2017 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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  • Consigned by

    Spraberry Acres

    Clifford Spraberry

    20969 FM 2755, Royse City, TX 75189

    Cell: (469) 576-7620


    Web: spraberryacres.com

    441-January Ram Lamb

    442-February Ram Lamb

    CSA 653 RR 130581

    Ram with balance.

    443-January Ewe Lamb

    CSA 649 RR 130578

    Good-framed ewe.

    444-February Ewe Lamb

    CSA 655 RR 130583

    Ewe with a lot of style and balance.
  • Consigned by

    Clay Winder

    Clay Winder

    303 E Nursery, Butler, MO 64730

    Cell: (660) 200-5695


    445-March Ram Lamb

    VW 30D RR 133385

    446-March Ram Lamb

    VW 31D QR 133384

    447-March Ewe Lamb

    VW 67H QR 133389

    448-March Ewe Lamb

    4186-Pen of Ewe Lambs

    VW 60J QR 133390

    4186-Pen of Ewe Lambs

    VW 33D RR 133383

    4186-Pen of Ewe Lambs

    VW 56J QR 133386

  • Consigned by

    Limerick Farms

    Mistie Lee

    16845 CRNS 218, Tipton, OK 73570

    (580) 563-6506 ~ Cell: (330) 819-7014


    Web: limerickfarms.com

    449-Yearling Ram

    LMF 103 RR 123000

    Born a single to a ewe lamb, which had a set of twins this year. Birth weight of 12.5, weaning weight 58 lbs., 120 day wt. 98 lbs., Jan 28,2017 192 lbs. Injury to his face that required stitches slowed his 120 day weight. This ram is long and thick. He has both HLB and COR genetics, a great combination. That he is a beautiful color of coal black is the icing on the cake. Semen test was done and results were excellent. Results will be available at sale.

    450-Yearling Ram

    LMF 106 QR 125613

    Born a single to a ewe lamb, who had a set a set of twins this year. Birth weight was 11 lbs., weaning weight 45 lbs., 120 day wt. 82 lbs., with his last recorded weight on Jan. 28, 2017 of 175 lbs. This ram is short, long-bodied and thick. This ram is out of one our best ewe lines. He has HLB and COR genetics. Semen test was done and his results were very good. Results will be available at sale.

    451-February Ram Lamb

    LMF 183 130592

    452-February Ram Lamb

    LMF 181 130593

    453-Yearling Ewe

    LMF 79-P RR 121603

  • Consigned by

    Sturdy Post Ranch

    Justin Fruechte

    2344 30th Ave, Ward, SD 57026

    Cell: (605) 690-3309


    Web: sturdypostranch.com

    454-Yearling Ram

    STU D1 RR 121773

    It is easy to talk about D1 and his 3D mass, but most impressive is that he sired about 50 spring lambs that are extremely consistent and very good! Mark him on your stud buck list.

    455-February Ram Lamb

    STU E131 RR 131586

    Here is the nicest patterned ram lamb we have. He will sire sound structured sheep that are made the way Katahdins should be.

    456-Fall Ewe Lamb

    STU D60 RR 130389

    Sire keeps making us easy keeping ewes that are awesome mothers. D60 is a very feminine speckled ewe.

    457-January Ewe Lamb

    STU E115 RR 131588

    This one will not be the fanciest ewe lamb in the class but she has more than enough width and capacity to make up for it. Great Katahdin type.

    458-January Ewe Lamb

    STU E114 RR 131592

    If E114 follows the same pattern as her dam, she will be great. HND 156 is fat year round and breds on the first cycle every time! E114 has the big top and great hip that her sire has.

    459-February Ewe Lamb

    STU E130 RR 131591

    A neat, up-headed and stylish red roan ewe.

    460-February Ewe Lamb

    STU E141 RR 131594

    She is a special one, make sure to see her.
  • Consigned by

    Rack of Lamb Corral

    Todd Bauer

    3020 Hwy 56, Windom, KS 67491

    Cell: (620) 245-1884


    Web: rackoflambcorral.com

    461-Yearling Ram

    TRB383 RR 131982

    A super ram. A complete ram, straight topped and smooth. His sire is the 2014 National Champion. He is one of the top proven rams in the country. His dam is one of the top brood ewes on the ranch. If you want to improve your flock, this ram has all the buttons to do just that.

