2017 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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  • Consigned by

    Dew Drop Farm

    The Baucks

    38118 510th Ave, New York Mills, MN 56567

    (218) 640-7800 Duane ~ Cell: (218) 639-8484 Darin

    55-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Bauck 6-74 1043711

    Very functional ewe, born a triplet, raised as a triplet. Dam bred back for fall lambs!

    781-Fall Ram Lamb

    Bauck 6-85 RR 998127

    As most of you know, we lost BIG BUCK last Summer. We are going to bring a representative of his lambs that would make him proud.

    782-Yearling Ewe

    Bauck 6-44 1042250

    Sire was two-time Louisville Champion. This ewe is bred to produce as 6-44 is double-bred 1-94, the 2013 National Champion Ram from Heber City. I think this ewe would have been competitive at the National. You know what I say . . . Behind every big buck is a foundation female.

    783-Fall Ewe Lamb

    DDF 6-73 1043710

    For the last two years a Bauck 3-90 daughter has made the cut for top five in the Supreme line-up at the Midwest Sale. I hope this lamb does the same.
  • Consigned by

    Avondale Farm

    Joslin Family

    20020 Rt 47, Maplewood, OH 45340

    (937) 492-6601 ~ Cell: (937) 726-5387


    761-January Ram Lamb

    Joslin 17-410 RR 998181R

    Stylish, horned, RR linebred grandson of the Marshall ram that worked so well for us. Texans may want to take a look.

    762-January Ewe Lamb

    Joslin 17-412 _R 1043671E

    Base genetics from Boyer, Dew Drop, Chapman and Tailwind. Will be at least QR and futurity nominated.
  • Consigned by

    L & K Sheep Co

    Kayla Flinn & Luke Inbody

    6563 TR 28, Jenera, OH 45841

    (419) 889-5324 ~ Cell: (419) 306-2451


    Web: Facebook L & K Sheep Co

    763-February Ram Lamb

    L&K 1724 QR 998110

    A horned ram lamb that has had an eye-catching appearance since day 1. Not only is his appearance eye catching his pedigree is also unique with the amount of great genetics running throughout. He has a lot of potential. Look for pictures of him closer to time on our Facebook page.
  • Consigned by

    Borcher Sheep Co.

    Weston Borcher

    1330 Lane 10, Powell, WY 82435

    Cell: (307) 272-5285


    764-Fall Ram Lamb

    Borcher JF621 QR 998225

    765-Yearling Ewe

    Borcher 6020 RR MISSING

    766-January Ewe Lamb

    Borcher 7065 _R 1043768

  • Consigned by

    Marshall Sheep Company

    Barret Marshall & Family

    45491 204th St, Arlington, SD 57212

    Cell: (605) 695-2528


    767-January Ram Lamb

    MARSHALL BM 744 RR 998086R

    Find us on Facebook for updates

    768-January Ewe Lamb

    MARSHALL BM 712 QR 1043700E

    769-February Ewe Lamb

    MARSHALL BM 775 RR 1043704E

  • Consigned by

    Bar J Bar Ranch

    Dave & Carla Julius

    329 Line Rd, Box Elder, SD 57719

    Cell: (605) 545-5862


    Web: BJBfinesheepandcattle.com

    770-Fall Ram Lamb

    BAR J BAR 16C13S RR 998166R

    772-February Ram Lamb

    BAR J BAR 17W2-71W _R 998230

    773-Fall Ewe Lamb

    BAR J BAR 16C32R QR 1043629E

    774-Fall Ewe Lamb

    BAR J BAR 16C21R RR 1043624E

    775-January Ewe Lamb

    BAR J BAR 17C85N 1043617E

  • Consigned by

    Benz Rambouillet

    Matt & Amy Benz

    24820 Oregon Trail Rd, St Marys, KS 66536

    Cell: (701) 870-4135


    Web: benzrambouillet.com

    776-Fall Ram Lamb

    Benz 3060 RR

    He is polled and in the top 3% of the breed for maternal weaning weight. 23.2 microns. Watch for pictures on our website and Facebook.

    777-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Benz 3069 RR 1043384

    May be the thickest, stoutest ewe we will sell this year. In the top 5% of the breed for maternal weaning weight. 21.8 microns. Futurity nominated.

    778-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Benz 3081 RR 1043392

    Pretty front end and nice hip on her. 20.4 microns. Top 10% of the breed for maternal weaning weight. Futurity nominated.

    779-February Ewe Lamb

    Benz 3112 QR 1043641

    A mid-February lamb, she will hold through Houston. Futurity nominated.
  • Consigned by

    Kirkpatrick Rambouillets

    Doug Kirkpatrick

    1276 Co Rd 1475, Ashland, OH 44805

    Cell: (419) 651-4074


    Web: kirkpatrickrambouillets.com

    780-Fall Ram Lamb

    DKF 337 RR 998025R

  • Consigned by

    Crawford Rambouillets

    Scott Crawford

    293 121st St, Pipestone, MN 56164

    (507) 825-2655 ~ Cell: (507) 215-0488


    784-February Ewe Lamb


    785-February Ewe Lamb


    786-March Ewe Lamb


    787-March Ewe Lamb


    All lambs will be Futurity nominated.
  • Consigned by

    Inbody brothers rambouillets

    Donna Inbody

    PO Box 157, Bluffton, OH 45817

    Cell: (419)348-5288


    789-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Inbody F1689 RR 1043812E

    790-Fall Ewe Lamb

    Inbody F1680 RR 1043811E

  • Consigned by

    Regehr Sheep

    Roger Regehr

    44333 273rd St, Marion, SD 57043

    (605) 648-3737 ~ Cell: (605) 360-9418

    791-Yearling Ewe

    R&L 0605 _R 1042046

    Sire was 2015 National Champion Ram.

    792-Yearling Ewe

    R&L 0611 _R 1042050

    Sire was 2015 National Champion Ram.

    793-February Ewe Lamb

    R&L 0711 _R 1043432E

    794-March Ewe Lamb

    R&L 0707A _R 1043695E

  • Consigned by

    Brinkman Sheep Farm

    Jared Brinkman

    29050 Co 9 Blvd, Goodhue, MN 55027

    Cell: (651) 380-2682


    Web: Facebook Brinkman Sheep Farm

    795-Fall Ewe Lamb