2017 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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  • Consigned by

    3J Farm

    John & Alex Coers

    PO Box 78, 202 N Logan, New Holland, IL 62671

    Cell: (217) 737-5674


    621-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Austin 83 QR 175245

    622-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    3J Coers 834 QR 174222

    623-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Austin 86 QR Pending

    624-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    3J Coers LG45 RR 175249

  • Consigned by

    My Montadales

    Craig Fleck

    47289 Hwy 324, Brookings, SD 57006

    Cell: (814) 441-0980


    Web: Facebook My Montadales

    625-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Fleck Q-57 QR

    Here is our best ram lamb this year. His maternal grandmother is our LADY LEAH ewe. Look for more info, pictures and DNA on Facebook at MY MONTADALES

    626-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Terrell and Fleck P-11 QQ

    4182-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Fleck Q-39 QQ

    We were going to show her but decided, what the heck, sell her and let someone else show her! I will re-trim her at the All-American for free if you take her there.
  • Consigned by

    Salfner Montadales

    Hughy Salfner

    400 Edgar Price Rd, Warwick, MD 21912

    (410) 755-6909


    627-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Salfner 151PP QR 174856

    Grand Sire is Miller 0209 and Grand Dam is Salfner 21YR
  • Consigned by

    Clayman Montadales

    Tom & Sandy Clayman

    7314 S Halstead, Hutchinson, KS 67501

    (620) 663-4064 ~ Cell: (620) 727-3567


    628-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Clayman 1711 RR 175035

    629-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Clayman 1720 RR 175038

    630-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Clayman 1655 RR 174057

    631-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    Clayman 1707 RR 175034

    632-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Clayman 1732 RR 175043

    633-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Clayman 1741 RR 175049

    634-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Clayman 1746 QR 175052

    635-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Clayman 1743 RR 175050

  • Consigned by

    Miller Farms

    Greg Miller

    20145 462nd Ave, Bruce, SD 57220

    (605) 627-5247 ~ Cell: (605) 690-4399


    Web: millerangusfarms.com

    636-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Miller 16-1065 RR 174718

    637-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Miller 17-553 RR 175182

    638-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Miller 17-1083 QR 175184

    639-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Miller 16-326 QR 174435

    640-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Miller 16-340 RR 174816

    641-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Miller 17-551 QR 175185

    642-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Miller 17-1084 QR 175186

    643-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    Miller 17-566 RR 175187

  • Consigned by

    Baugh & Dunn, Inc

    Larry & Mary Ellen Dunn

    752 Hwy 161, Middletown, MO 63359

    (573) 549-2967 ~ Cell: (573) 220-7330

    644-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    B&D 1411 RR 174918

    645-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    B&D 1422 RR 174913

    646-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    B&D 1406 QR 174919

    647-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    B&D 1438 RR 174927

    648-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    B&D 1415 QR 175242

  • Consigned by

    Poppen Montadales

    Bill & Roxana Poppen

    20535 434th Ave, DeSmet, SD 57231

    (605) 854-3497 ~ Cell: (605) 203-0451


    Web: Facebook Poppen Montadales

    649-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Poppen E65 RR 174693

    You will like the breed character and style of this ram

    650-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Poppen M718 QR 175101

    651-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Poppen E63 QR 174090

    Her triplet sister was Reserve Grand Champion last year as a ewe lamb at the Midwest Sale

    652-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Poppen E630 QR 174703

    Great style and breed character

    653-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Poppen M710 RR 175102

    654-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Poppen E746 RR 175103

  • Consigned by

    Petefish Montadales

    Rosemary Petefish

    1953 IL Rt 78, Virginia, IL 62691

    (217) 473-7069 ~ Cell: (217) 452-7569


    655-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Petefish 1654

    656-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Petefish 1722 173722

    657-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    Petefish 1735

  • Consigned by

    Jacobsen Ranch

    Cody Jacobsen

    4379 Fresno Rd, Le Grand, CA 95333

    Cell: (209) 201-6944


    Web: jacobsenranch.com

    658-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Jacobsen 1702 RR

    Ram lamb that is out of California Chrome, Reserve National Champion at the2014 NAILE and dammed by the Terrell ewe that was the mother of MOVING ON, Reserve National champion at the 2016 NAILE. Stud Ram potential! Keeping his twin for stud.

