2017 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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Horned Dorset

  • Consigned by

    Patoka Valley Sheep

    Mark Iunghuhn Family

    1138 E 200 N, Princeton, IN 47670

    (812) 386-7120 ~ Cell: (812) 664-8144


    191-Yearling Ram

    Patoka Valley 1612 RR 725396

    Classic type, English scroll horn-set; ideal to start a flock.

    192-Spring Yearling Ewe

    Patoka Valley 1608 RR 727440

    Stout, maternal type.

    193-Early Fall Ewe Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Patoka Valley 1659 QR 727444

  • Consigned by

    Sink Southdowns & Horned Dorsets

    Sheila Sink & Macenzie Padgett

    11172 E St Rd 38, Kirklin, IN 46050

    Cell: (765) 960-5045


    Web: sinksouthdowns.com

    194-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    195-Spring Ewe Lamb (2/1-after)

    Sink 356-P QR 726782

  • Consigned by

    Cassell Horned Dorsets

    Paul Cassell

    2317 Peppers Ferry Rd, Wytheville, VA 24382

    Cell: (202) 255-1764


    Web: horneddorsets.com

    196-Spring Ram Lamb (2/1-after)

    PRC W7350 RR 728002

    197-Fall Yearling Ewe

    PRC W7375 RR 728003

    She will be a great one! We have the best yearling ewe pen we have ever had!

    198-Early Fall Ewe Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Mary Ann Cassell W7296 QR 728004

    199-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    PRC W7332 RR 728005

    200-Spring Ewe Lamb (2/1-after)

    PRC W7417 QR 728006

  • Consigned by

    Galleher Farms

    Mike Galleher

    6000 Cty Rd 100, Mt. Gilead, OH 43338

    (419) 946-4582 ~ Cell: (419) 560-2203


    201-Winter Ram Lamb (12/01-1/31)

    Galleher G-138

    202-Fall Yearling Ewe

    Galleher K-202 RR 722081

    203-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    Galleher G-143 RR 727686

    204-Spring Ewe Lamb (2/1-after)

    Galleher G-142 QR 727684

    Gadsby 1564 is the twin brother to the Reserve Champion Ram that sold for $2900 at the 2016 Ohio Dorset Sale.
  • Consigned by

    Kendrick Dorsets and Hamps

    Dan and Josh Kendrick

    712 W 3rd St, Vermont, IL 61484

    Cell: (309) 221-5568


    205-Early Fall Ram Lamb (9/1-9/30)

    Kendrick F217 QR 724944

    This is our last fall ram for 2016. If you are looking for a good head set and meat he has everything. Check him out.

    206-Winter Ram Lamb (12/01-1/31)

    Kendrick G224 QR 726168

    A full brother to the 2016 National Champion ram at Illinois spring sale. Looks like a ram that Josh Graves from Canada purchased here last year.

    207-Winter Ewe Lamb (12/1-1/31)

    Kendrick G230 QR 726171

    Sire is proving he is a real stud ram! Dam is sired by ALA F1179. This ewe should make a show ewe and a stud ewe.

    208-Spring Ewe Lamb (2/1-after)

    Kendrick G228 QR 726169

    This ewe is similar to G224 above but a different dam. The Lutz ewes work well with Tex!