2017 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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  • Consigned by

    Lamb Chop Haven

    Austin Retzlaff

    E9922 Hwy 156, Clintonville, WI 54929

    (920) 604-1980 ~ Cell: (920) 604-2581


    1181-February Ram Lamb

    WI7180499 QR 16878

    1182-Brood Ewe

    WI7180367 _R 14666

    1183-January Ewe Lamb

    WI7180484 QR 16872

  • Consigned by

    Bokelman Family Texels

    Michael Bokelman

    4944 N Co Rd 200 E, Greensburg, IN 47240

    Cell: (812) 614-4391


    1184-Yearling Ram

    1185-Yearling Ewe

  • Consigned by

    MN Texel

    Don & Betsy Heller

    9019 60th Ave NW, Pine Island, MN 55963

    (507) 367-2199


    1186-Yearling Ram

    Heller 6049

    One of a dozen ram lambs selected from over 170 lambs raised as a twin on mom and grass only until weaning. Selected at weaning based on rate of growth, NSIP scan data, and breed correctness. Sire was Sedalia 2014 Champion Fall Ram Lamb from Fisher flock.

    1187-Yearling Ram

    Heller 6050

    One of a dozen ram lambs selected from over 170 lambs raised on mom and grass only until weaning. At weaning selection was based on rate of growth, NSIP scan data, and breed correctness. Sire was Sedalia 2015 highest scanning Texel ram from Portland Prairie.
  • Consigned by

    Campbell Brothers 2

    Brady and Blake Campbell

    17790 St Rt 339, Waterford, OH 45786

    Cell: (740) 434-3253


    Web: Facebook Campbell Farms

    1188-February Ram Lamb

    Campbell Bros 2 712-245 QR 16951

    This ram definitely stands out in the barn with the other rams. We are super excited to be presenting this guy! Don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t miss out on this ram, check our Facebook Page at Campbell Farms for more updates.

    1189-January Ewe Lamb

    Campbell Bros 2 714-236 QR 16952

    We are super excited to offer some of our best lambs at this years Sale. This girl is something special! You will want to check her out!

    1190-February Ewe Lamb

    Campbell Bros 2 726-240 QR 16953

    Another great ewe lamb! She is a half sibling to the 2016 Ohio State Fair All Other Meat Breeds Reserve Champion Ewe. We hate to see this one go, but she will make a great improvement to any flock!
  • Consigned by

    Lind Lambs

    Tristan Lind

    693 Co Rd 159, Pine Bluffs, WY 82082

    (307) 649-2489 ~ Cell: (307) 701-3683


    1191-January Ewe Lamb

    Lind 303 QR 16746

    Sire is by US Sheep Co Ram and out of a Fisher Ewe. Dam is a new addition purchased from this sale last year. This ewe lamb seemed special from day one.

    1192-February Ewe Lamb

    Lind 306 QR 16747

    Nice ewe lamb out of an excellent ewe. Sturdy and solid. As a first year consigner, we are pleased with our selections. We are confident they will be nice additions to your herd.
  • Consigned by

    Artesian Valley Texels

    James Oller

    235 Wendell Davis Ln, Harrogate, TN 37752

    Cell: (606) 670-9539


    Web: jefarms.com

    1193-Yearling Ram

    Artesian Valley P7 TN11 RR 16298

    Sired by a son of the 2015 National Champion Pine Knob Farm 1408 that sold for $9,000 in 2015 and is out of the top producing brood ewe at the farm. This ram is a complete package with plenty of muscle.

    1194-Yearling Ewe

    Artesian Valley P4 TN08 QR 16287

    Well balanced and sound on her feet and legs. This yearling should make a nice moderate framed ewe. She is sired by a son of the 2015 National Champion and record selling Texel ram Pine Knob Farm 1529. Dam is a very heavy muscled long sided brood ewe.

    1195-Yearling Ewe

    Fisher P35 QR 16328

    P35 is sired by the 2015 National Champion and record selling ram Pine Knob Farm 1408. This ewe is well balanced, correct on her feet and legs, and shows good width in the rump. 35 should make a very nice moderatly framed breeding ewe.
  • Consigned by

    Wilcox Club Lambs

    Ronald Wilcox

    1416 W Fitchburg Rd, Leslie, MI 49251

    Cell: (734) 260-0109


    1196-Yearling Ram

    Wilcox 514 YE RR 16048

    Clean, well balanced ram. He is from one of our most productive ewes. She raises twins every year.

