2017 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Catalog

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  • Consigned by

    Borcher Sheep Co.

    Weston Borcher

    1330 Lane 10, Powell, WY 82435

    Cell: (307) 272-5285


    301-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Borcher 611 RR NN 602992

    302-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    Borcher 7298 RR NN 69267

    303-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Borcher 6136 RR NN 69296

    304-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Borcher 7097 QR NN 69265

    305-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    Borcher 7255 RR NN 69266

  • Consigned by

    Marshall Sheep Company

    Barret Marshall & Family

    45491 204th St, Arlington, SD 57212

    Cell: (605) 695-2528


    306-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    BM WM 739 RR 602298

    307-FITTED Yearling Ewe

  • Consigned by

    Bobendrier Boys

    Tom Bobendrier

    1351 Hwy 75, Pipestone, MN 56164

    Cell: (507) 215-0334


    308-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Bobendrier Boys 17-25 RR

    Exciting young ram lamb that combines several genetic pieces. Bobendrier, Caskey, Sanford, Kirlin, Finder, Held, Rikow, Kjeldgaard, Wheaton names all appear in his pedigree.

    309-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Bobendrier Boys 16-40 RR NN 61887D

    16-40 has the potential to be a top-shelf show ewe this summer. A very high-headed, tall fronted, beautifully designed ewe. She also has the best dam side pedigree in our flock. Both her dam and grand-dam are still producing for us!

    310-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Bobendrier Boys 17-16 RR

    Real pretty ewe lamb that will show very well this summer and next. RARE REBEL sired a very impressive set of Fall lambs for us, and his Spring lambs certainly have not disappointed!
  • Consigned by

    Hand Hampshires

    Larry Hand

    12918 Maness Rd, DeSoto, MO 63020

    (314) 303-1141 ~ Cell: (314) 303-1141


    311-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Hand 638 RR NNP 601091

    Hand 638 is sired by Quam 4-127 a HOME BOY son who is a full ET brother to Sullivans NAILE Champion Ewe. Hand 114 is our best ewe line.

    312-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    HAND 703 RR NN 602805

  • Consigned by

    Waggoner Hampshires

    Roy Waggoner

    18217 Hink School Ave, Cole Camp, MO 65325

    (660) 221-3456 ~ Cell: (660) 221-3388


    313-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Waggoner 662 RR NN 600807

    Dam was 4th March Ewe Lamb at NAILE 2011 and sired by BH 10-20 Rare Alliance. Nice set of Spring lambs sired by this ram we used as a lamb. His sire is Feller 415 of Silver Creek Farms.

    314-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Waggoner 782 RR NN 602581

    Sired by Waggoner 662. Great Grand Dam was Champion Ewe at Eastern Stud Ram Sale 2006. This line has produced many show flock and replacement stock for us.

    315-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Waggoner 776 RR NN 68011D

    Dam was top Ewe Lamb at the North Star Sale 2013 and 2nd Yearling Ewe at Missouri State Fair 2014.

    6024-SLICK Yearling Ram

    Waggoner 659 RR RR NN 600806

    Good set of spring lambs from this ram and we are retaining his twin sister in our flock
  • Consigned by

    Rabbit Creek Sheep Farms LLC

    Kriston Hill

    1188 Court St #52, Elko, NV 89801

    Cell: (775) 340-5554


    Web: rabbitcreeksheepfarms.com

    316-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Check out our website and Facebook page for more information.
  • Consigned by

    Char-Land Farms

    Lisa Charpilloz Hanson

    32525 S Barlow Rd, Woodburn, OR 97071

    (503) 651-2047 ~ Cell: (503) 881-6550


    317-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Char-Land Farms 16-35 RR NN 600718

    Beautiful Hampshire ram sired by Feller 919. Look for pictures on our Face book page.
  • Consigned by

    Herrig Family Hampshires

    Jake Herrig

    677 State Hwy 267, Slayton, MN 56172

    (506) 220-1360 ~ Cell: (507) 227-4228


    Web: herrigsheep.com

    318-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Herrig 1118 RR NN 602338

    This is our Best Fall Ram this year. Should make a great Stud Ram for his new owner.

    319-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Herrig 1102 RR NN 61409 D

    We like to bring our best yearling Ewe to the National Sale. She will make a great show ewe and has a pedigree to raise future Champions.

