2017 Penning Charts and Catalog

All plans are final, and we are looking forward to seeing you all at the sale!
We have continued to receive new sale entries since the printed catalog, so make sure to check the online searchable catalog as well.
Find online versions as well as the pdf on the catalog tab.

Find the Pen charts linked here:

CONSIGNORS: remember to pre-order bedding through Asbury Farms (the new bedding vendor)
Contact Nick at 660.619.3994 or asbury.farms@yahoo.com – see their catalog ad for additional details on pre-order information.
Linked here is also a copy of the consignor letter with additional information.

Remember that full shows & sales will be live streamed at DVAuction.com.  You can watch and bid online.  Make sure to watch if you can not join us at the sale!