2017 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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  • Consigned by

    Northern Starr Livestock

    Jeff Repasky

    9426 Jacobson Trail, Lonsdale, MN 55046

    Cell: (612) 282-7782


    280-January Ram Lamb

    NSLS 17015 QR-EDF NN CC1975

    990-February Ram Lamb

    NSLS 17174 RR-EDF NN CC2018

    991-March Ram Lamb

    NSLS 17196 RR-EDF NN CC2007

    992-January Ewe Lamb

    NSLS17039 RR-EDF NN CC2064

    993-Yearling Ewe

    NSLS 16098 ET RR-EDF NN BB8180

    994-March Ewe Lamb

    NSLS 17205 QR-EDF NN CC2014

    1833-Yearling Ram

    NSLS 16227 RR-EDF NN BB9555

  • Consigned by

    Brinkman Sheep Farm

    Jared Brinkman

    29050 Co 9 Blvd, Goodhue, MN 55027

    Cell: (651) 380-2682


    Web: Facebook Brinkman Sheep Farm

    796-Yearling Ram


    982-Yearling Ram

    16116 BB9064

    983-Yearling Ewe

    16043 BB9066

    984-March Ewe Lamb


  • Consigned by

    University of Findlay

    Dr F D McCarthy

    14700 US68, Findlay, OH 45840

    Cell: (419) 310-0590


    Web: findlayanimalscience.com

    851-Yearling Ram

    UF 6102 QR-EDF NN BB4632

    852-Fall Ram Lamb

    UF 6152 RR-EDF NN CC457

    853-Fall Ram Lamb

    UF 6157 RR-EDF NN CC458

    854-January Ram Lamb

    UF 7004 QR-EDF NN CC2300

    855-Yearling Ewe

    UF 6073 RR-EDF NN BB4642

    856-Yearling Ewe

    UF 6014 QR-EDF NN BB4598

    857-Fall Ewe Lamb

    UF 6171 RR-EDF NN CC450

    858-Fall Ewe Lamb

    UF 6188 RR-EDF NN CC435

    859-Fall Ewe Lamb

    UF 6189 RR-EDF NN CC436

    860-January Ewe Lamb

    UF 7018 QR-EDF NN CC424

    861-February Ewe Lamb

    UF 7129 RR-EDF NN CC2291

    862-February Ewe Lamb

    UF 7130 RR-EDF NN CC2292

    863-March Ewe Lamb

    UF 7145 RR-EDF NN CC2311

  • Consigned by

    Highland Hampshires

    Gary Klug

    939 Hazel Rd, Harlan, IA 51537

    Cell: (712) 202-4461


    864-January Ram Lamb

    Klug DK 17-08 RR CC2798

    17-08 is a longer buck with classic Southdown breed type. First consignment for Dylan from animals purchased at past Stud Ram sales.
  • Consigned by

    Wierzbicki Southdowns

    Clayton & Andrea Wierzbicki

    34839 Hwy 10, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

    (816) 260-3494 ~ Cell: (816) 204-7780


    Web: Facebook: Wierzbicki Southdowns

    865-March Ram Lamb

    866-Yearling Ewe

    Wierzbicki 181 RR-EDF NN BB4530

    867-Yearling Ewe

    Wierzbicki 189 RR-EDF NN BB4534

  • Consigned by

    Wedel Southdowns

    Dennis Wedel

    1774 Arrowjead Rd, Moundridge, KS 67107

    Cell: 620-747-0853


    Web: clublambpage.com/wedelsouthdowns/index.htm

    868-Yearling Ewe

    Wedel 16-6002 QR-EDF BB5644

    It has been a while since I have brought entries to the Midwest Sale. Dam of this ewe had a pair of awesome twins this year. Her ewe lamb sold to JJ Maddox in my online sale in April. Her buck lamb bled right and is in the mix to be a top-notch stud buck. 3008 was a show ewe in her own right. She is sired by Howard 0059. His daughters have made a solid contribution to the farm. I like consistency and his daughters bring it every time! To top it off 6002 is sired by SEE N STARRZ. Sired a National Champion and multiple high dollar sale sheep and many other winners too. If you are starting out or looking to make your flock more complete consider this ewe. You will be glad you did.

