2017 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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Polled Dorset

  • Consigned by

    Flinchum Polled Dorsets

    John & Emily Flinchum

    1141 Vivian St, Longmont, CO 80501

    (303) 702-1755 ~ Cell: (720) 290-1473


    Web: flinchumdorsets.com

    211-Winter Ram Lamb (12/01-1/31)

    J Flinchum 977 RR p726198

    McDaniel 15-50 is a Long Island Ice Tea son we purchased at the 2016 Ohio Dorset Sale. Dam is sired by the McCarthy ram that was Champion Ram at the 2010 Midwest Stud Ram Sale.

    212-Late Fall Ewe Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    J Flinchum 975 P724926

    Dam is another McCarthy 9080 daughter. She was the Champion Dorset Ewe at the 2011 Wyoming State Fair. Codon results will be available at the sale. Will be QR or RR at codon 171.

    213-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    J Flinchum 979

    Dams sire was our 3rd place yearling ram at the 2011 National Dorset Sale. This lamb will be QR or RR at Codon 171.

    214-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    J Flinchum 980 p726201

    Twin to the above ewe.
  • Consigned by

    John Gordon Flinchum

    John Gordon Flinchum

    1141 Vivian St, Longmont, CO 80501

    Cell: (303) 702-1755

    215-Late Fall Ram Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    JF 15-2 P724927

    This is a college fund ram for Johnny. A nice patterned ram, we will probably use for Fall lambs this spring.
  • Consigned by

    Elizabeth Flinchum

    Elizabeth Flinchum

    1141 Vivian St, Longmont, CO 80501

    303-702-1755 ~ Cell: 720-290-1473


    Web: flinchumdorsets.com

    216-Yearling Ram

    L Flinchum 16-1 RR P721566

    This is a college fund ram for Lizzy. We are using this ram for Fall lambs this year. McCarthy 2087 sired our Champion ram at last years Midwest Stud Ram Sale.
  • Consigned by

    Cedar Lane Dorsets

    Bill & Holly Keough & Bear Lake Enterprises, Inc

    E5656 N Water Dr, Manawa, WI 54949

    (920) 596-1931 ~ Cell: (920) 428-5712


    Web: bksheep.com

    217-Early Fall Ram Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Cedar Lane 1618 RR P725304

    Cedar Lane 1618 showed the WOW factor from Day 1. Beautiful head, great bone and long bodied. At stud is Jordy, my top ram out of 38 in 2015. 38 was 1st pick out of Samson from Spildes and was owned 1/2 interest with them. 38 is a birthmate with Miss Congeniality, 2013 Res Champion Ewe NAILE open show.

    218-Early Fall Ram Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Cedar Lane 1630 RR P725305

    Cedar Lane 1630 is BIG but still has plenty of rib. If you need to add some overall size, this guy is it. Cedar Lane 1520 is a Rumble grandson.

    219-Late Fall Ram Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    Cedar Lane 1643 RR P725306

    Here is a Repeat! Exact same breeding as Ruger Cedar Lane 1408, 2014 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Grand Champion Ram. He sold to Hoskin and Spilde for $2500. Ruger went on to be Reserve Junior Champion 2014 NAILE open show.

    220-Winter Ram Lamb (12/01-1/31)

    Cedar Lane 1706 RR P727143

    At this time, my youngest ram appears to be the cream of the crop. He just has the look! His dam 1515 is out of O Boy, 2014 National Sale Grand Champion Ram in Ohio from Spildes. O Boy is a paternal grandson of Samson and a maternal grandson of Rumble. 1515 is dammed by Cedar Lane 8002, a Rumble daughter. 8002 dammed 2 class winning Fall Ram lambs at prior Midwest Stud Ram Sales and all of her daughters have been retained in my flock.

    221-Early Fall Ewe Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Cedar Lane 1616 RR P725301

    Cedar Lane 1502 is sired by O Boy. I did not sell any daughters from O Boy or 38 and only 2 from Vern. I have a built up a young, powerful ewe base.