    320-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Herrig 1131 RR NN 67335

    Here is the first White Smoke Lamb to Sell. She is a flashy ewe that has great bone and breed type.

    321-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    Herrig 1165 RR NN 69015

    This Lamb is young at entry time. She looks like she will be a good show ewe. Watch for additional entries at the sale. Watch for pictures on our website. www.herrigsheep.com

    6014-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Herrig 1148 RR NN 69016

  • Consigned by

    Houghtaling Hamps

    Jan Houghtaling

    18522 407th Ave, Doland, SD 57436

    (605) 635-6222 ~ Cell: (605) 350-4222


    322-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Houghtaling 16-716 RR NN

    323-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Houghtaling 17-725 RR NN

    324-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    Houghtaling 16-711 RR NNP 67071D

    325-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Houghtaling 17-730 RR NN

    326-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Houghtaling 17-768 RR NN

  • Consigned by

    Birschbach Hampshires

    Steve Birschbach

    802 E Pioneer Rd, Fond du Lac, WI 54935

    (920) 251-4919 ~ Cell: (920) 251-4919


    327-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Birschbach 51-17 RR

    Here is a buck lamb I really like! Big boned, long bodied, with good wool just like his sire CRAZY HORSE, Herrig 975. His mother goes back to Held 07-2710 ewe that has produced some really good sheep. Dam has full sisters in Rabbit Creek Farms as well as Rikow Hamp. Both those ewes were Res. Champion and Grand Champion at Big Ohio sale in 2013 & 2015. This buck will get big and should be a good breeding ram for someone. Take a look!!

    328-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Birschbach 52-17 RR

    Full brother to lead yearling sale ewe here!! Stamped the same way as his sire Crazy Horse. Big boned and good wool. Should make a good breeding ram. As of this time he is entered in this sale but might keep him. Goes back to some of the old Deakin 01-776 genetics and that stuff works!!!

    329-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Birschbach 48-16 RR 61107D

    Big stout ewe! Sired by Herrig CRAZY HORSE who goes back to the Caskey buck that sired good sheep for Herrigs. Dam goes back to Hickman 674 ewe, the Champion ewe at Ohio Hamp sale in 2010. This ewe is loaded with good breeding as she has Devil as her grand sire and he did a fine job for me. This ewe will be a great addition to any flock. Look her over.

    330-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Jadewood 16007 RR 61510D

    Nice yearling ewe, should work well in the lambing barn. She is sired by Hickman ram that goes back to the BASIL ram. Dam side goes back to Hysteria buck. Not the biggest ewe but she is bred right.
  • Consigned by

    Fleener Club Lambs

    Kyle Fleener

    807 Beecherstown Rd, Biglerville, PA 17307

    (717) 269-2500 ~ Cell: (717) 304-9116


    331-SLICK January Ram Lamb

    Half brother to our Reserve National Champion Slick Hampshire Ewe at 2016 NAILE. Sired by ROOSTER the Reserve Champion Hamp Wether Sire at the 2016 Midwest Stud Ram

    332-SLICK February Ewe Lamb

    FCL 1724 RR NN 68555

    Dam was 2x Champion Hampshire Ewe at MD State Fair. She was also Reserve Junior Champion at 2015 NAILE

    333-SLICK March Ewe Lamb

    FCL 1733 RR NN 68542

  • Consigned by

    Plaza Livestock

    Brad Payne

    13406 St Rt MM SE, Agency, MO 64401

    Cell: (630) 688-2583


    334-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Plaza Hamps 1349 RR NN 603000

    335-FITTED March Ram Lamb

    Plaza Hamps 1353 RR NN 602998

    336-FITTED March Ram Lamb

    Plaza Hamps 1355 QR NN 603082

    337-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Plaza Hamps 1318 RR NN 69282D

    338-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Plaza Hamps 1320 RR NN 69283D

    339-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Plaza Hamps 1338 RR NN 69278D

    340-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    Plaza Hamps 1351 RR NN 69279D

    341-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    Plaza Hamps 1352 RR NN 69280D

    342-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    Plaza Hamps 1354 RR NN 69281D

    343-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    Plaza Hamps 1356 RR NN 69269D

    344-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    Plaza Hamps 1357 QR NN 69270D

    6001-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Plaza Hamps 1313 RR NN 602995