    869-Yearling Ewe

    Wedel 16-6027 QR-EDF BB5661

    Bred just like 6002 on the top side. She is also by SEE N STARRZ. Starrz passed away and this may well be the last opportunity to get these genetics. On the bottom side, there is also a similarity between these two yearlings. Both of their dams are Howard 0059 daughters. Both were show ewes too. Dam of 6027 is 3018 and she goes back to some real good old Wedel, Cole and Schulz breeding. Great opportunity here. Really did not want to sell her, but I have not been consigning and did not want to just bring a sheep. She needed to be a crowd pleaser.
  • Consigned by

    McElvain Sheep Farm

    Mike McElvain

    16514 E 325 N, Heyworth, IL 61745

    Cell: (309) 830-3340


    Web: mcelvainlaw.com/sheepfarm

    870-Yearling Ewe

    McElvain 1617 RR-EDF NN BB5621

    Sire is half brother to BO, 2015 National Champion.

    871-Yearling Ewe

    McElvain 1620 RR-EDF NN BB5622

    Sire was 2nd place yearling ram at 2016 All-American.

    872-February Ewe Lamb

    McElvain 1707 RR-EDF NN CC1637

    Sire is half brother to BO and dam is by ENCORE

    873-March Ewe Lamb

    McElvain 1726 RR-EDF NN

    Sire is half brother to BO and dam is by ENCORE
  • Consigned by

    Gopher Club Lambs

    Jim & Matt Nesseth

    507 Milwaukee PO Box 1084, Lakefield, MN 56150

    Matt (507) 662-6715 ~ Cell: Jim (507) 841-0325


    Web: gopherclublambs.com

    874-Yearling Ram

    Gopher 3345 RR-EDF NN CC2991

    875-February Ram Lamb

    Gopher 3524 QR-EDF NN CC2492

    876-February Ram Lamb

    Gopher 3530 QR-EDF NN CC2488

    877-Yearling Ewe

    Gopher 3338 RR-EDF NN BB5727

    878-February Ewe Lamb

    Gopher 3466 RR-EDF NN CC2502

    879-February Ewe Lamb

    Gopher 3543 QR-EDF NN CC2494

    880-March Ewe Lamb

    Gopher 3587 RR-EDF NN CC2482

    881-March Ewe Lamb

    Gopher 3589 RR-EDF NN CC2483

  • Consigned by

    Shady Lawn Farms

    Kevin & Diane Hermann

    1850 Scott Park Rd, Eldridge, IA 52748

    (563) 285-8926 ~ Cell: (563) 320-4778


    882-Yearling Ram

    Shady Lawn 1645 RR-EDF NN cc2431

    883-March Ram Lamb

    Shady Lawn 1767 RR-EDF NN cc2434

    884-February Ewe Lamb

    Shady Lawn 1731 RR-EDF NN cc2435

    885-February Ewe Lamb

    Shady Lawn 1748

  • Consigned by

    Forsee Southdowns

    Brian & Preston Forsee

    1290 Hwy 127N, Owenton, KY 40359

    Cell: (502) 682-0686


    Web: forseesouthdowns.com

    886-February Ram Lamb

    Forsee R17-140 RR-EDF NN CC2862

    887-March Ram Lamb

    888-Yearling Ewe

    889-February Ewe Lamb

    Forsee E17-159 _R-EDF NN CC2153

    Watch our website for pictures and information before the sale

    890-March Ewe Lamb

    Forsee E17-192 _R-EDF NN CC2161

    891-January Ewe Lamb

    Forsee E17-069ET _R-EDF NN CC2782

    Watch our website for pictures and information before the sale.
  • Consigned by

    Cole Club Lambs

    Rex & Koby Cole

    11281 N 1975 Rd, Elk City, OK 73466

    (580) 821-2355 ~ Cell: (806) 216-1306


    Web: coleclublambs.com

    892-Yearling Ewe

