosedale Heights, Rosedale, VA 24280

    (276) 880-2348 ~ Cell: (276) 596-0245


    Web: circlerfarming.webs.com

    132-Yearling Ram

    Circle R 1517 RR RP104979

    133-Yearling Ram

    Circle R 1536 RP104969

  • Consigned by

    HiJo Dorpers

    Antonio Juarez

    11800 McCann Rd, Amity, OR 97101

    (503) 843-2190 ~ Cell: (971) 237-3603


    Web: hijodorpers.com

    134-Yearling Ram

    HIJO 1445 RF111876

    135-Yearling Ram

    HIJO 1446 RF111877

    136-Fall Ram Lamb

    137-Fall Ram Lamb

    HIJO 1472 RF111866

    138-Yearling Ewe

    HIJO 1455 EF111834

    139-January Ewe Lambs

    HIJO 1482 EF112103

    140-Fall Ewe Lamb

    HIJO 1462 EF111854

    141-Fall Ewe Lamb

    HIJO 1464 EF111855

    142-January Ewe Lambs

    HIJO 1486 EF112348

    143-January Ewe Lambs

    HIJO 1489 EF111863

  • Consigned by

    Pleasant View Farm

    Matt Nippert

    58115 710 Rd, Diller, NE 68342

    (402) 793-5910 ~ Cell: (402) 239-0407


    144-Yearling Ram

    Pleasant View 6M06 RP112516

    145-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Pleasant View 6S05 EP112510

    146-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Pleasant View 6Z33 EP112511

  • Consigned by

    Thoreson Sheep Farm

    James Thoreson

    14304 Co 12 Blvd, Zumbrota, MN 55992

    (507) 732-5950 ~ Cell: (507) 202-5220


    Web: thoresonsheepfarm.com

    147-Fall Ram Lamb

    Thoreson Sheep Farm 6901 RR RP112332

    148-Fall Ram Lamb

    Thoreson Dorpers 6902 QR RP112388

    149-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Thoreson Dorpers 6905 EP112376

    150-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Thoreson Dorpers 6906 RR EP112375

    151-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Thoreson Dorpers 6908 QR EP112373

  • Consigned by

    L & K Sheep Co

    Kayla Flinn & Luke Inbody

    6563 TR 28, Jenera, OH 45841

    (419) 889-5324 ~ Cell: (419) 306-2451


    Web: Facebook L & K Sheep Co

    152-February Ram Lamb

    L and K Sheep Co 1715 RP113264

    Both of our ram lamb entries will be from the top end of our February and March groups. Both will be sired by White Lightning.

    153-February Ram Lamb

    L and K Sheep Co 1711 RP113263

    Both of our ram lamb entries will be from the top end of our February and March groups. Both will be sired by White Lightning.

    154-Yearling Ewe

    L&K 1621 EP104598

    From our show flock from last year. She is structurally correct and is feminine through her front end. She might not be the biggest ewe but she is put together nicely. Check out our Facebook page closer to sale time for pictures.
  • Consigned by

    JBJ Livestock

    Jared Frieze

    12140 N Farm Rd 119, Brighton, MO 65617

    (417) 742-4228 ~ Cell: (417) 597-0854


    155-Fall Ram Lamb

    JBJ Livestock 653 QR RP109646

    Good patterned sound twin fall born ram lamb out of our very best ewe family. We do not let many of these go and she will produce excellent replacement ewes! Will codon test at least QR.

    156-March Ram Lamb

    JBJ Livestock 685 RR rp113273

    157-March Ram Lamb

    JBJ Livestock 688 RR rp113274

    We will bring two of our best early born March ram lambs. Probably will be sired by our RR Riverwood ram.

    158-Fall Ewe Lamb

    JBJ Livestock 646 RR ep109642

    This will be an early-born Fall ewe lamb.

    159-Fall Ewe Lamb

    JBJ Livestock 661 RR ef113361

    This will be a November-born Fullblood ewe lamb.

    6003-January Ewe Lambs

    JBJ Livestock 668 QR ep111181

  • Consigned by

    Lewis White Dorpers

    Paul Lewis

    12661 E Langell Valley Rd, Bonanza, OR 97623

    Cell: (541) 591-2510


    Web: whitedorper.com

    160-Yearling Ram

    Lewis White Dorpers 160053 QR RP113088

    All sheep come with Australian EBVs

    161-Yearling Ram

    Lewis White Dorpers 160091 RP113090

    162-Yearling Ram

    Lewis White Dorpers 160196 RR RP113078

    163-Yearling Ram

    Lewis White Dorpers 160410 QR RP113080

    164-Fall Ram Lamb

    165-Yearling Ewe

    Lewis White Dorpers 160260 EP112736

    166-Yearling Ewe

    Lewis White Dorpers 160326 EP112754

    167-Pen of Yearling Ewes

    Lewis White Dorpers 160078 EP112790

    167-Pen of Yearling Ewes

    Lewis White Dorpers 160162 EP112715

    167-Pen of Yearling Ewes

    Lewis White Dorpers 160342 EP112760

    168-Fall Ewe Lamb

    All our entries will have Lambplan EBVs.

    4130-Pen of Yearling Ewes

    Lewis White Dorpers 160289 EP112747

    4130-Pen of Yearling Ewes

    Lewis White Dorpers 160177 EP112717

    4130-Pen of Yearling Ewes

    Lewis White Dorpers 160058 EP112781

    4131-Pen of Yearling Ewes

    Lewis White Dorpers 160170 EP113107

    4131-Pen of Yearling Ewes

    Lewis White Dorpers 160220 EP112726

    4131-Pen of Yearling Ewes

    Lewis White Dorpers 160222 EP112728

  • Consigned by

    Red Raven Acres

    Andrew Freemyer

    21901 State Hwy E, Ravenwood, MO 64479

    (660) 254-3717 ~ Cell: (660) 254-4413


    169-Yearling Ram

    Red Raven 1502 RP104695

    Big, stylish ram sired by a Broadmead ram. He should add size and growth to any flock.

    170-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Red Raven Acres 1664 EP113153

    One of our ewe lambs sired by the ram we sold to Land of Legend Farm last year at the Midwest Sale. We have many nice ewes by him, and this one is no exception.
  • Consigned by

    Riverwood Farms

    Jim Klingbeil

    1000 W Powell Rd, Powell, OH 43065

    (614) 403-1436 ~ Cell: (614) 885-6268


    Web: riverwoodfarms.com

    171-Fall Ram Lamb

    RF 6548 RF110055

    172-January Ram Lamb

    RF 6627 QR

    173-Yearling Ewe

    RF 6426 EF107800

    174-January Ewe Lambs

    RF 6613 RR

    175-January Ewe Lambs

    RF 6630 QR

  • Consigned by

    Afton Hills Farm

    Doug Van Well

    15025 Afton Hills Dr S, Afton, MN 55001

    Cell: (651) 252-8899


    Web: Aftonhillsfarm.com

    176-Yearling Ram

    AHF 6110 QR rp112902

    177-Fall Ram Lamb

    AHF 6917 QR rp112905

    178-Fall Ram Lamb

    AHF 6910 RR rp112904

    179-Fall Ram Lamb

    AHF 6916 RR rp112906

    180-Yearling Ewe

    AHF 6101 ep112890

    181-Yearling Ewe

    AHF 6105 QR

    182-Fall Ewe Lamb

    AHF 6914 ep112899

    183-Fall Ewe Lamb

    AHF 6913 ep112892