    6002-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Plaza Hamps 1345 RR NN 602996

  • Consigned by

    Bobendrier Hampshires

    Chuck Bobendrier

    1607 90th Ave, Pipestone, MN 56164

    (507) 825-4072 ~ Cell: (507) 215-7533


    Web: bobendrierhampshires.com

    345-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Bobendrier 16-171 RR NN 602379

    346-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Bobendrier 17-03 RR NN 602383

    347-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Bobendrier 17-08 RR NN 602951

    348-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Bobendrier 16-65 QR NN 65845D

    Bobendrier Boys 15-16 is a huge, massive ram that was Reserve Champion at IA in 2015 and Champion at WI 2016. Bobendrier 12-152 is a giant, heavy bodied ewe that was 1st Fall ewe at Louisville 2013. This beautifully designed female is fault free and a real eye-catcher.

    349-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    Bobendrier 16-164 RR NN 67457

    350-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    Bobendrier 16-157 RR NN 67452

    Another typical REBEL daughter-beautiful type with wool and bone. Her dam was our lead yearling ewe, sired by Lambert 11-20, that was champion at MN and a member of our winning flock at Louisville 2013.

    351-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Bobendrier 17-04 RR NN 67470

    A real pretty, stout built lamb. STRETCH is a son of our Miller ram and was first slick shorn ram at IA and 2nd at MN 2015. Her dam is one of our top Caskey FINAL ADDITION daughters. Check our web site for photos and video of our entire consignment prior to the sale.
  • Consigned by

    Kirschten Sheep Farm

    Shane Kirschten

    5060 Jefferson Ave, Alton, IA 51003

    (712) 756-8953 ~ Cell: (712) 395-0377


    Web: kirschtensheepfarm.simdif.com

    352-SLICK Yearling Ram

    Kirschten 16059 RR NN 602020

  • Consigned by

    Northern Exposure Livestock

    Rex Quam

    60243 195th Ave, Dodge Center, MN 55927

    Cell: (507) 251-2650


    Web: quamsuffolksandhampshires.com - Facebook: Northern Exposure Livestock

    353-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Quam 11485 RR NN 603067

    Sire is full brother to champion ewe at Louisville last year for Jenna Sullivan.

    354-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Quam 11481 RR NN 603066

    Sire is full brother to champion ewe at Louisville last year for Jenna Sullivan.
  • Consigned by

    Highland Hampshires

    Gary Klug

    939 Hazel Rd, Harlan, IA 51537

    Cell: (712) 202-4461


    355-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Klug HH 16-146P RR NNP 602084

    Klug 146 is a solid, bigger buck lamb, that stands on what may be the best feet in the 2017 Midwest Stud Ram Hampshire show. He will add scale and pounds to your lamb crops.

    356-FITTED March Ram Lamb

    Klug HH 17-149P RR NNP

    This buck lamb and his twin visually scream stud buck-genetically. It can be supported with Final Edition on the top and Goodfellow on the bottom. See what happens between entry day and Sale week.

    357-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Klug HH 16-193T QR NNP 61330

    This ewe is capacious and balanced....she catches your eye and holds it.

    358-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    Klug HH 16-197T RR NNP 65558

    Klug 197 is a very correct ewe lamb. She is sprightly in appearance and attitude..really nice for gate gazing.

    359-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Klug HH 17-209 QR NNP 67524D

    She is young, she is pretty, and she will look good coming and going.
  • Consigned by

    Gillmore-Davison Hampshires

    Phyllis Davison

    6751 N Sheridan St, Wichita, KS 67204

    (316) 841-8223 ~ Cell: (316) 841-8223


    360-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Gillmore-Davison 16-03 62314 D

    We have retained all ewes from this family since we typically include offspring in show flock. Grand dam is Thomas ewe and Grand sire is Bobendrier 14-06, Thumper.

    361-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Several lambs from which to pick. Sire was selected from the Willwerth keeper pen. Bloodlines include Deakin 01-776, Bobendrier, Nichols and Gordeneer.
  • Consigned by

    Parr Family Hampshires

    Roger - Marie Parr

    33425 E CR 1000 N, Mason City, IL 62664

    (217) 482-3680 ~ Cell: (217) 871-4555


    Web: parrhampshires.com

    362-SLICK Yearling Ram

    PARR 1613 RR 600900

    The best group of rams we have raised, they will be sired by Davis 2250 APOLLO, the sire of our Champion Premier Wether at Land of Lincoln.