    1197-February Ram Lamb

    Wilcox 400 PU RR 16787

    A big boned, heavy muscled ram with massive top and hind leg. Sire was Midwest Reserve Champion Ram of 2016.

    1198-February Ram Lamb

    Wilcox 411 PU RR 16797

    Excellent lamb from a high producing ewe. He is a carbon copy of his sire, Pine Knob 1625.

    1199-March Ram Lamb

    Wilcox 419 PU RR 16805

    Nice young ram with clean, square build. Will be a benefit to any breeding program.

    1200-March Ram Lamb

    Wilcox 420 PU RR 16806

    Growthy lamb. Twin is also selling.

    1201-Yearling Ewe

    Wilcox 504 BL RR 16062

    Large framed, well-muscled ewe. Grand dam was twin to our 2013 Reserve Champion Ewe. The top selling ewe.

    1202-Yearling Ewe

    Wilcox 507 BL 16061

    Nice ewe.

    1203-February Ewe Lamb

    Wilcox 412 PU RR 16798

    Very growthy ewe with strong top and hip. Should keep her. Her twin is selling too.

    1204-February Ewe Lamb

    Wilcox 415 PU RR 16801

    This ewe is out of a strong maternal line. She has great frame, muscle and growth. She excels over her twin sister which is being retained for a breeding ewe.

    1205-March Ewe Lamb

    Wilcox 421 PU 16807

    Nice well-built lamb. Square top, heavy muscle. She may be young but deserves a close look.

    1206-March Ewe Lamb

    Wilcox 422 PU RR 16808

    This young lady tracks back to one of our original Texel ewes. A long and productive line. She will be an asset to any breeding program.
  • Consigned by

    Pine Knob Farm

    Rachael Gately

    126 Pioneer Heights, Somers, CT 06071

    Cell: (860) 202-4490


    1207-February Ram Lamb

    Pine Knob Farm 1727 RR 16977

    BLACK HAWK stamps his lambs with tight hides and lambs that are wider at the hips than the shoulders which makes for easy lambing. PKF 1726 will surely do the same. His stacked pedigree also adds a dam who continues to produce impressive offspring. See our yearling ewe consignment.

    1208-March Ram Lamb

    Pine Knob Farm 1760 QR 16981

    We will offer a March ram lamb out of the group of Erdman ewes acquired this past Fall.

    1209-Yearling Ewe

    Pine Knob Farm 1606 RR 16075

    PKF 1116 never misses; she produced the 2014 National Champion $10,000 ewe who had a 4.42 REA as well as the 2016 National Champion Ewe with a 4.12 REA. PROTEGE adds some length and extension to make this ewe a very attractive female. We are retaining her twin sister; they are identical.

    1210-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Pine Knob Farm 1703 16974

    PKF 1115 is the dam of our stud ram BLACK HAWK, PKF 1527, that was our pick of the 2016 yearling rams. This ewe lamb offers a combination femininity and the Texel trademark muscle.

    1211-February Ewe Lamb

    Pine Knob Farm 1724 RR 16976

    NUGGET is the widest-topped, largest-legged ram we have made to date, and those traits can be seen in the set of Spring lambs we have on the ground from him. PKF 1413 produced the ewe lamb we consigned last year who placed second in the strong February ewe lamb class.

    1212-March Ewe Lamb

    Pine Knob Farm 1756 RR 16980

    We will offer a ewe lamb out of the Erdman ewes we acquired this past Fall.
  • Consigned by

    Fisher Texels

    Niki Fisher

    2720 NE 25th Ave, Payette, ID 83661

    (208) 256-4426 ~ Cell: (208) 315-5659


    Web: fishertexels.com

    1213-Yearling Ram

    Fisher P52 QR 16922

    A nicely put together ram sired by our Jacob sire. P52 is what a Texel ram is all about.

    1214-Yearling Ram

    Fisher P136 RR 16917

    A stocky, strong ram. He will add the extra width and muscling to your upcoming lamb flock.

    1215-January Ram Lamb

    Fisher Q1 RR 16923

    Fisher Q1 and Q2 are full brothers. The dam is an AI ewe and the sire is the 2015 Texel Grand Champion Ram.