    659-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Jacobsen 1704 RR

    Sired by California Chrome and out of the dam of BLUE BALLS. BB sired our highly competitive lambs at the 2016 NAILE. This lamb has body, extension, bone and skeletal dimension and levelness. He is a ram worthy of a real look!! Keeping his twin brother for stud.

    660-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Jacobsen1711 RR

    Another outstanding Chrome son that has size and scale, levelness and a perfect top and feet and legs. Proud standing buck that should catch your attention. He is worth your time to look at him!! Out of a great mom.

    661-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Jacobsen 1608 RR 174452

    Here is a stud potential female!! She was the class winning fall ewe lamb at the 2016 NAILE. She is a beautiful, well balanced ewe that offers levelness, squareness and rib to become that next stud ewe! Mom was the Reserve Grand ewe at the national sale as a yearling! Her offspring always made the show string.

    662-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Jacobsen 1717 _R

    We did not have many ewe lambs born this year and she is straight out of the keepers! Out of a first time lamber that offers lots of milk and quality.

    663-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    The March ewe lambs are deep and this will be a fancy one! She will be at least a QR codon. Out of California Chrome.
  • Consigned by

    Jansyn VanHorn

    Jansyn VanHorn

    2002 J Rd, Garfield, KS 67529

    620/569-2413 ~ Cell: 620/205-9485

    664-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Van Horn 1714

    Internship at Emergency Room will not allow me to attend the All American Jr Show this year. Van Horn 1359 dammed Reserve Champion Montadale Ram at 2016 Jr show in Louisville.

    665-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Van Horn 1749 RR 174984

    Van Horn 1510 twin sister of Coers Futurity winning ewe in 2015.

    667-SLICK January Ewe Lamb

    Van Horn 1713 RR 174982

    Clayman 1322 was my slick sheared ewe lamb in 2013.
  • Consigned by

    Marshall Sheep Farm

    Chad & Annie Marshall

    1824 Knoll Dr, Monticello, IL 61856

    Cell: (217) 367-2199


    668-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Marshall 568 QR 175208

    669-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Marshall 578 RR 175214

    Follow us on Facebook as we will post pictures and information on these consignments the closer we get to the sale. Contact Chad 217-637-2199 if you have any questions

    670-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Marshall 544 RR 174774

    671-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Marshall 565 QR 175209

    672-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Marshall 576 QR 175216

  • Consigned by

    Mumm Montadales

    Richard Mumm

    82 CR 1300 N, White Heath, IL 61884

    Cell: (217) 493-4780

    673-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Mumm 1701 RR NN 175018

    674-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Mumm 1533 QR NN 174068

    675-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    Mumm 1716 QR NN 175024

  • Consigned by

    Abell-Murdock Montadales

    Patty Abell

    PO Box 64, Aurora, OR 97002

    Cell: (503) 201-6904


    676-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Abell-Murdock F344 RR 175200

    We have a select group of ewe lambs sired by Temple 994. He has consistently produced females that are stylish and add body to your flock. We are once again excited by what he threw this year.

    677-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Abell-Murdock F343 RR 175131

    We will be offering a ewe lamb sired by the 1st place January Poppen ram we purchased last year at this sale. He has proven himself as a ewe-producing ram as the ewes we bred to him all produced ewe lambs with length of body and beautiful breed character.
  • Consigned by

    Rhoades Montadales

    Dan Rhoades

    8771 E Ball Rd, Centralia, MO 65240

    Cell: (573) 289-7769


    678-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    RHOADES 1707 QR 175227

    Sired by our new Mumm ram that was 1st fall ram lamb at the 2016 National Sale.

    679-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    RHOADES 1702 QQ 175225

    Sired by our Ekern ram that was Reserve Jr Ch ram at the 2015 National Sale.

    680-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    681-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    RHOADES 1717 QR 175232

  • Consigned by

    Ekern Montadales

    Kirk Ekern

    13254 Audrain Rd, Mexico, MO 65265

    (573) 581-5172 ~ Cell: (573) 473-6738


    682-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    683-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    684-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Kuykendall Montadales

    Sara Kuykendall

    12322 Dahl Ln, Richland Center, WI 53581

    (608) 538-3312 ~ Cell: (336) 302-4280


    Web: kuykendallcustomfitting.com

    4129-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Kuykendall 968 QR 174630