    462-Yearling Ram

    TRB352 RR

    TRB352 is a ram we liked since he hit the ground. He is long, smooth and has a lot of leg under him. His sire is the 2014 National Champion and his dam is the 2015 Reserve Champion at Sedalia. He is bred in the purple. Do not miss out on this super ram.

    463-Fall Ram Lamb

    TRB650 RR 131984

    TRB650 is extra long, straight and thick. His sire is the all-time great Red Haute, the 2014 National Champion, he is one of the top proven rams in the country. His dam is one our top ewes on the ranch. If you want a meat sheep do not miss this guy.

    464-January Ram Lamb

    TRB617 RR 131985

    TRB617 is going to be a super stud ram. He is young but he has all the bells and whistles you would want in a ram. His sire Rebel has produced some of the top sheep in the country and is one of the top proven rams in the breed. His dam is one of our top brood ewes on the ranch.

    465-January Ram Lamb

    TRB618 RR 131986

    This is a beautiful ram lamb. He is long, smooth and very correct. His twin brother is also selling TRB704. Stop by our pens and see what his dam produces for us year after year. He is a son of Rebel. Do not miss this guy, you will not be disappointed.

    466-January Ram Lamb

    TRB704 RR 131987

    He is twin brother to TRB618. He is the real deal. Elite Stud Ram stamped all over him. For a young ram he is impressive. His sire Rebel has proven himself time after time. His lambs have dominated the Katahdin Industry in the show ring as well in the sale ring the last two years. I have not mentioned, the hair coats on our sheep are the best. Take this guy home, you will like him.

    467-February Ram Lamb

    TRB720 131988

    This ram is going to be big. A complete ram, straight-topped, smooth and a good tail set. His sire is Red Haute, his ram lambs were the high selling rams the last two years at Sedalia THERE IS A REASON. If you want a ram that can move you in the right direction, take this guy home.

    468-March Ram Lamb

    TRB641 RR

    Another very nice young ram lamb. His sire Red Haute has done a superior job for us the last two lambing seasons. He is the 2014 National Champion and the 2014 Indiana State Fair Champion. His dam was a top pick from Tom and Maria when I bought her as a ewe lamb.

    4125-January Ram Lamb


    This man is impressive. He\'s going to be a big thick ram. He is a late January triplet. He has a lot of bone under him with a nice straight top line. His sire is Rebel, one of the top proven rams in the country. His dam is a favorite on our ranch. He is RR
  • Consigned by

    Francis Family Farms

    Aly Francis

    17292 Monroe Rd 735, Paris, MO 65275

    (660) 327-4049 ~ Cell: (573) 721-1683


    469-Yearling Ewe

    FRA 3227 QR 122892

    470-Pen of Yearling Ewes

    FRA 3219 QR 122884

    470-Pen of Yearling Ewes

    FRA 3220 RR 122885

    470-Pen of Yearling Ewes

    FRA 3226 QQ 122891

    471-January Ewe Lamb

    FRA 3234 QR 132874

    472-February Ewe Lamb

    FRA 3232 QR 132872

    473-March Ewe Lamb

    FRA 3236 QR 132876

    474-Pen of Ewe Lambs

    FRA 3243 QR 132880

    474-Pen of Ewe Lambs

    FRA 3244 QQ 132881

    474-Pen of Ewe Lambs

    FRA 3245 QQ 132882

    6010-February Ewe Lamb

    FRA 3235 RR 132875

  • Consigned by

    Hancock Katahdins

    Ray Hancock

    2816 N Ridge Rd, Noble, IL 62868

    (618) 843-8779 ~ Cell: (618) 843-8779


    475-February Ram Lamb

    HAN 17-18 RR 130571

  • Consigned by

    D & J Smith Katahdins

    David & Jane Smith

    3985 N 300 W, Earl Park, IN 47942

    (219) 474-3216 ~ Cell: (765) 366-7050


    Web: djsmithkatahdins.com

    476-Yearling Ram

    SCD 4456 RR

    Very nice ram, Grandsire is SWP 10-103 and Granddam is a MVF ewe.