    H 6061 G QR-EDF NN BB8379

    893-Yearling Ewe

  • Consigned by

    Burns Stock Farm

    Rick Burns

    7529 E 200 N, Flora, IN 46929

    (574) 859-3153 ~ Cell: (765) 437-5771


    Web: championdrive.com/burnsstockfarm

    894-February Ram Lamb

    Burns Stock Farm 1455 RR-EDF NN CC812

    All lambs sired by Chatter, Downtown or Big Cojohns -- all home raised rams. Look for our entries on our website and Facebook.

    895-March Ram Lamb

    896-January Ewe Lamb

    897-February Ewe Lamb

    898-March Ewe Lamb

    Burns Stock Farm 1464 RR-EDF NN CC818

    899-March Ewe Lamb

    Burns Stock Farm 1484 RR-EDF NN CC829

  • Consigned by

    A & M Ranch

    Mark, Amy and Emily Johnson

    2702 45th Rd, Sandwich, IL 60548

    (815) 786-6495 ~ Cell: (815) 274-6096


    Web: aandmranch.com

    900-February Ram Lamb

    A & M 7R210 RR-EDF NN CC1716

    RR/NN/EDF We always try to bring a stud ram caliber buck to the Midwest Sale. We will again this year. Check our website and Facebook page for pictures and additional entry info.

    901-January Ewe Lamb

    A & M 7T203 RR-EDF NN CC1702

    Futurity Nominated - Not real sure about this entry yet. We do not plan on selling very many females this year. Contact us closer to sale time to see if we are sending one or two ewe lambs.

    902-February Ewe Lamb

    A & M 7T203 RR-EDF NN CC1714

    Futurity Nominated - We are not selling many ewe lambs this year. This will be one of the few opportunities to add a futurity nominated A&M Ranch female to your program.

    6021-February Ewe Lamb

    A & M 7-155 RR-EDF NN CC1689

  • Consigned by

    Bullington Southdowns

    Chaz, Breanna, Brooke Bullington

    1615 Derdall Dr, Brookings, SD 57006

    (605) 692-7281 ~ Cell: (605) 691-3216


    Web: bullingtonsouthdowns.com

    903-January Ram Lamb

    Bullington 1709 QR-EDF NN CC628

    904-February Ram Lamb

    Bullington 1718 RR-EDF NN CC1795

    Our lambs will be sired by either LIMITLESS, or Forsee R15-289 an ECLIPSE son out of Forsee E09-197. The 9-197 ewe can be found in many of the top Forsee sheep.

    905-January Ewe Lamb

    Bullington 1704 _R-EDF NN CC611

    906-January Ewe Lamb

    Bullingotn 1708 RR-EDF NN CC612

    907-February Ewe Lamb

    Bullingotn 1734 _R-EDF NN CC620

    908-March Ewe Lamb

    Bullington 1753 RR-EDF NN CC1799

    6032-February Ewe Lamb

    Bullington 1740 RR-EDF NN CC623

  • Consigned by

    Sink Southdowns & Horned Dorsets

    Sheila Sink & Macenzie Padgett

    11172 E St Rd 38, Kirklin, IN 46050

    Cell: (765) 960-5045


    Web: sinksouthdowns.com

    909-Yearling Ewe

    Sink 303-P RR-EDF NN BB5084

    910-Yearling Ewe

    Sink 302-P QR-EDF NN BB5083

    911-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Sink 348-P ET RR-EDF NN CC1518

    912-January Ewe Lamb

    Sink 330P RR-EDF NN CC1521

    913-February Ewe Lamb

    Sink 362- P ET RR-EDF NN CC1535

    4214-Fall Ram Lamb

    Sink 340-P ET RR-EDF NN CC1514

    4215-Fall Ram Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Maddox Southdowns