    222-Early Fall Ewe Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Cedar Lane 1636 RR P725302

    She is HOT! Long bodied, level top, great hip and flashy to boot. Mother of Cedar Lane 1109 is Cedar Lane 7021. 7021 is a fabulous Rumble daughter and is still producing. She is also the grand dam of 1643 and Ruger. RR Extended pedigrees and some pictures posted prior to the sale at www.bksheep.com.
  • Consigned by

    McCarthy Dorsets

    Dr FD & Joy McCarthy

    5245 Crawford-Wyandot Rd, Sycamore, OH 44882

    Cell: (419) 310-0590


    223-Yearling Ram

    McCarthy 1615 RR P719946

    224-Late Fall Ram Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    McCarthy 1713 RR P727014

    225-Late Fall Ewe Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    McCarthy 1722 RR P727016

  • Consigned by

    Lauden Acres

    Lynn A Laudenslager

    559 Flying Eagle Rd, Dalmatia, PA 17017

    (570) 578-6284 ~ Cell: (570) 847-9817


    Web: laudenacres.com

    226-Early Fall Ram Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Lauden Acres 54 RR P725231

    227-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Lauden Acres 26 RR P720603

    LA26 is twin to LA27 (2016 NAILE JR Champion-Reserve overall Champion)

    228-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Lauden Acres 29 RR P720606

    229-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Lauden Acres 36 RR P707483

    230-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Lauden Acres 37 RR P720614

    231-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Lauden Acres 41 RR P720618

    232-Early Fall Ewe Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Lauden Acres 64 RR P725243

    233-Early Fall Ewe Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Lauden Acres 69 RR P725247

  • Consigned by

    Fruechte Family Dorsets

    Tyler Fruechte

    20383 480th Ave, White, SD 57276

    Cell: (605) 695-9940


    Web: fruechtefamilydorsets.com

    234-Early Fall Ram Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    FFD 610 RR P726088

    Out of one of our best who consistently produces productive, powerful sheep like this guy. Leonidas has added that extra extension in our flock going on 5 years. Check this massive ram lamb out!

    235-Winter Ram Lamb (12/01-1/31)

    FFD 616 _R p727850

    I thought long and hard before bringing this guy. The day he hit the ground I knew he was going to be special. Great pedigree on this one, Dam was the 2010 National Champion at NAILE and sire is a Primo son.

    236-Spring Yearling Ewe

    FFD 585 P720722

    Here is a cool ewe. She has great extension and a nice profile. Notice she has the same dam as our Fall Ram Lamb entry, Riverwood dam has made some good ones for us.

    237-Spring Yearling Ewe

    FFD 595 RR P720723

    This ewe is going to make someone an excellent ewe. She is a super correct, deep bodied, wide topped ewe that was bred to be a mom. An RR ewe exposed for Fall lambing. Double Bonus!

    238-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    FFO 627 _R P727397

    I have not decided what ewe lamb to bring yet, but stay tuned to our facebook page, Fruechte Family Dorsets, and our website for more info and pictures. www.fruechtefamilydorsets.com
  • Consigned by

    Turtle Mead Polled Dorsets

    Paul Wissinger

    205 Riegel Rd, Sinking Spring, PA 19608

    (610) 670-1761


    Web: turtlemead.com

    239-Yearling Ram

    Turtle Mead 1627 QR P724634

    Big Smooth was our first place yearling ram at 2016 Midwest Sale.

    240-Winter Ram Lamb (12/01-1/31)

    Turtle Mead 1639 RR P726288

    241-Late Fall Ewe Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    Turtle Mead 1636 QR P725055

    242-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    Turtle Mead 1638 RR P726287

  • Consigned by

    Nichols Sheep Farm

    Cruz Nichols

    26016 Moore Ln, Jerseyville, IL 62052

    (618) 535-3235 ~ Cell: (859) 612-7175


    243-Spring Ram Lamb (2/1-after)

    NSF 1714 RR S726865

    244-Late Fall Ewe Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    NSF 1684 QR P725673

    Futurity nominated. This ewe lamb looks to have a really bright future. Both parents won their respective classes at Louisville

    245-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    NSF 1706 QR P726858

  • Consigned by

    Duane Aldrich

    Duane Aldrich

    20516 436th Ave, DeSmet, SD 57231

    Cell: (605) 690-0139

    246-SLICK Yearling Ewe

    Aldrich 604 RR P722317

    247-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Aldrich 619 RR P722324

    248-Spring Ewe Lamb (2/1-after)

    DUANE ALDRICH 730 QR P727123

  • Consigned by

    Wolkow Dorsets

    Devon Wolkow

    20147 435th Ave, DeSmet, SD 57231

    (320) 420-5354 ~ Cell: (605) 203-1149


    249-Early Fall Ram Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Wolkow W658 P725546

    This is a really deep bodied ram with a level hip. He has the length of his dad and the extension of his mom.

    250-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Wolkow L600 RR P722982

    This is an A.I. ewe out of Winston. She was in our show flock last year. She is just plain good and RR to boot.