    477-Fall Ram Lamb

    SCD 4631 RR 132822

    Another really good ram out of this cannot-miss-combination.

    478-January Ram Lamb

    SCD 4853 RR 132823

    Very growthy January ram lamb.

    479-January Ewe Lamb

    SCD 4779 RR 132824

    This one is a fancy ewe lamb.

    480-January Ewe Lamb

    SCD 4876 RR 132825

    Nice slick coated ewe lamb.

    481-February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Craig Farms Katahdins

    Matthew Craig

    35910 72nd Ave, Decatur, MI 49045

    (269) 599-3719 ~ Cell: (269) 599-3719


    482-Yearling Ram

    MCS 1660 QR 123209

    483-Yearling Ram

    MCS 1663 RR 123211

    484-January Ram Lamb

    MCS 1714 QR 133456

    485-January Ram Lamb

    MCS 1722 QR 133457

    486-February Ram Lamb

    MCS 1748 QR 133461

    487-February Ram Lamb

    MCS1757 RR 133463

    488-Fall Ewe Lamb

    MCS 1707 QR 133467

    489-January Ewe Lamb

    MCS 1720 QR 133473

    490-January Ewe Lamb

    MCS 1730 RR 133477

    491-February Ewe Lamb

    MCS 1756 RR 133489

  • Consigned by

    Harker farms

    Adam & Trena Harker

    12402 Valley View Rd, Mountain Grove, MO 65711

    Cell: (417) 254-1731


    492-January Ram Lamb

    HFZ 8650-77 RR 130392

  • Consigned by

    Justin Trebbe

    Justin Trebbe

    PO Box 281, Fort Pierre, SD 57532

    Cell: (507) 215-0487

    493-February Ram Lamb

    DOC P2277 RR 132313

  • Consigned by

    Pipestone Katahdins

    GF & Deb Kennedy

    966 61st St, Pipestone, MN 56164

    Cell: (507) 215-0487


    494-Yearling Ram

    DOC P1959 RR 122422

    Our lead yearling show ewes will be sired by DOC P1429.

    495-Yearling Ram

    DOC P2008 RR 126345

    Dam is mother of First Ever and Second Coming--she seldom misses.

    496-Yearling Ram

    DOC P2007 RR 126344

    497-Yearling Ram

    DOC P1977 RR 126330

    Full brother to ram sold to Mike Nelsh. Her mother died, so we raised her on lamb bar.

    498-Yearling Ram

    DOC P2033 RR 126357

    499-Yearling Ram

    DOC P1927 RR 122131

    We bred for fall lambs with 1429 before consigning him to Midwest Sale. This ram has some problems, but meat and size is not one of them. We used this ram for fall lambs.

    500-Fall Ram Lamb

    DOC P2310 RR 130653

    501-Fall Ram Lamb

    DOC P2199 RR 130655

    502-Yearling Ram

    DOC P1895X RR 126348

    503-Fall Ram Lamb

    DOC P2189 RR 130654

    504-Yearling Ewe

    DOC P1907 QR 122114

    505-Yearling Ewe

    DOC P1888X RR 123162

    506-Yearling Ewe

    DOC P2023 RR 123160

    507-Yearling Ewe

    DOC P1900X RR 123161

    508-Fall Ewe Lamb

    DOC P2584 RR 132322

    509-Fall Ewe Lamb

    DOC P2185 RR 132323

    510-Fall Ewe Lamb

    DOC P2192 RR 132324

    511-Fall Ewe Lamb

    DOC P2585 RR 132325

    512-February Ewe Lamb

    DOC P2241 RR 132314

    6004-Yearling Ewe

    DOC P2233 RR 128491

    6005-Fall Ewe Lamb

    DOC P2161 RR 132321

  • Consigned by

    Doyle Weaver

    Doyle Weaver

    14104 S 1450 Rd, Nevada, MO 64772

    Cell: (417) 667-5294

    513-January Ram Lamb

    DW 1707 RR 131924

    514-January Ewe Lamb

    DW 1728 RR 131943

    Good muscle on this ewe. 2140 sires muscle and milk. Adj 60 wt. 68.13 lbs.
  • Consigned by