    JJ & Kelly Maddox

    23754 Hwy 47, Thomas, OK 73669

    Cell: (580) 613-0045


    Web: maddoxsouthdowns.net

    914-Yearling Ram

    JK Maddox 6132 RR-EDF NN BB4758

    915-Yearling Ram

    JK Maddox 6168 QR-EDF NN BB5825

    916-February Ram Lamb

    JM Genetics 709 RR-EDF NN CC170

    917-Yearling Ewe

    JK Maddox 6163 RR-EDF NN BB5824

    918-Yearling Ewe

    JK Maddox 6191 RR-EDF NN BB7215

    919-Yearling Ewe

    JK Maddox 6192 RR-EDF NN BB7216

    920-Yearling Ewe

    JK Maddox 6188 QR-EDF NN BB7213

    921-Yearling Ewe

    JK Maddox 6184 QR-EDF NN BB7212

    922-Yearling Ewe

    JK Maddox 6108 RR-EDF NN BB9128

    923-Fall Ewe Lamb

    JK Maddox 6196 RR-EDF NN CC174

    924-Fall Ewe Lamb

    JK Maddox 6197 RR-EDF NN CC175

    925-January Ewe Lamb

    AJ Maddox 1702 RR-EDF NN CC173

    926-January Ewe Lamb

    JM Genetics 1703 RR-EDF NN CC169

    927-January Ewe Lamb

    SM Maddox 1704 RR-EDF CC189

    928-January Ewe Lamb

    SM Maddox 1705 RR-EDF NN CC190

    929-February Ewe Lamb

    JM Genetics 1712 RR-EDF NN CC171

    930-February Ewe Lamb

    SM Maddox 1713 QR-EDF NN CC193

  • Consigned by

    Ron Parmely Southdowns

    Ron Parmely

    21936 471st Ave, Brookings, SD 57006

    (605) 693-4965 ~ Cell: (605) 695-2365


    932-January Ram Lamb

    Parmely 7008 QR-EDF NN CC1805

    Our lambs will be sired by LIMITLESS, Hired Hand 5047ET, a top RIOT MAKER son, out of donor Hired Hand 1108

    933-February Ewe Lamb

    Parmely 7023 RR-EDF NN CC1816

    934-March Ewe Lamb

    Parmely 7025 RR-EDF NN CC1817

  • Consigned by

    Rincker Southdowns

    Jamie & Sarina Rincker

    1703 N Lowell Rd, St. Johns, MI 48879

    Cell: (517) 775-1102


    Web: RinckerShowStock.com

    935-February Ram Lamb

    936-March Ewe Lamb

    Visit www.RinckerShowStock.com and follow Rincker Southdowns on Facebook for more details.
  • Consigned by

    B&G Livestock

    Paul Cassell

    1686 Lovers Lane, Wytheville, VA 24382

    Cell: (202) 255-1764


    937-February Ewe Lamb

    938-February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Lee & Cherry Olson

    Lee & Cherry Olson

    22516 38th Ave, New Virginia, IA 50210

    Cell: (641) 449-3226

    939-January Ram Lamb

    Olson 2742 RR-EDF NN CC2084

    Maddox 5022 was a show lamb for Maddox, we own 1/2 interest of this ram with them. Scramlin 1323 has had a good show lamb every year.

    940-January Ewe Lamb

    Olson 2726 RR-EDF NN CC2071

    941-January Ewe Lamb

    Olson 2734 RR-EDF NN CC2079

  • Consigned by

    Junge Sheep Farm

    Glenn Junge

    164 J O Junge Rd, Cleburne, TX 76033

    Cell: (817) 641-6748


    942-Yearling Ewe

    Junge 1612 RR-EDF NN BB5551

    943-Yearling Ewe

    Junge 1623 RR-EDF NN BB5544

    944-Yearling Ewe

    Junge 1633 RR-EDF NN BB6253

    This ewe is out of our last years show string.