    251-Early Fall Ewe Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Wolkow B656 RR P726260

    This girl should just continue to get better. Her dam is one of our best ewes.

    252-Late Fall Ewe Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    Wolkow W656 QQ P725548

    Spilde 8939 is a Samson daughter. W656 has the spring of rib that he is known for. She should be a fun ewe for someone.

    253-SLICK Fall Ewe Lamb (9/1-11/30)

    Wolkow 657 QR P726256

    Wolkow H501 is a ROMEO daughter. B653 combines the cool front end of the Bradford ram and the hip of Romeo.

    254-Spring Ewe Lamb (2/1-after)

    Wolkow P708 727663

    255-Spring Ewe Lamb (2/1-after)

    W715 p727661

  • Consigned by

    Penn View Farm

    Roy Campbell

    10394 Rt 119 Hwy S, Blairsville, PA 15717

    (724) 248-1117 ~ Cell: (724) 972-7380


    Web: pennviewfarmsheep.com

    256-Yearling Ram

    Campbell Bros 346 QR P721907

    If you are looking for a dude that is rugged made and stout check this guy out! He has tons of bone work and is square on all 4! His mother was purchased at the Riverwood dispersal and placed within the top 5 for multiple shows. His father sired our $1000 selling buck at the Ohio Dorset Sale in Eaton this year.

    257-Spring Ram Lamb (2/1-after)

    Campbell Bros 350 RR P727540

    Well here it is! Our 1st offering of a SLOE GIN son. We have been really impressed with what he has put out so far. This guy really puts it all together for us. He has the extension, length and height from his father and has the thickness, stoutness and bone from his mom. SLOE GIN has won multiple Grand and Reserve Champions. He was the Reserve Junior Champ at last years Ohio Dorset Sale.

    258-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Penn View 304 RR P721901

    This girl is a sheep that I would consider to be one of our keepers but we simply have too many yearlings that we are already keeping. She is long and tall yet still carries bone and structure to be a great brood ewe. Her sire SV 1404 was out of Petersons MONOPOLY Buck. Her Dam PVF 293 has some genetics going back to a Pope Dorsets ewe that we had purchased in Ohio a few years back.

    259-Spring Ewe Lamb (2/1-after)

    Penn View 308 RR P727542

    This will be our 1st SLOE GIN daughter to sell. She like our spring ram lamb pulls the complete package together. She has a pretty pattern and is very easy on the eyes. SLOE GIN is a maternal brother to LONG ISLAND ICED TEA and this years National Champion Ewe at the Ohio Dorset Sale. For more info please give us a call, visit our website pennviewfarmsheep.com or stop by the pens.
  • Consigned by

    Pope Dorsets

    Michael Pope

    4395 S 600 E, Greenfield, IN 46140

    Cell: (317) 966-3091


    Web: popedorsets.weebly.com

    260-Winter Ram Lamb (12/01-1/31)

    Pope Dorsets 390 QR P726707

    I have not made selections yet since these lambs are young. All my Winter and Spring lambs are sired by Spilde 9010 ICON, the Reserve National Champion Ram at NAILE in 2014. ICON is a genetic full sib to Miss Congeniality our Reserve National Champion Ewe at NAILE in 2013. These lambs will be similar in quality to the 13 head sold in our March online sale that averaged $1242.38. Feel free to check out our website closer to sale week for updated information on our entries.

    261-Spring Ram Lamb (2/1-after)

    262-Spring Ewe Lamb (2/1-after)

    263-Spring Ewe Lamb (2/1-after)

    I have not made selections yet since these lambs are young. All my Winter and Spring lambs are sired by Spilde 9010 ICON, the Reserve National Champion Ram at NAILE in 2014. ICON is a genetic full sib to Miss Congeniality our Reserve National Champion Ewe at NAILE in 2013. These lambs will be similar in quality to the 13 head sold in our March online sale that averaged $1242.38. Feel free to check out our website closer to sale week for updated information on our entries.
  • Consigned by

    Spilde Farms

    Spilde Dorsets

    2800 Wildflower Rd, Stoughton, WI 53589

    (608) 335-9288 ~ Cell: (608) 772-3697


    264-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Spilde 9216 P725196

    Super complete and fault free ewe with good size. SECRETARIAT sires really wide level tops and did a real nice job for us.
  • Consigned by

    Red Barn Family Farm

    Jacob Wilts

    7416 Co Rd 37 NE, St. Michael, MN 55376

    Cell: (763) 232-3576


    Web: redbarnfamilyfarm.com

    265-Spring Ram Lamb (2/1-after)

    Red Barn Family Farm 712 RR P726539

  • Consigned by

    Arndt Acres

    Ron Arndt

    11775 Co Rd 50, Norwood, MN 55368

    (952) 466-5876 ~ Cell: (952) 201-5761


    266-Late Fall Ram Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    Arndt Acres 16-129 RR P725329

    This is one of my favorite ram lambs currently. Sire goes back to a Sanford ram we used for several years and one of our top brood ewes. Dam is sired by a McCarthy ram that goes back to DIRTY DEEDS and goes back to Arndt Acres 383 that had a great head and ear set.