    Buckeye Acres

    Ron & Carla Young

    12282 Harrison-Willshire Rd, Van Wert, OH 45891

    (419) 495-2993 ~ Cell: (419) 203-6389


    Web: buckeyeacres.com

    515-Yearling Ram

    BAG 2897 RR 132542

    Beautifully colored brown ram with high volume, extra bone, and capacity.

    516-Yearling Ram

    BAG 2855 RR 132517

    Outstanding son of JUICE, SHU 3664. Very eye appealing, complete. Excellent feet and leg structure. He should be easy to find.

    517-Yearling Ram

    BAG 2786 RR 123153

    Extremely large framed \"Juice\" son. Sure to make lambs have extra growth to them.

    518-Fall Ram Lamb

    BAG 3009 RR 132836

    Mike Nelsh enabled us to breed with DOC P1498 when he was vacationing at our farm. 1498 was 1st place ram lamb at the 2014 National Katahdin Show. 3009 will be very young for the fall class. Take note of his length, correctness and the grow left in him.

    519-Fall Ram Lamb

    BAG 2989 RR 132835

    Really showy upheaded Ram. Very correct and smooth. Sure to make stud quality lambs.

    520-January Ram Lamb

    BAG 3038 RR 132838

    Has looked like a stud ram from day 1. Very correct, showy. A real breed changer.

    521-Fall Ewe Lamb

    BAG 3023 RR 132840

    Twin to lot 522. Both females should be outstanding brood ewes and show ewes.

    522-Fall Ewe Lamb

    BAG 3022 RR 132839

    Flashy but young. Should make both a great show ewe and brood ewe.

    4222-January Ram Lamb

    BAG 3036 RR 132837

    Long, straight, correct. A real stud prospect. RR at codon 171.

    4223-January Ewe Lamb

    BAG 3040 RR 132841

    This beautifully colored brown and white ewe is line bred as, 2782\\\\\\\'s dam is also the dam of 2660. Obviously she\\\\\\\'ll make a great brood ewe, if you have the desire to show , she\\\\\\\'s very fancy. RR at codon 171.

    4224-January Ewe Lamb

    BAG 3045 RR 132842

    A real eye catcher, show ewe. RR at codon 171.
  • Consigned by

    Luzon Farm

    Ed & Cindy DeOrnellis/Megan & Keith Markway

    301 Luzon Ln, Bonnots Mill, MO 65016

    (573) 897-2479 ~ Cell: (573) 291-0591


    Web: See Facebook Luzon Farm

    523-Fall Ram Lamb

    LUZ 1013 RR 132888

    Here is an opportunity to add fall-born genetics, color and style all in one package. 1013 is a big smooth red ram. Excellent hair coat. Dam and sister are paints.

    524-January Ram Lamb

    Luz 1051 RR 132895

    Details and pictures to follow on our Facebook page.

    525-Yearling Ewe

    LUZ 933 RR 123130

    Decided to offer one of our best. This roan ewe stood 2nd at 2016 NAILE. Check Facebook for pictures.

    526-January Ewe Lamb

    Luz 1057 RR 132896

    If you like color, check out this flashy paint ewe lamb.
  • Consigned by

    Julian and Moore Sheep

    Ed and Helen Julian

    3009 St Rt 44, Rootstown, OH 44272

    (330) 325-9150 ~ Cell: (330) 931-2986


    527-Yearling Ram

    EHJ 624 RR 123038

    Sired by WINCHESTER who sired the 2016 National Champion Ram. Dam is SPL 1601, the first place Fall Ewe Lamb at our National Show in 2014. EHJ 624 is extremely tall, straight, correct with excellent extension up front.