    945-March Ewe Lamb

    Junge 1708 RR-EDF NN CC1323

    946-March Ewe Lamb

    Junge 1714 RR-EDF NN CC1326

    With the majority of our ewes lambing mid March to April our plan is to bring two of our top end ewe lambs to Sedalia. Come by our pens and look.
  • Consigned by

    Hamerlinck Farms

    Noah Hamerlinck

    17811 119 St W, Reynolds, IL 61279

    Cell: (309) 371-8327


    947-March Ram Lamb

    948-January Ewe Lamb

    Hamerlinck 1679 RR-EDF NN CC2849

    949-February Ewe Lamb

    17035 QR-EDF NN CC2859

  • Consigned by

    TNT Southdowns

    Nathan Thompson

    240 W Elizabeth St, Edgerton, MN 56128

    (507) 438-9326 ~ Cell: (507) 438-9326


    950-February Ram Lamb

    TNT648 RR-EDF NN CC1863

    951-February Ram Lamb

    TNT649 QR-EDF NN CC1864

  • Consigned by

    Bowman Southdowns

    Lanny Bowman

    19590 E 550th St, Blandinsville, IL 61420

    (309) 652-3381 ~ Cell: (309) 221-5180


    Web: bowmansouthdowns.com

    952-January Ram Lamb

    953-Yearling Ewe

    Bowman16100 RR-EDF NN BB7320

    954-March Ewe Lamb

    Bowman 1751 RR-EDF NN CC2829

    955-February Ewe Lamb

    Bowman 17179 QR-EDF NN CC2831

  • Consigned by

    Davis Southdowns & Club Lambs

    Jim Davis

    24001 N 1900 E Rd, Odell, IL 60460

    Cell: (815) 228-5967


    Web: davissouthdowns.com

    956-February Ram Lamb

    2534 _R-EDF NN CC1654

    957-Yearling Ewe

    2617 _R-EDF NN BB7142

    958-Yearling Ewe

    602 _R-EDF NN BB4167

    959-March Ram Lamb

    2555 _R-EDF NN CC2578

    960-February Ewe Lamb

    2907 RR-EDF NN CC1653

    961-March Ewe Lamb

    2771 _R-EDF NN CC1661

  • Consigned by

    Valley View Farm/Miller Bros Southdowns

    Hunter, Camden, Tyson and Tayden Miller

    108 Eastwood Dr, Estelline, SD 57234

    (605) 873-2560 ~ Cell: (605) 690-0532


    Web: millerbrossouthdowns.com

    962-January Ewe Lamb

    VVF 7-110 RR-EDF NN CC1265

    963-January Ewe Lamb

    VVF 7-135 RR-EDF NN CC1268

    964-February Ewe Lamb

    VVF 7-511 _R-EDF NN CC1290


    965-Yearling Ewe

    VVF 6-34 _R-EDF NN CC1282


    966-Yearling Ram

    VVF 16-600 RR-EDF NN BB7287

    967-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Rising Son Southdown

    Glen Anderson

    56597 879 Rd, Coleridge, NE 68727

    (402) 283-4550 ~ Cell: (402) 360-4027


    968-February Ewe Lamb

    Rising Son 718 _R-EDF NN CC1821

    Our lambs will be sired by LIMITLESS, Hired Hand 5047ET, a top RIOT MAKER son, out of donor Hired Hand 1108
  • Consigned by

    Laber Livestock

    Teri jo Laber

    8003 N 95th St, Longmont, CO 80504

    Cell: (970) 580-0172


    Web: Laberlivestock.com

    970-February Ram Lamb

    Laber 01011 RR-EDF NN CC2651

    971-Yearling Ewe

    Laber 944 QR-EDF NN BB5967

    This is the first time we have consigned a yearling ewe so we brought one of our best. She is by THUNDERRDOME, two time NWSS Supreme Champion Ram. Be sure to stop by our pens to look at this unique ewe.