    363-SLICK January Ram Lamb

    PARR 1707 RR 602508

    364-SLICK January Ram Lamb

    L PARR 1701 RR 602514

    Watch our website for pictures of all of our entries.

    365-SLICK February Ram Lamb

    PARR 1724 RR 602509

    366-SLICK Yearling Ewe

    PARR 1621 RR 61915

    Yearlings straight from the keeper pen.

    367-SLICK Yearling Ewe

    PARR 1629 RR 61917

    We would not normally sell these ewes. Due to health problems we are having to cut the flock in half.

    368-SLICK January Ewe Lamb

    PARR 1704 RR 67804

    Here is your chance to pickup a really straight and muscular ewe lamb.

    369-SLICK January Ewe Lamb

    PARR 1717 RR 67809

    370-SLICK January Ewe Lamb

    PARR 1706 RR 67806

    Great show lamb prospects here.

    371-SLICK February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Pine Lawn Farm

    Mike Caskey

    1222 171st St, Holland, MN 56139

    (507) 347-3229 ~ Cell: (507) 215-0266


    Web: caskeypinelawnfarms.com

    372-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Caskey 6736 RR NN 602952

    373-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    374-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    375-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Caskey 7463 RR NN 69224

    376-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Caskey 7550 RR NN 69225

    377-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Caskey 7567 RR NN 602953

  • Consigned by

    NOC Sheep Center

    Bart Cardwell (Herdsman)

    1220 E Grand, PO Box 310, Tonkawa, OK 74653

    Cell: (580) 716-2550


    Web: noc.edu/agriculture.sciences

    378-SLICK Yearling Ram

    NOC GM-D3-6075 QR NN 601907

    Champion Hampshire Ram at the 2016 Tulsa State Fair.

    379-SLICK January Ram Lamb

    NOC MM-4043-7002 QR NN 602746

  • Consigned by


    Reid Merrill

    2163 250th St, Canby, MN 56220

    (507) 223-7121 ~ Cell: (507) 829-4319


    380-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Merrill 6110 RR 65395D

    A big extended ewe. Straight made, good wool. Mother is a big ewe sired by the Barnes ram.
  • Consigned by

    Peterson Sheep Company

    Doug & Lindi Peterson

    803 23rd St NE, Lemmon, SD 57638

    (701) 376-3115


    Web: petersonsheepco.com

    381-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Peterson 9355 RR NN 603018

    382-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Peterson 9242 RR NN 603017

    We always pick some of our best for the Midwest Sale. This the first out of \\\"Pride\\\"

    383-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Peterson 9356 RR NN 603015

    Twin to lot 381

    384-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Peterson 9074 RR NN 69323

    Damn is a Krackow that goes back to 5824. On the damn side 3723 sired National Champion Ewe 2012

    385-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Peterson 9104 RR NN 69324

    Her Pedigree is loaded. You have 3723, Interesting, Power Bilt, Goodfellow, Hickman, Lindi\\\'s Pride in her background.

    386-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Peterson 9261 RR NN 69329

    Super good pedigree take a close look here! You have 3723, Interesting, Power Bilt, Goodfellow, Hickman, Lindi\'s Pride in her background

    387-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Peterson 9311 RR NN 69328

  • Consigned by

    Nichols Sheep Farm

    Cruz Nichols

    26016 Moore Ln, Jerseyville, IL 62052

    (618) 535-3235 ~ Cell: (859) 612-7175


    388-FITTED March Ram Lamb

    NSF 1718 RR 602399

    Our best Hampshire ram lamb that is huge, broad and super complete.

    389-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    390-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    NSF 1709

    391-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    NSF 1712 RR 67515D

    This was an accident, but we think it turned out wonderful. This ewe lamb is long, smooth and correct.

    392-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    NSF 1715

    This flashy ewe lamb will be the only offspring sired by our Reserve Hampshire Ram from the 2016 All-American Junior Show.
  • Consigned by

    Sanfords Dorsets & Hamps

    Gene & Marci Sanford

    12529 Canby Ave, Faribault, MN 55021

    (507) 645-4989


    Web: sanfordsheepfarm.com

    393-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Sanford M702 RR 602361

    Old genetics on the sire side. Finder 3229 made a great mark on the Hamp breed. Dam is a Caskey PURPLE PRIDE daughter.