    528-Yearling Ram

    EHJ 600 QR 121505

    Sired by CENTRALIA. Dam always raises keepers for us including National Show class winners. EHJ 600 is probably the best, most complete son of CENTRALIA we have raised. Extremely long and thick. Very correct and wide-based.

    529-February Ram Lamb

    EHJ 722 RR 131483

    Sired by EHJ READY, who sired our Champion Ram at the 2016 Midwest Sale as well as the top selling Spring Ewe Lamb that later was named National Reserve Champion Ewe. Dam is one of our foundation Tally ewes, EHJ 722 has a ton of flash plus he is very straight and correct. Bred to sire color.

    530-February Ram Lamb

    531-March Ram Lamb

    EHJ 753 RR 131499

    Sired by WINCHESTER who sired the 2016 National Champion Ram. Dam is another of our top Tally brood ewes. EHJ 753 is thick, heavy-boned with a lot of growth.

    532-Yearling Ewe

    EHJ 649 RR 123045

    Sired by WINCHESTER, who sired the 2016 National Champion Ram. Sire of dam was our Champion and top-selling ram at 2014 Midwest Sale. EHJ 649 is from our 2016 show flock. Definitely a stud ewe prospect. She is right in every way.

    533-Fall Ewe Lamb

    EHJ 680 RR 131471

    Sired by WINCHESTER, the sire of the 2016 National Champion Ram. Dam is also one of our top producing Tally ewes. EHJ 680 has a bright future. Excellent conformation. Could also make an exciting show ewe.

    534-February Ewe Lamb

    EHJ 723 RR 131484

    Sired by EHJ READY, the sire of our Champion Ram at the 2016 Midwest Sale, plus the top selling Spring Ewe Lamb that was later named National Reserve Champion Ewe. EHJ 723 is a twin to EHJ 722 -- Lot 529. Out of one of our top producing Tally ewes. EHJ 723 is long, correct, straight with a lot of growth left in her. She is bred to produce color

    535-February Ewe Lamb

    EHJ 729 RR 131490

    Sired by EHJ READY, the sire of our 2016 Champion Ram at the Midwest Sale and the sire of our top selling Spring Ewe Lamb that was later named National Reserve Champion Ewe. Dam is yet another top producing Talley ewe. EHJ 729 is a red lamb that could be a top show prospect.

    536-March Ewe Lamb

    EHJ 752 RR 131498

    Sired by WINCHESTER, who sired the 2016 National Champion Ram. Dam was a top show ewe for us and has produced many great lambs. EHJ 752 is a real stunning ewe prospect. Great style and balance in this March Ewe Lamb.
  • Consigned by

    Dyer Family Katahdins

    John, Judy & Scott Dyer

    834 E Co Rd 1250 N, Chrisney, IN 47611

    (812) 362-8012 ~ Cell: (812) 457-0320


    537-Fall Ram Lamb

    Will be sired by DOC 1798 son of Shultz Ram.

    538-February Ram Lamb

    Will be of stud Quality.

    539-March Ram Lamb

    Will be of quality that you would expect from the Dyers.

    540-Fall Ewe Lamb

    JDK723 RR 130975

    DOC 1798 sired a great set of females.

    541-February Ewe Lamb

    JDK 725 RR 132431

    Could be sired by new Shultz ram.

    542-March Ewe Lamb

    JDK 742 RR 132435

    Sired by Schultz or DOC 1798.