    1216-January Ram Lamb

    Fisher Q2 RR 16924

    Full brother to Q1.

    1217-February Ram Lamb

    Fisher Q10 QR 16925

    His maternal side combines Australian genetics with some of the early genetics from USMARC.

    1218-February Ram Lamb

    Fisher Q121 RR 16926

    Q121 is all ram! He is sired by the 2015 Grand Champion Texel ram and his grandsire was the 2010 Grand Champion Texel Ram.

    1219-March Ram Lamb

    Fisher Q158 RR 16921

    Genetics from Britain, Australia and Taylors Texels have combined to produce this spunky, well-built March ram lamb.

    1220-Yearling Ram

    Fisher P75 QR 16931

    P75 is a stout built, easy keeping ram.

    1221-Brood Ewe

    Fisher N31 RR 15744

    She is a good mama and raises nice babies.

    1222-Brood Ewe

    Fisher N174 RR 15740

    N174 produces her babies without any fuss and takes excellent care of them. She would make a fine addition to your flock.

    1223-Yearling Ewe

    Fisher P97 RR 16634

    This yearling ewe is a good, solid ewe and ready to make her home in your flock.

    1224-Yearling Ewe

    Fisher P122 QR 16640

    Combining genetics from the 2014 Grand Champion Texel Ewe, along with New Zealand and Britain, P122 is a very nice yearling ewe.

    1225-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Fisher P181 QR 16644

    Another nice consignment sired by the 2015 Grand Champion Texel Ram. P181 also carries some of the older Texel genetics not far back in her lineage.

    1226-January Ewe Lamb

    Fisher Q6 RR 16927

    Fisher Q6 and Q7 are full sisters and are a nice pair of ewe lambs ready to go to work in your flock.

    1227-January Ewe Lamb

    Fisher Q7 QR 16928

    Twin to Q6.

    1228-February Ewe Lamb

    Fisher Q25 RR 16929

    Her paternal side goes back to a ram from Richardsons Texels. On her maternal side you will see the Bulldog ram from Taylors Texels. She will add diversity in your flock.

    1229-February Ewe Lamb

    Fisher Q33 RR 16930

    This little girl displays the RIGHT STUFF that we look for in a Texel ewe. Her maternal side continues on with twin and triplet ewes.

    1230-March Ewe Lamb

    Fisher Q150 RR 16919

    Looking for an all around, nice Texel ewe? Q150 will certainly fulfill that search. She was one of the first to catch our eye when choosing March ewe lambs.

    1231-March Ewe Lamb

    Fisher Q165 RR 16920

    With brothers and sisters working in flocks across the United States Q165 would make a great addition to your ewe flock.
  • Consigned by

    Taylors Texels

    Bret Taylor

    1633 250th Ave, Osceola, IA 50213

    (641) 342-3364 ~ Cell: (641) 203-2110


    1232-February Ram Lamb

    Taylor 7250 QR 16814

    1233-February Ram Lamb

    Taylor 7251 QR 16815

    1234-February Ram Lamb

    Taylor 7263 QR 16821

    1235-February Ewe Lamb

    Taylor 7265 QR 16823

    1236-February Ewe Lamb

    Taylor 7252 QR 16816

    1237-February Ewe Lamb

    Taylor 7254 RR 16818

  • Consigned by

    Watts Farm

    David & Carolyn Watts

    3242 Hay Creek Rd, Geigertown, PA 19523

    Cell: (610) 286-6936


    1238-Yearling Ram

    1239-Fall Ram Lamb

    1240-January Ram Lamb

    1241-Yearling Ewe

    1242-Fall Ewe Lamb

    1243-January Ewe Lamb

    1244-February Ewe Lamb

    1245-March Ewe Lamb

    We have been raising Texels for several years and have lots of Bob Adams breeding. Our lambs will be sired by the popular Bokelman ram we purchased in the 2016 Midwest Sale.
  • Consigned by

    Adams Texels

    Bob & Brent Adams

    1102 E 1000 N, Morristown, IN 46161

    Cell: (317) 408-2749


    1246-Fall Ram Lamb

    1247-Yearling Ewe

    1248-January Ewe Lamb

    1249-February Ewe Lamb

    Looking forward to being back after a two-year absence