    394-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Sanford M719 RR 67417D

    Fancy lamb with wool, bone and thickness. Great show lamb.
  • Consigned by

    DeZeeuw Farms

    Rufus and Patty DeZeeuw

    21315 US Hwy 14, Elkton, SD 57026

    (605) 542-7541 ~ Cell: (605) 690-8269


    Web: dezeeuwfarms.com

    395-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Sired by POWERCASE Held 14-1508, POWERCASE sired our 1st place January ewe lamb at 2015 Midwest Sale as well as our Overall Champion Ewe at the 2015 Newell Ram Sale.

    396-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    DeZeeuw 17-509 RR 68969D

    Sired by Bobendrier 14-56. More information on all our entries on our website.

    397-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    DeZeeuw 17-536 QR 68977D

  • Consigned by

    RB Willwerth & Family

    Ron Willwerth

    1142 190th St, Webster City, IA 50595

    (515) 543-8248 ~ Cell: (515) 570-2173

    398-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    399-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Mumm Hampshires

    Jason & Megan Mumm

    49 CR 1300 N, White Heath, IL 61884

    Cell: (217) 377-2073


    Web: mummhampshires.com

    400-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Mumm 1704 _R NN

    A long sided, pretty fronted and extended ram. His sire RARE PERFECTION has sired many great sheep for us. His mother dammed our lead show ewe in 2014. A great ram to show, with the genetic package to be a stud.

    401-FITTED March Ram Lamb

    Mumm 1731 RR NN 602533

    A long sided ram with show appeal. His mother is out of our foundation ewe family. Mumm 1358 is sired by CLYDE, who also sired the 2016 Reserve Champion Ewe at Sedalia. This ram is bred to make a stud buck.

    402-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Mumm 1671 RR NN 67866D

    A ewe with length and style. Her mother is our of our biggest ewes. Quam 4-111 is sired by HOME BOY. She has all the traits to make a stud ewe.

    403-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Mumm 1638 RR NN 61650D

    I do not usually sell ewes like this very often but we grew out too many yearlings. Her dam was in our show flock in 2014 and is one great ewe line. Quam 4-111 is out of HOME BOY . He is a big sheep with bone, wool and style. She will be tough to beat in the show ring and very productive in the barn.

    404-FITTED March Ewe Lamb

    Mumm 1718 _R NN

    A ewe lamb with style, bone and great breed character. Her sire was our fall ram that was 1st at IL, IN and was 3rd at IA State Fairs. He was sired by RARE OPPORTUNITY who was Reserve Sr Champion Ram at NAILE in 2013. Her dam is a fall sister to our lead yearling ewe in 2015. This ewe has all of our best genetics.
  • Consigned by

    Fleener Livestock

    Tim & Sarah Fleener

    273 South Mountain Rd, Robesonia, PA 19551

    (610)589-2588 ~ Cell: (717) 413-5181


    405-SLICK February Ewe Lamb

    Fleener 1743 QR NN 67499D

    406-SLICK January Ewe Lamb

    Fleener 1740 RR NN 67498D

    407-SLICK February Ram Lamb

    Fleener 1741 RR NN 602394

    408-SLICK March Ewe Lamb

    Fleener 1775

  • Consigned by

    Kendrick Dorsets and Hamps

    Dan and Josh Kendrick

    712 W 3rd St, Vermont, IL 61484

    Cell: (309) 221-5568


    409-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Kendrick Hamps 1630 AA RR 602243

    1431 sired some nice lambs for us. Do not miss him!

    410-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Kendrick Hamps 1702 AA RR 66984D

    Sire has given us some good lambs for keeper ewes. Dam is one of our top ewes. Look at this one!
  • Consigned by

    Held Hampshires

    Jeff, Mary, Austin & Aaron Held

    21320 477th Ave, Aurora, SD 57002

    Cell: (605) 690-7033


    Web: heldhampshires.com

    411-FITTED February Ewe Lamb

    Held 17-1921 RR NNP 69174D

    412-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    Held 16-1868 RR NNP 67144D

    Perhaps the most intriguing fall ewe lamb at our farm. Among our deep set of fall ewe lambs, no other has more style nor a better dam pedigree. We believe she has a very bright future this summer.