    543-March Ewe Lamb

    JDK 741 RR 132434

    Young ewe with lots of potential.
  • Consigned by

    KRK Katahdins

    Karen Kenagy

    PO Box 640, Hubbard, OR 97032

    Cell: (503) 351-6978


    Web: krkkatahdins.com

    544-Yearling Ram

    KRK 6168 RR 124355

    Brockle face. A big, thick, correct ram from excellent production lines. Parasite resistant in a pasture/forage management system. Sire was Supreme over all Champion in Oregon for two years. In NSIP ww 3.85 pww 7.85. Flock tests neg for OPP, CL and Johnes. Scrapie Export Certified

    545-Yearling Ram

    KRK6156 RR 133316

    A striking red, muscled, correct ram from excellent production and longevity lines. Parasite resistant in a pasture/forage management system. Sire was Reserve Supreme over all Champion in Washington. In NSIP ww 1.75 pww 3.35. Flock tests neg for OPP, CL and Johnes. Scrapie Export Certified

    546-Fall Ewe Lamb

    KRK6093 QR 133317

    Beautiful black lamb from good production and longevity lines, natural born fall. Parasite resistant in a pasture/forage management system. Sire Champion in Oregon and Washington. In NSIP numbers pending. Flock tests neg for OPP, CL and Johnes. Scrapie Export Certified

    547-January Ewe Lamb

    KRK7215 QR 133319

    64# at 67 days 85# at 97 Days. Red lamb with excellent growth and milk genetics sire is heavily.

    548-February Ewe Lamb

    KRK7201 QR 133318

    81# at 72 days. Her sire, 10 yr old VJ7066, NSIP # ww 3.44 pww 6.08, USA hair 110.85, is one of the last offspring of Canadian Champion quad ccc380N. He was Champion in his day. She is correct, muscled and a beautiful mouse color. Dam raised twins as yearling. Parasite resistant in a pasture/forage management system. Flock tests neg for OPP, CL and Johnes. Scrapie Export Certified
  • Consigned by

    Lazy B Livestock, LLC

    Howard & Lavonne Brown

    8362 NS 3550 Rd, Prague, OK 74864

    (405) 567-2559 ~ Cell: (405) 567-5588


    Web: lazybkatahdins.com

    549-Yearling Ram

    HLB 1175 RR 122712

    550-Yearling Ram

    HLB 1105 RR 122703

    551-Fall Ram Lamb

    HLB 16-1404 RR 132201

    552-January Ram Lamb

    HLB 17-1434 RR 132205

    553-January Ewe Lamb

    HLB 17-1459 RR 131715

  • Consigned by

    Poynter Sheep Farm

    Jeff & Jan Poynter

    12709 E 750th Rd, Paris, IL 61944

    (217) 466-4880 ~ Cell: (217) 251-9984


    Web: poyntersheepfarm.com

    554-Fall Ram Lamb

    POY 16-5 QR 130804

    An extreme made red ram with a slick hair coat. Sire was 1st Spring ram lamb at the 2015 Indiana State Fair

    555-January Ram Lamb

    POY 17-1 RR 130808

    A growthy, power sheep. His dam is big and has a good lamb everytime. Sire is so straight, we call him LEVEL TOP

    556-Yearling Ewe

    POY 285 QR 120852

    A nice white ewe sired by the Henry Shultz ram.

    557-Yearling Ewe

    POY 286 QR 120853

    A red and white ewe twin to POY 285. These two ewes will be very productive

    558-Yearling Ewe

    POY 300 RR 128060

    A very high-headed white ewe. Young and will continue to grow. Sired by LEVEL TOP.

    559-Fall Ewe Lamb

    POY 16-3 RR 130802

    Our best red lamb. Dammed by our most productive ewe. We are keeping her twin to show and a set of triplet yearling ewes also dammed by POY 174 who was Champion Ewe at Indiana State Fair.

    560-February Ewe Lamb

    POY 17-5 RR 130812

    A fancy red and white lamb. We are showing her white twin sister.

    6006-Yearling Ram

    POY 253 RR 118375

    2016 IN State Fair Reserve Champion Ram. A beautiful red ram. This ram is sound and stout.

    6007-February Ram Lamb

    POY 17-11 RR 130813

    This lamb is sired by last year\'s top selling ram twin brother. All of our spring lambs were sired by Poy 234.
  • Consigned by

    Prairie Lane Farms

    Henry & Becky Shultz & Family

    6219 Audrain Rd 125, Centralia, MO 65240

    Cell: (573) 682-7127


    Web: prairielanefarm.com

    561-Yearling Ram

    SHU 3735 TITAN RR 121969

    TITAN was Reserve Junior Champion Ram at NAILE in 2016. See our ad in the sale catalog for a picture.