    267-Winter Ram Lamb (12/01-1/31)

    Arndt Acres 17-104 RR

    This is one of our top Winter ram lambs. He is by the 14-107 buck. Arndt Acres 14-013 is sired by the Sanford ram we used for several years. Her dam was a Van Bair ewe that goes back to Cartel & Silver Streak.

    268-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Arndt Acres 16-009 RR P720653

    Arndt Acres 14-107 is sired by our Riverwood Farms ram & he goes back to Premium Pickle. Arndt Acres 1014 goes back to to a Riverwood Farms ewe that was Reserve Champion Ewe at Sedalia in 2005. Scrapie info day of sale, QR or better.

    269-Late Fall Ewe Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    Arndt Acres 16-041 RR P725011

    See Late Fall Ram Lamb entry for sire information. Arndt Acres 13-047 was dammed by a Wolkow ewe that we had great success showing at the state fair.

    270-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

  • Consigned by

    Sanfords Dorsets & Hamps

    Gene & Marci Sanford

    12529 Canby Ave, Faribault, MN 55021

    (507) 645-4989


    Web: sanfordsheepfarm.com

    271-Spring Ram Lamb (2/1-after)

    Sanford M085 RR P727172

    Stud ram in the making! Dam was Reserve Champion ewe at the Minnesota State Fair.

    272-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Sanford E336 RR P723527

    Sire is a powerful DYNASTY son. Photo on website.

    273-Early Fall Ewe Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Sanford E400 RR P725570

    Thick, deep bodied DYNASTY daughter.

    274-Late Fall Ewe Lamb (10/1-11/30)

    Sanford E406 RR P725575

    Fancy show lamb that will be a great stud ewe. Dam is sired by BLUE PRRINT and dammed by RRED HOTT.

    275-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    Sanford E416 RR P727176

    276-Spring Ewe Lamb (2/1-after)

    Sanford E426 RR P727180

    Dam was the mother of our Reserve Champion Ram at last years Midwest Sale. Fancy lamb for the futurity shows.
  • Consigned by

    Peterson Sheep Company

    Doug & Lindi Peterson

    803 23rd St NE, Lemmon, SD 57638

    (701) 376-3115


    Web: petersonsheepco.com

    277-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Peterson 9062-16085 RR

    278-Winter Ram Lamb (12/01-1/31)

  • Consigned by

    Westwind Farm - The Anderson Family

    Warren Anderson

    515 Carpenter Creek Rd, Hustonville, KY 40437

    (606)346-3916 ~ Cell: (859)608-4665

    279-Yearling Ram

    Westwind 681 RR P720841

    This yearling ram has much to offer. He is correct, long-sided, and has an impressive pedigree which includes: Riverwood Farms, Penn State, Cedar Lane, Lauden Acres, Freitas-Bianchi, and T. Myers. His dam comes from Westwinds most prolific ewe family.
  • Consigned by

    Northern Starr Livestock

    Jeff Repasky

    9426 Jacobson Trail, Lonsdale, MN 55046

    Cell: (612) 282-7782


    281-SLICK Winter/Spring Ewe Lamb (9/1-after)

    NSLS 17130 RR P728139

  • Consigned by

    Doty Dorsets

    Troy Doty

    2398 CR 950 E, Lovington, IL 61937

    (217) 873-4024 ~ Cell: (217) 254-9017


    282-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Doty Dorset 74 QR P720805

    283-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Doty Dorset 82 RR

    284-Spring Ewe Lamb (2/1-after)

    Doty Dorset 84 RR

  • Consigned by

    C&J Livestock

    Charlene Ross

    6935 SW St Rd D, Polo, MO 64671

    Cell: (913) 991-7449


    Web: Facebook C&J Livestock

    285-SLICK Ram Lamb (9/1-after)

    C&J Livestock 728 P726067

    Parents are both from Slack genetics.