    413-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    Held 16-1873 QR NNP 67146D

    414-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    Held 16-1843 RR NNP 67138D

    Really attractive ewe lamb sired by our popular 2016 Reserve National Champion fitted ram. Dam was our 2nd place yearling ewe at 2014 National Hampshire Show, also the dam of our top consigned January ewe lamb at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale sold to Beau Mumm.

    415-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Held 17-1895 RR NNP 67152D

    Twin to our ram entry! Great set of lambs by Held 14-1547. A stylish female with plenty of showring traits and excellent maternal line. Top end ewe lamb that easily fits into our show string!

    416-FITTED January Ewe Lamb

    Held 17-1890 QR NN 67151D

    Sired by the 2015 National Champion Ram and out of a Caskey 16 daughter. An awesome set of triplets raised by the ewe. Another sound growthy ewe that we expect to be competitive and productive!
  • Consigned by

    Nelson Hamps

    Rodney/Kathy Nelson

    13329 CR 74, Eaton, CO 80615

    (970) 454-3775 ~ Cell: (970) 481-9837


    417-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Nelson 17-07 RR 602608

    418-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Nelson 17-41 RR 602609

    419-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Nelson 16-03 RR 64705D

    420-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Nelson 16-11 RR 64709D

  • Consigned by

    Spoonster Hamps

    Bobby Spoonster

    PO Box 23, Eolia, MO 63344

    Cell: (636) 359-5487


    Web: spoonsterhampshires.com

    421-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Spoonster 17-10 RR NN 603005

    422-FITTED March Ram Lamb

  • Consigned by

    Alf Hampshires

    Jessica Alf

    7811 N Consolidated School Rd, Edgerton, WI 53534

    (608) 868-2505 ~ Cell: (608) 449-0611


    Web: Facebook Alf Hampshires

    423-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Alf 120-17 RR NN 602584

    Sired by Caskey 4489 INTRIGUE (a FINAL EDITION son) who was the 2nd place February ram lamb in the 2014 NAILE open show. His dam, Alf 13-11 is out of the most consistent and prominent genetic line in our flock, a line that traces back to the Gordeneer 245 ewe that we purchased in Sedalia many years ago. This buck lamb was an early favorite and has not let us down. He has the breed type, bone and style that our flock has always focused on. 120-17 is a beautifully balanced ram who is level in his design, tall fronted with tons of extension and is one of the most attractive profiling rams you will find. Alf 120-17’s full brother was the Reserve National Champion Fitted Ram in the NAILE junior show and the fourth place January ram lamb in the NAILE open show. Our 2017 lambs are some of the best lambs we have raised and Alf 120-17 represents them well. If you are looking for a stud buck, his pedigree says it all…if you are looking for a buck that will be competitive in the show ring this guy should receive some handshakes! Be sure to check our Alf Hampshires facebook page closer to sale day as we will have each of these entries pictured for you. We are proud of this group of sheep and look forward to talking to you about adding some Alf Hampshire genetics to your flock!

    424-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Alf 131-17 RR NN 602586

    Alf 131-17 is sired by Caskey 4578 INCEPTION who we purchased 1/2 interest in from Pine Lawn Farms last summer. INCEPTION was the 2014 Junior Champion Ram and the Reserve National Champion Ram in the National open show in Louisville. This buck lamb is our favorite February ram and our top-pick from an extremely nice set of triplet ram lambs out of our Hickman 1085 ewe. Hickman 1085 was the Reserve Champion Hampshire Ewe at the 2015 All-American Junior Show and is one of those ewes that looks just as attractive slick sheared as she does fitted. This lamb will be no different. He is level topped, like INCEPTION, with big flat hip and there is not a lamb out of INCEPTION that does not exhibit his bone and breed-type. If you need to add some wool back into your flock these genetics will do the trick.