    562-Fall Ram Lamb

    SHU 3881 RR 130610

    60 day weight 73lbs

    563-February Ram Lamb

    SHU 3940 RR

    564-January Ram Lamb

    SHU 3918 RR

    60 day weight 70lbs. This ram has lots of color.

    565-January Ram Lamb

    SHU 3919 RR 131903

    60 day weight 72lbs. JAYHAWK was 2nd Feb ram at 2015 NAILE his picture is on the website. Shu 3542 was in show flock in 2015 also produced Feb ewe lamb at 2016 NAILE.

    566-February Ram Lamb

    SHU 3965 RR 131907

    60 day weight 76lbs. CHEROKEE is owned jointly with Rivera Farm. A picture of CHEROKEE can be seen on our website.

    567-February Ram Lamb

    SHU 3899 RR 132829

    568-Yearling Ewe

    SHU 3871 QR 121961

    569-Yearling Ewe

    SHU 3635 RR 121949

    570-Fall Ewe Lamb

    SHU 3908 QR 130629

    571-Fall Ewe Lamb

    SHU 3883 QR 130612

    572-January Ewe Lamb

    SHU 3834 RR 131858

    60 day weight 66lbs

    573-January Ewe Lamb

    SHU 3928 RR 131860

    574-February Ewe Lamb

    SHU 3969 RR 131887

    Sired by JAYHAWK

    575-February Ewe Lamb

    SHU 3393 QR 131869

    576-March Ewe Lamb

    SHU 3728 RR

    TITAN is our lead ram for Midwest Stud Ram Sale.
  • Consigned by

    Prairie Lane Farm

    Cooper Gehring c/o Sarah Gehring

    6219 Audrain Rd 125, Centralia, MO 65240

    Cell: (573) 819-0806

    577-Fall Ewe Lamb

    CAG 0006 QR 130484

    Half sib to last years 1st place fall lamb

    578-February Ewe Lamb

    CAG 0013 QR 131914

    Dam was Reserve Junior Champion at 2015 NAILE
  • Consigned by

    Dosch TMD Katahdins

    Tom & Maria Dosch

    PO Box 517, Frederick, SD 57441

    (605) 329-2478 ~ Cell: (605) 329-7928


    Web: doschkatahdins.com

    579-Yearling Ram

    TMD 1611 124565

    Full brother to 2016 Reserve Champion Ram and 2015 Champion Ram at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale. His twin sister is staying in the flock.
  • Consigned by


    Mike & Leslie Nelsh

    2834 Kennard-Kingscreek Rd, Cable, OH 43009

    (937) 471-5682 ~ Cell: (937) 244-2673


    Web: rivierafarm.com

    580-Fall Ram Lamb

    RIV 743(6) RR 130502

    One of our top rams, his sister RIV 742 is one of our best keeper ewe lambs. Big, super top, with extra bone. Sire was 2nd Fall ram last year and sold to Lincoln University.

    581-Fall Ram Lamb

    RIV 745(2) RR 130503

    MVF 1431 is dam of 1st Jan ram and 1st Jan ewe (Reserve Grand) at last years sale. We are breeding a few ewes to RIV 745 for Fall lambs. We just sold PAYMASTER to Clifford Sprayberry, TX.

    582-Fall Ram Lamb

    RIV 747(32) RR 130504

    SCD 3374 is dam of our 2nd Fall ewe lamb at last years sale!

    583-February Ram Lamb

    RIV 756(1) 131556

    RIV 704 Paymaster has sired a great set of Fall and Spring lambs for us. He has been sold to Clifford Spraberry of Texas.

    584-March Ram Lamb

    RIV 757 (718) RR 131557

    585-March Ram Lamb

    RIV 758 (719) RR 131558

    The dams of 757 and 7587 are twin ewes sired by our Pipestone ram and out of our best SCD ewe.