    972-February Ewe Lamb

    Laber 01002 QR-EDF NN CC2648

    973-January Ewe Lamb

    Laber 01016 RR-EDF NN CC2653

  • Consigned by

    Beckmier Bros

    Tucker Beckmier

    130 N 1385 E Rd, Atwood, IL 61913

    Cell: (217) 840-4163


    974-February Ram Lamb

    975-February Ewe Lamb

    976-February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    LJS Livestock

    Loren Sell

    2834 FM 2190, Jacksboro, TX 76458

    (940) 567-5588 ~ Cell: (254) 485-4966


    Web: ljslivestock.com

    977-Yearling Ewe

    LJS 16-107 QR-EDF NN CC2403

    978-Yearling Ewe

    LJS 16-013 QR-EDF NN CC2408

    979-Yearling Ewe

    LJS 16-058 RR-EDF NN CC2535

    980-Yearling Ewe

    LJS 16-114 RR-EDF NN CC2541

    981-February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Beckmier Livestock

    Kade Beckmier

    694 E 1100 N Rd, Morrisonville, IL 62546

    Cell: (217) 827-6342


    Web: bklivestock.com

    985-February Ewe Lamb

    986-March Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Knittel Livestock

    Rodney & Stephanie Knittel

    RR 2 Box 130, Greenfield, IL 62044

    Cell: (217) 370-7383


    987-March Ram Lamb

    Knittel 17050 RR-EDF NN CC2336

    988-February Ewe Lamb

    Knittel 17042 CC86

    This one is as long fronted and good looking from the side as any we have raised this year, she too progressively gets wider from her shoulder back. She is a milk machine baby but she has all the right pieces to be extremely competitive in the ring.

    989-February Ewe Lamb

    Knittel 17036 QR-EDF NN CC92

    17036 is great fronted, round in rib shape, and handles tremendous down her top. The Korb ram is an Eclipse x Forsee 100 that has been working great on our BO daughters. This sheep may have more banners in her pedigree than any sheep we have ever offered.
  • Consigned by

    SRV Show Lambs

    James Humphrey

    607 East Hwy 81, Burley, ID 83318

    Cell: (406) 533-9807


    Web: SRV livestock.com

    1722-March Ewe Lamb

    17161 QR-EDF NN CC3217

  • Consigned by

    Fisher Club Lambs

    Dwayne Fisher

    17555 Hwy 95, Wilder, ID 83676

    (208) 337-6054 ~ Cell: (208) 573-2825


    Web: fisherlambs.com

    4142-Yearling Ewe

    Fisher Club Lambs 16709 ET _R-EDF NN BB7263

    4143-February Ewe Lamb

    Fisher Club Lambs 17714 RR-EDF NN CC383

  • Consigned by

    Metzger Boys Southdowns

    Shelly Metzger

    12406 Twp Rd 150, Arlington, OH 45814

    (419) 365-5784 ~ Cell: (419) 348-7134


    4174-Fall Ram Lamb


    4175-January Ram Lamb


    4176-Yearling Ewe

    METZGER BOYS 1607 _R-EDF NN BB5146

    4177-January Ewe Lamb


    4178-March Ewe Lamb

    METZGER BOYS 1733 _R-EDF NN CC2533

  • Consigned by

    Erbs Southdowns

    Greg Erb

    8434 Middle Rd, Beavertown, PA 17813

    Cell: (570) 765-2624


    4189-February Ram Lamb

    Erb 0001 RR-EDF NN CC1045

    RRNNEDF. Sire is a son of Bo, dam stood 4th at NAILE open show and goes back to Rupp.
  • Consigned by

    Hired Hand

    Aaron Jennings

    620 W 625 S, Lafayette, IN 47909

    Cell: (979)204-7952


    Web: www.hiredhandsouthdowns.com

    4248-January Ewe Lamb

    Hired Hand 7056 QR

    4249-March Ewe Lamb

    Hired Hand 7269 QR

    4250-March Ewe Lamb