    425-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Alf 88-16 QR NN 62125D

    Also sired by Caskey 4489 INTRIGUE. We regretfully lost Intrigue last year and for that reason we have been very reluctant to part with any of his daughters. Alf 88-16 is coming straight out of our keeper pen, only because of our desire to bring a yearling ewe to the Midwest Sale. We are very confident that our loss will be your gain. Her dam Alf 277-09 MADONNA (a CUSTOM BUILT grand-daughter) was the 2010 Wisconsin State Fair Supreme Champion Overall Breeding Sheep and year after year has produced some of our best females. Alf 88-16 is an extremely correct, really long-sided, square hipped ewe who can compete in the show ring, but will go on to produce for you as well as she would have produced for us. Add some of our best genetics to your flock and put her to work.
  • Consigned by

    Deakin Family Farms

    Colin Deakin

    11191 E Cameron Rd, Cuba, IL 61427

    Cell: (309) 338-3294


    426-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    C Deakin 17-2077 RR NN 602524

    Big growthy ram with lots of style.

    427-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    C Deakin 17-2047 RR NN 69171

    428-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    C Deakin 17-2078 RR NN 67853

    A real show prospect.

    429-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    C Deakin 17-2082 QR NN 67855

    Dam is out of the heart of the Mike Andrews flock.
  • Consigned by

    Howell Club Lambs

    Larry Howell

    8582 Township Line Rd, Celina, OH 45822

    (419) 363-3253 ~ Cell: (419) 953-0238


    Web: howellclublambs.com

    430-SLICK Yearling Ram

    Howell Club Lambs 16-45 RR NN 602027

    Nice bone, structurally correct from ground up, very level top, square, nicely made up thru front end. Very attractive headed ram. Here is a ram that can put some meat and pretty in his lambs.
  • Consigned by

    Hill Country Show Lambs

    Rodney Yates

    PO Box 1491, Boerne, TX 78006

    Cell: (830) 446-9031


    Web: hillcountrysuffolks.com

    2080-SLICK January Ram Lamb

    YATES HCY 6-787 QR NN 603064

  • Consigned by

    Slack Club Lambs

    Tom Slack

    1022 W 1300 N, North Manchester, IN 46962

    (260) 982-8714 ~ Cell: (260) 750-7399


    Web: slackclublambs.com

    2339-SLICK Yearling Ewe

    Slack 6643 RR NN 68740D

  • Consigned by

    Double L

    Larry or Linda Pauly

    3150 S 2500 W, Delta, UT 84624

    (436) 864-2777 ~ Cell: (435) 406-9652


    Web: doublellivestock.com

    4120-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    DBL16558 RR NN 65792D

    4121-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    DBL15273 RR NN 61855D

    4122-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    DBL16916 RR NN 68278D

    4123-FITTED Fall Ewe Lamb

    DBL16907 RR NN 68279D

    4216-FITTED Fall Ram Lamb

    Double L 16914 RR NN 602965

    4217-FITTED February Ram Lamb

    Double L 17078 RR NN 602966

  • Consigned by

    Will Wade

    Will Wade

    11956 W 700 S, Jamestown, IN 46147

    Cell: (503) 931-6827


    Web: Silvercreekhampshires.com

    4187-SLICK Yearling Ewe

    Feller 602 RR NN 65749D

  • Consigned by

    Izzy Wade

    Izzy Wade

    11957 W 700 S, Jamestown, IN 46147

    Cell: (503) 931-6827


    Web: Silvercreekhampshires.com

    4188-SLICK Yearling Ewe

    Wade 601 RR NN 65748D

  • Consigned by

    Niemeier Hampshires

    Edward Niemeier

    4704 Blackburn Rd, Edwardsville, IL 62025

    (618) 656-7273 ~ Cell: (618) 779-7683


    4225-FITTED Yearling Ram

    Niemeier 612 QR 603001

    We used this ram last year and he did a tremendous job, we are keeping all his daughters. Bobendrier 12-08 was 1st place early ram lamb at Louisville 2012. Niemeier 331 goes back to Nelson Boomerang

    4226-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Niemeier 705 RR 603003

    Our biggest and best ram lambs if we were showing, these ram lambs would not be here. Niemeier 215 was our top ewe in 2012. She goes back to our best old bloodlines.

    4227-FITTED January Ram Lamb

    Niemeier 706 RR 603004

    Our biggest and best ram lambs if we were showing, these ram lambs would not be here. Niemeier 215 was our top ewe in 2012. She goes back to our best old bloodlines.

    4228-FITTED Yearling Ewe

    Niemeier 629 QR 69297D

    Sired by Bobendrier 12-08 and dammed by Peterson ewe we purchased in Sedalia a few years ago. This ewe has style with good breed type, she is very young will make a nice and brood ewe.