    586-Fall Ewe Lamb

    RIV 749(21) QR 130496

    This late fall ewe lamb should make a nice female.

    587-Fall Ewe Lamb

    RIV 750(5) RR 130497

    Late fall ewe lamb will make a good producing ewe like her dam.

    588-January Ewe Lamb

    RIV 754(707) RR 130498

    Exciting female! Last year we had Reserve on ourJanuary lamb. This ewe has a great future! Pistol bred to Oh Henry daughter!!

    589-March Ewe Lamb

    RIV 761(703) RR 131562

    Another Pistol X Oh Henry mating!
  • Consigned by

    BB Farms

    Douglas Brewer

    2147 Woodbine Rd, Woodbine, MD 21797

    (410) 489-9671 ~ Cell: (240) 674-7131


    590-Yearling Ram

    BRE 1788 RR 133495

    All sheep will be sired by BAG 2209, SHU 3715 or TMD 1470. TMD1470 was the 2015 Katahdin Ram Champion at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale. This will be your last chance at a son or daughter from this ram.

    591-Yearling Ram

    592-February Ram Lamb

    BRE 1804 RR 133332

    593-February Ram Lamb

    BRE 1813 RR 133321

    594-February Ram Lamb

    BRE 1815 RR 133323

    595-March Ewe Lamb

    BRE 1814 QR 133322

    596-Yearling Ewe

    BRE 1761 RR 123257

    597-Yearling Ewe

    BRE 1756 RR 123252

    598-February Ewe Lamb

    BRE 1807 RR 133334

    599-February Ewe Lamb

    BRE 1810 RR 133336

    600-March Ewe Lamb

    BRE 1820 RR 133328

    601-March Ewe Lamb

    BRE 1801 RR 133329

  • Consigned by

    Aspen Mountain Katahdins

    Aileen Scott

    2462 Telegraph Gulch Rd, Butte, MT 59701

    Cell: (406) 782-9357


    Web: Facebook Aspen Mountain Katahdins

    602-Yearling Ram

    Aspen Legacy ADS MT600090 RR 130453

  • Consigned by

    Proffitt Livestock Farm

    James Proffitt

    38208 Brady Creek Rd, Richmond, MO 64085

    Cell: (816) 225-6032


    603-February Ram Lamb

    A top ram lamb sired by HLB1342 an awesome son of the old man.

    604-February Ewe Lamb

    A fast growing ewe lamb sired by TOR 14622. The Thousand Oaks Ranch Ram that is siring great brood ewes for us.
  • Consigned by

    Silver Maple Sheep Farm

    Jay & Irma Greenstone

    2472 McClures Chapel Rd, Rose Hill, VA 24281

    (276) 229-3666 ~ Cell: (276) 346-7235


    Web: silvermaplekatahdin.com

    605-January Ewe Lamb

    JAG 745 RR 132904

    606-January Ram Lamb

    JAG 759 RR 132907

    A fast-gaining tall ram lamb, excellent hair coat.

    607-February Ram Lamb

    JAG 780 RR 132909

    From our BLACK MAGIC ram and foundation female who has produced many lambs for us.

    608-February Ram Lamb

    JAG 795 RR 132910

    A long, tall fast-growing ram lamb out of our best accelerated lambing ewe.

    609-January Ewe Lamb

    JAG 755 RR 132905

    A slick-coated lamb with extreme muscle and thickness.

    610-January Ewe Lamb

    JAG 757 RR 132906

    A long, tall speckle-faced ewe with excellent brood ewe quality.

    6008-February Ewe Lamb

    JAG 797 RR 132911

    6009-February Ewe Lamb

    JAG 805 RR 132912

  • Consigned by

    GRP Livestock

    George Pettig

    241 Maple St, New Bloomfield, MO 65063

    (636) 578-0847 ~ Cell: (636) 578-0847


    4207-Yearling Ram

    RIV 706 (34) RR 120483

    Had the opportunity to purchase this ram from the Lincoln Universitys dispersal and am retaining daughters. This tall slick yearling earned 2nd place last year at Midwest in the fall lamb class.